We’ve compiled a list of the most popular fetishes in the adult industry and summarized what they involve for you to use in your webcam shows, homemade clips, phone sex content, and more. Fetish content and webcam shows can be highly profitable because typically there are far less people offering this type of content since it is considered “niche” and you’re also able to charge a higher price point for fetish content because the market for it is not as saturated. While a lot of fetish content and shows will be geared around specific interests of your customer; knowing the general meanings of fetishes can help you prepare for fetish oriented shows and clips and give you a better idea of what to expect when going into a show or creating a script. 

Adult Baby / Diaper Fetish

One of the fetishes you are sure to encounter at least once as a cam performer is diaperism or diaper fetish which involves, you guessed it, diapers (or nappies as some call them). There are two subsets of diaper fetish which are diaper lovers and adult babies. Diaper fetishists have their own community, ABDL, which stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover. A common misconception of diaper fetish is that is somehow is related to pedophilia or actual children. On the contrary, adult babies enjoy behaving like or being treated like children however they don’t actually have an interest in children. Also, not all diaper fetishists have the adult baby interest. Diaper lovers are people that simply enjoy diapers: the feel of them, the crinkly sound they make, wearing them, and in some cases (not all) wetting or soiling them. You need to know what is allowed and what is not allowed however when adult baby role-playing. Urine and scat are also prohibited by most adult websites so be careful to avoid any actual displays of this during diaper play. 


Ageplay is when you pretend to be an age that you are not and while ageplay can be done ethically by pretending to be older than you are (a teen roleplaying a MILF) or younger than you are (a MILF roleplaying a 19 year old in college), a lot of ageplay requests are unfortunately revolving around asking for legal adults to act as children/minors which is not allowed on a majority of websites and additionally crosses some ethical boundaries. We highly recommend avoiding ageplay scenarios that would imply you are a child (whether directly spoken or insinuated) as it’s unethical and not allowed on a majority of websites. 

Balloons / Looner

Clients with a balloon fetish usually enjoy watching the performer utilize balloons in their show in one of the following ways: blowing up the balloons, popping the balloons, playing with the balloons by rubbing them on their body, bouncing on the balloons, popping the balloons with their ass, popping the balloons with their nails, etc. Your client will most likely ask if you have balloons and you can ask them what kind of balloon show they are interested in. Clients may also ask things about the size and color of the balloons so make sure you have a variety of balloons if you plan to cater to this fetish.  

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Bath / Shower

While on cam you may encounter a customer that asks if you’d be able to take a bath or a shower for them, while these types of shows can be fun and relaxing they can also be difficult to situate so if your regulars ever do become interested in these shows we recommend asking your customer for some advance notice and if possible trying to do it at the end of your cam shift to avoid ruining your makeup and hair!  To execute a successful shower or bath show it’s important to keep a few things in mind; having your towels and everything you need to dry off nearby in arms reach because you’re dealing with your computer and webcam is crucial! As you know, once your show ends you’ve got a countdown timer before you’re thrown back into free chat and you don’t want to be naked and lounging in the bathtub when that happens. You’ll also want to account for things like condensation causing fog on your webcam, it can happen and ruin the quality of the show for your customer. If you’ll be doing a bath or shower show try to use warm water instead of hot water to avoid causing your camera to fog.  As for what you do in a bath or shower show, that’s typically varied by the customer. Some clients will just enjoy seeing you do a normal masturbation type show in the bathtub or shower but others may want to actually watch you wash yourself. Communication with your customer is the best way to ensure you’re providing the perfect show for them. 


BDSM is a fetish genre that is becoming practiced on webcam and in clips more often than it ever has, but what does BDSM actually mean? There are many definitions but the best suiting is an overlapping acronym, Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. Bondage is the act of restraining your partner, discipline (generally involved with the bondage) is sexually arousing your partner through pain and asserting ones dominance. This can be achieved through various methods but the commonly used methods in the sex industry are paddling, spanking, whipping, hot wax use, gagging, and clamping. Dominance and Submission are pretty self explanatory, one person takes the dominant role while the other submits to them, for this purpose it is sexually. Sadism is achieving sexual gratification out of causing pain to others, while Masochism is deriving sexual gratification from being emotionally or physically “tortured” or “abused” as well as viewing the Sadist as the caretaker or person in charge.

