5 things to have on hand for your next Streamate shift

As one of the major private show cam sites, Streamate is always a popular platform for both new and veteran models. To succeed on Streamate – and maximize your income – there are a few things that will come in handy.

1. A Timer

On Streamate, the first 30 seconds of a private or exclusive show are free, so you want to make sure none of the fun stuff happens before the member is being charged. Additionally, having a stopwatch / timer / clock of some sort will help you pace your show, making sure that you’re neither rushing nor going too slowly. Show pacing is one of the most important skills to learn as a performer, especially when you’re charging per minute.

2. A Realistic Dildo

The most commonly requested sex toy on Streamate (and every cam site) is a realistic dildo. If you buy nothing else in the way of toys or props, buy a realistic dildo. They are available at a variety of price points, and can be used in shows ranging from explicit sex acts to non-nude female domination.

3. A Tip Menu

Although Streamate is primarily known as a private show cam site, and most performers earn the bulk of their money through one-on-one sessions, it’s a good idea to have a tip menu. You can set your GOLD menu easily on the site, but creating a custom chat response that has all of your tip menu items in it will make things a lot easier. Even if you don’t post your full tip menu in the chat, knowing exactly what you charge for common requests will make it easier to go from inquiry to cash!

4. Solo Videos To Sell

Streamate has a built-in video sales platform that can be a nice little earner. It’s a real pain to get other performers in videos verified in order to sell the videos, though, so it is best to only upload solo vides unless you are still actively in touch with the other performer and they are able to go through Streamate’s verification process on their own. Video sales can be promoted in your cam room, and members can buy videos even when you are offline. Make sure to upload new videos well in advance of your cam shift, as it can take several days for content to be approved, and then you can hype up your new release in between private shows.

5. A Good Camming Setup

As a cam site, Streamate has one of the highest equipment requirements in order to have a good stream. You will need a decent computer and good internet speeds (a wired connection is preferable to wifi) to do well on Streamate. Additionally, an HD webcam and good lighting is a great investment for Streamate, as you need to charge premium prices to overcome the 30-35% payout rate, and customers expect top quality for that much money. You don’t need the best of the best of everything to succeed on Streamate, but you are unlikely to fulfill your potential with overhead lighting and your laptop’s webcam, streaming on your neighbour’s wifi.

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