Belly Fetish

This request usually comes up with a lot of thicker/BBW performers and centers around you showing off your stomach in the show. While the belly fetish often gets combined with other shows (riding a dildo is a super popular one because your stomach bounces) it can also be combined with feedee shows where someone wants to watch you eat. The main focus of belly fetish shows is to show your stomach and bring attention to it, similarly to other physical fetish oriented shows. You’ll occasionally want to bring up your stomach and “how big it looks” or during feeding shows you may want to say things like “my stomach is getting so big I look like I’m going to explode.” I recommend avoiding this show type if you are not comfortable talking about your weight or size. 

Bondage (the B in BDSM)

Bondage is a very popular fetish that many people know about but don’t always know the specifics of. In its base form, it is just tying up OR restraining. This can be done with a variety of tools like rope or handcuffs but some clients will even go as far as requesting it be done with tape or your own clothing. If you’re looking to get deep into bondage you can research specific types of tying. If you’ll be utilizing rope it’s very important that you’re leaving at least one finger gap between your skin and the rope, meaning it should be loose enough that you can slide at least one finger in. We also recommend if you’ll be doing rope bondage to keep medical grade scissors nearby in case you need to cut yourself out (medical scissors have blunt ends so you won’t hurt your skin.)  If you’ll be tying your dominant hand during your bondage shows it’s important that the tie on that hand is very loose and won’t prevent you from accessing scissors to free yourself if necessary. 

Boot Fetish

There are many ways to incorporate the boot fetish into your shows. Depending on your client you’ll find their boot fetish interest will probably vary so you can try multiple ways of doing it!  Capitalizing on the interest of boot fetishists can be as simple as wearing boots while doing other things. This is especially true when it comes to regular sex acts where your feet and legs are visible for a large portion of the clip. This can also apply to femdom content where feet and legs are visible, but not the focus of the video.  The boots may also act as a secondary to the fetish that is the main focus, but you draw attention to the boots one or more times. This works well for things like findom, goddess worship, trampling, CBT, leather fetish, and rubber fetish.  The client may also want boots to simply be the star of the show! Often done in the “Shoe and Boot Worship” niche, the boots are central to all of the action in the video. It can be done with a femdom twist, or on a more neutral energy level. You’ll highlight the boots by making them the main focus of your show.

Breast “Torture”

Breasts, whether big or small can be “tortured”. People who enjoy great torture are looking for the reaction of the sensation that is being given. Which means you can provide different types of sensations besides just impact play. Bondage can be used to “torture” your breasts. This can be accomplished with rope, tape, or other types of material. You can tie the whole chest up or wrap each breast individually. If you decide to engage in impact play when the breasts are bound this will likely cause marks. Be sure to check-in frequently, since color change happens quickly. If any sharp pain begins the bondage should be immediately loosened or removed altogether. Hard squeezing is another torture method. Dedicated devices are usually made from wood or metal and are typically custom made. In order for these to work, sitting or laying down is the most ideal position due to the weight; if you move around too much they may slip and break. Clips, clamps, and pegs are some of the more typical things asked for. These can be bought at any sex store, online or even at your local corner store. If placing them on the nipples, be sure to place it as far behind the nipple as you can. If you place it right on the nipple, not many people can endure the pain for long, or at all, due to it pinching the nerve endings. Wooden clothes pegs should be sanded down and thrown away after play (soft wood can harbor bacteria). Plastic clothes pegs are ideal because you can disinfect the inside and reuse them. Be sure to test your clamps or pegs in the webbing of your thumb and pointer finger before placing them anywhere else. You can place the pegs anywhere on the breast as long as you can pinch the skin up. For added intensity, you can hit the pegs off or rip them off by feeding rope through the pegs and pulling. Impact play (paddling, hitting, etc.) is another way to entertain breast “torture” fans. Just like any impact play on the body, it is important to start light and with your hands to warm up the skin. Be sure to move around and not hit the same spot over and over. The under-boob is often neglected or forgotten about. From there you can increase the intensity, but be aware of the nipple since it is VERY sensitive. You can hit it occasionally for sharp intense pain but use this sparingly. When using paddles or whips be sure that they do not have any hard ridges.

Breeding / Impregnation

The breeding or impregnation fetish is based around the fantasy of getting a woman pregnant – it is largely related to the creampie fetish in which a client wants to finish in a woman but taken a step further with the indication that the creampie will result in a pregnancy. Keywords will be the main way that you establish this fetish through webcam shows by adding words to your dirty talk like fertile, pregnant, seed, etc. Typically the customer will enjoy that you’re begging for them to impregnate you and you can create fun fantasies around it like having missed your birth control or stopping taking it because you want them to get you pregnant. If the session is more femdom oriented you could even include something about poking holes in a condom to take away their control. 


Clients that ask for a burping fetish show typically want to watch you burp, sometimes repeatedly, while also talking them through the burping. While some clients may want to watch you play with yourself while you burp, some may simply want to watch you burp. Communicate with your customer to find out exactly what they’re looking for before the show starts. These shows are great for performers that can make themselves burp but if you can’t then be careful offering these types of shows as faking burps can result in customers leaving negative reviews or leaving early.


Chastity is a type of BDSM fantasy or play that involves the submissive giving up control of their sexual behavior to the dominant. This can include a variety of different means of denial of sexual behavior in the sub by the dom. The most common way we see this particular fetish manifest in the cam world, and what most customers will be referring to when they seek chastity play, is where the sub indulges in the experience, or the fantasy of the experience of being locked up in a chastity device or penis cage/tube. These devices prevent the sub from masturbating, having sex, or comfortably becoming aroused. In these chastity experiences or roleplays, the “keyholder” is the dominant player who holds the key to the device, deciding when, how, and if the sub is allowed sexual release. In camming this is more often than not a figurative “holding” of the key, meaning you don’t actually have to have the physical key of the customer’s device if they have one. Prop keys are a great visual for your shows if you have a spare key handy.  This fetish is great for femdom for obvious reasons, and can be made more exciting for the customer by combining with ongoing tasks and challenges. In cam shows this fetish gives plenty of opportunity to dive into the psychological thrill the customer gets from the idea of being controlled to such an extent by the performer/producer. They are coming to you for sexual release and you’re not only denying it from them but denying it to such an extent that they can’t even do anything about it, because you “hold the key”.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

The Cock and Ball Torture Fetish (CBT) is where the customer gets sexual arousal from the pain they (or someone else) inflicts onto their dick and balls. There’s many different ways to inflict pain. When doing CBT, it’s important to make sure that the content you display doesn’t violate terms of service on the website you’re camming or selling content on. Giving CBT instruction is typically allowed but if the customer has their cam open and starts to mutilate their genitals it’s important to steer them away as well as report them for this as it can get you in trouble on some websites. We recommend light CBT in cam to cam type shows and only intense CBT if they are not providing a cam feed as it can be taken as “fantasy.”  When doing CBT shows, there’s items that you can have your sub / customer acquire to aid in the shows. Special chastity cases that have spikes in them, ropes, paddles, tape, anything that can be used to strike or hit their dick or balls, candle wax and tons of other things can be used for these types of shows.  You’re going to want to make sure that your CBT camming shows only relate to surface pain and do not draw blood. That gets into self mutilation and is not allowed on cam or clip sites. Some good ways to provide CBT while also adhering to rules is to stick to a “household items only” method of CBT where they utilize their hands and items that a common household would have to inflict pain on themselves.  Examples of CBT include:  “I want you to punch yourself in the balls until you feel like you’re going to be sick.”  “I want you to tie up your cock in a string and squeeze it tight until it turns red.”  “I want you to use a wooden spoon to smack the tip of your cock until you can’t take it anymore.” 

Cock Worship

Cock worship shows are when the performer praises the clients penis during the show. This is often done through intense verbal admiration by saying things like “I love how big your cock is” or “your cock is the perfect size for me.” Clients that enjoy cock worship shows often enjoy the ego boost so saying and doing things that will boost the clients self esteem will keep them coming back for more. Cock worship works great paired with masturbation style shows where the “customers cock drives you so crazy you can’t stop yourself from being turned on.” 

Cosplay / Costumes

Cosplay is the act of dressing up (and sometimes acting like) characters in movies, tv shows, video games, or other media. Cosplaying in webcam shows can be a great way to connect with new viewers, establish a broader range of marketing opportunities, and find customers interested in the same things that you are interested in. Cosplayers in the adult industry are known to gain a substantial following due to the nature of fans enjoying seeing characters they are used to seeing in a non-adult setting be portrayed in adult films and webcam shows. Early cosplaying was usually done based on manga or anime, but since being adopted by many groups of people as a fun method of self expression and showing appreciation for characters, cosplay has expanded to include global media as well. Porn viewers are often frequent consumers of other media. Whether it be television, gaming, movies, anime, books, etc. people who have time for pornography as entertainment generally also make time for other less taboo forms of entertainment as well. Usually in this case, viewers will form a connection with the characters in the media that they enjoy consuming. This is pretty standard for media consumption, everyone has a favorite character in their favorite show or a person in a book who was killed off too early and devastates them. Let’s face it, fiction is pretty awesome and provides the chance to live in worlds that would otherwise be unachievable. Cosplaying as a character allows performers the opportunity to expand their content production by “entering new worlds,” playing with fun ideas like magic, and to embrace the personality of a character to add more layers to their own brand and persona. When a potential customer finds a cosplay from a performer that is acting out a character they’ve connected with and enjoyed in mainstream media it can act as a great opportunity to hook them and make a sale on content or live shows. There are two ways to look at cosplay – doing it because you as the performer have connected with a character and want to portray them OR doing it to make money. Depending on your reasoning there will be variables to what cosplays will work best for you. Obviously if you cosplay a character you’ve never watched, you may not portray them as accurately as one you are familiar with. To get started with cosplay, you will likely see more success based on the character’s popularity in mainstream media because you will get more keyword rich search opportunities to promote that character. Cosplaying characters from popular anime staples will likely get you a lot of views compared to a character from a niche anime or book. Characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Mortal Kombat are a lot more likely to be known to a potential viewer than a niche anime like Angels of Death. Many cosplayers take the time to build up a cosplay fan base so that they are able to profit from cosplaying characters they enjoy as well as from cosplaying more mainstream characters, with some even saying that when they cosplay a character that their fans are unfamiliar with it actually entices them to watch the media that the character is from. If you are creating adult cosplays, the sky’s the limit with the creativity you can include in your content. Considering that it will already be making a character who is likely not pornographic involved in pornographic material, things like changing outfits to suit the style of show you are making or gender-bending a character are really no big deal. A common theme in adult cosplays is keeping to the characters original color scheme when integrating different outfits or lingerie as well as using wigs and colored contacts to make the character more identifiable. If you stray too far from the plot and original character design, it can dissuade potential customers from being interested, so when you make creative changes think very carefully about if it relates to the character! In order for a cosplay to be considered canon, the cosplayer will embody the characters personality, traits, actions, and costume perfectly. Cosplayers who change one or more of these things are considered “variant” cosplayers. There is no rule that states a canon cosplay will sell better than a variant cosplay, and vice versa. The biggest piece of advice when you are doing canon or variant cosplay is to make sure you are specific within your descriptions or marketing about if you will be true to character or adding your own spin on it. If someone is looking for the canon character and finds that you dressed as the character but haven’t embodied their traits and characteristics, they may be disappointed and leave negative reviews. Cosplayers will often note in their descriptions that characteristics they have kept in the cosplay and what they have left out, professional cosplayers even make “tiers” or “levels” of cosplay to denote the type of cosplay they are doing.

Cum Eating Instruction (CEI)

CEI / Cum Eating Instructions is a fetish where a male is told how to go about consuming their cum. This might include how to cum, where to cum and what to do with the cum afterwards. Most of the customers who are looking for CEI fetish camming shows do eat their cum, although not all of them. Some are just turned on by the instructions themselves. CEI fits in real nicely with femdom and can be used as part of a domme / sub relationship. Often-times, someone seeking a CEI camming show will not have cum yet. In this case, they’re often looking for a different type of show prior to the CEI show, as they can’t eat the cum until they’ve come. Sometimes they’ve been edging and are ready to cum when booking a show. In that case, you might only have to give instructions on the actual cumming, and then can bust right into the CEI session. There’s a chance that the customer looking for the show has already come. Some customers even store their cum and might have a huge cache at their disposal. If this occurs, you’re ready to get right into the CEI show. Nothing is required to get the customer to cum first. A lot of people into CEI camming shows like to do cam to cam so that you can watch them as they eat their cum. This might be part of the whole act that turns them on. This could also be due to the domme / sub relationship, where the sub wants the domme to watch them following their instructions. There are some customers that don’t actually eat their cum. For them, the actual fetish and turn-on is in the instructions themselves. If they’re in a camming show, they’ll most likely not have their cam turned on, and their interests will solely be in the instructions itself. For CEI shows and clips, it’s useful to use different items or tools for consuming the cum. This might range from a shot class to a turkey baster and everything in between. Get creative on what you have them use to consume the cum and how they go about consuming it. Pretty much anything that can be used to store and consume the cum. If you’re using any household items, be sure to tell them to grab these items beforehand, so they’re not running around the house while they’re about to blow their load. When giving the instructions, it’s important to be very specific about the instructions. Be very descriptive about what you want and how you want them to do it. This might not just be on how to consume their jizz. You might also have to tell them when to cum, how to cum and of course, what to do with it afterwards. Sometimes, the instructions might be to eat another man’s cum. This is something that is way more common in domme / sub relationships, which sometimes incorporate forced-gay / forced-bi as part of the domination. The CEI fetish pairs well with a lot of other fetishes. As mentioned many times above, many times the customer hasn’t blown his load. In that case, he’ll be looking for a show before the CEI session even begins. This show could be just about anything. JOI/JOE is a very common fetish that pairs with CEI for this purpose. Also mentioned above, CEI pairs well with a lot of femdom content and shows, and can be incorporated into many domme / sub relationships. Get creative about what type of fetishes you might be able to pair CEI with.

Daddy Fetish

The daddy fetish stems from DD/lg culture, being a “Daddy” means that you are dominant and in control of the submissive lg. Somehow over time, the DD/lg culture spread to mainstream outlets and the boom of daddy culture began. Men enjoy being called Daddy because it puts them in a position of power. The meaning of that power is more specific to each individual as it caters to their fetishes, for example: someone with an interest in age play and being dominant may enjoy being called Daddy. Another person who enjoys being in charge and taking care of their sexual partner may also enjoy the term. When applying the daddy fetish to your cam shows and clips you have to think of what kind of “Daddy” you’ll be drawing in.  It isn’t always that deep, some guys just like being called Daddy for the sake of the title. When you think of your father you probably think of someone who was in charge and always did what was right (or at least, the “ideal” father image). You are more likely to find dominant men or vanilla men using the term as opposed to submissive men, which has also led a few cam models/clip producers to absorbing “Daddy” as part of their Domme persona.

Dangling Shoe Fetish

This is a behavior that wearers of slip ons typically engage in out of boredom or fidgeting. Imagine having on a pair of slip-on heels under your desk at work. You’re wiggling your foot and your shoe begins to come off, you continue to wiggle it as it slips down and you make a game of trying to keep it on your toes, and then your big toe only, still wiggling, and then it eventually drops to the floor… whoops! Dangling fetishists sure imagine this, and this is how your typical dangling clip or cam show will go. These types of camming shows can be made into a voyeur type of offering. For example the camera under the desk, or someone observing without the dangler noticing. You can also engage in dangling while doing a POV type of show where you’re interacting with the viewer, for example a jerk off instructions show where you’re dangling your shoes while instructing the viewer on what to do. Maybe he’s not allowed to climax as long as you’re able to balance your shoe on your big toe! Big toe dangling is considered “high risk” dangling because it can drop any minute, by the way.

Femdom / Findom

A lot of models find themselves wanting to step into the role of an online Domme but don’t know where to start, or think there are “qualifications” that must be met to call yourself a Domme. In reality, you will decide your own brand of Domination. Your brand of Domination can be structured to fit into your style of services, for example: a non-nude model can provide Domination through verbal humiliation, a nude model can do body worshiping shows, a fetish model can mix humiliation with any fetish they provide (some common ones are feet, pantyhose, spit, smoking, giantess, and vore.) Of course you don’t HAVE TO do it that way, but those are great ways to transition into providing it by overlapping it with services you already offer and you are used to providing. Since doing Domination online is lacking the physical aspects of real time sessions, you will have to learn how to communicate your wishes in a firm way to ensure that the submissive will follow your lead. A common practice in the community is giving “sub tasks” or “slaves tasks” which can vary from sending money (this is more FinDom, which we will discuss later), doing a humiliating task like writing something embarrassing on themselves, instructing them to cause themselves physical pain, or really anything that is within the boundary of the submissive parties limits. Knowing your submissive’s limits may be harder if it is a first time client. My suggestion is for first time shows where you aren’t expecting them to come back, provide a less intense show and leave the burden on the submissive to request more severe treatment. You will be better off providing a less intense show and not risking losing the customer because you turn them off with something that is beyond their sexual interest in the show. It’s better to not push the boundaries, if you don’t know what they are. This dynamic changes if you have a customer who comes back repeatedly and becomes a “devoted slave” to you. There is a massive difference between a regular “submissive” and a devoted “slave.” Submissive customers will generally surf around cam sites and not really fixate themselves onto one Dominant, instead they will “browse” and accept services from multiple models. Does this make them a bad submissive? Not necessarily because on cam sites there is no expectation for these submissive customers to visit you and only you, but if in their browsing they then devote themselves to you this will create a better “slave” dynamic. A “slave” is more likely to visit you often, dedicate themselves to your rules and the things that you want, as well as want a greater relationship with you outside of sexual shows.

Fart Fetish

A lot of people claim the fart fetish is boring, because it’s just a lot of farting. That is true, but there are so many sub-categories and different things that people are looking for and requesting. Here are some of the different type of farts you can incorporate into clips or camming shows: Showing face, showing asshole moving, different sounding farts, long farts, short farts, roleplay / scenarios. Faking the farts is really bad. This includes making sounds with your mouth, using an app or a soundboard, dubbing noise in, audio enhancement or anything like that. There’s a lot of really active fart fetish forums, and if you get a name for faking the audio, people are going to know. That stuff gets out really quickly and fart fetish customers will stop buying from you because of it. Live fart shows can be a little difficult if you don’t have to fart at the time. Here’s some tips and tricks for doing live shows: Ask for some notice, eat or drink something gas inducing, be honest with people and let them know you’re not gassy instead of faking it, don’t fart non-stop in during show and try to make it last longer, don’t try forcing farts too hard because it can hurt! 

Foot Fetish

You can tease people with your breasts/ass, but does the same apply with feet? Definitely! If you know enough about your customer and what it is they like about your feet you can use this to your advantage to become a masterful foot tease. For example: if they like socks and the soles of your feet, slowly taking off a sock with the camera focused on the sole of your foot can do wonders for teasing a customer with your feet. For some customers, looking at your foot is the fetish, and for others the idea of touching your feet with their genitals or “fucking your feet” will get them off. If you are doing live foot fetish shows, some good ways to gauge what your customer is interested is can be by asking questions, for example: “Do you like my pretty painted toenails?” or “Do you want to smell my feet?” This will help you to gain a better idea of what particular part of the foot fetish they are interested in exploring. A good majority of the time, the customer will let you know beforehand which part of your feet they are interested in which makes it easier to provide a good show for them.

Fur Fetish

The “fur fetish” is diverse, depending on how you define what “fur fetish” is. The guys who I consider “hardcore fur fetishists” can ONLY or mainly get off with fur (as per the strict definition of “fetish”), and since they need only the presence of fur, the thought, the sensation… they can get off looking at high end fashion photos and don’t really “need” to look at adult fur fetish content. I think some people are so into furs, that nudity and overt sexuality turns them off. It’s nothing but a distraction from their focus on the fur coats. There are always the fur fetishists who like to see girls fucking in furs, because who doesn’t like to see beautiful women rolling around in and enjoying furs? Some fur fetish fans like to imagine that they are the furs, getting fucked and laying against skin. Sexual pleasure in and from fur coats is what these guys get off to. Guys who are not into furs, or who don’t think they are, can usually be seduced into seeing how furs can enhance otherwise vanilla/mainstream erotic play. I’ve found that, as far as BDSM and other fetishes go, that there is lots of cross over between the furs and domination of all kinds, especially financial domination and Goddess worship scenarios.

Futa / Futanari

Futanari is actually Japanese for hermaphrodite, and this new and exciting fetish focuses on featuring the model having both genitals (not to be confused with trans). The idea of Futanari is that the model exhibits all features of a woman including a vagina, but also has a penis. Many models roleplay this by utilizing a dildo to pretend to have a penis.

Gaming / Gamer Girl

So what does it take to be a “Gamer Girl?” A lot of people assume that you have to play many games and be experienced in all of them in order to market yourself as a gamer, but all it really takes is being decent at one game. If you find customers who love the same game that you have some experience playing, then you are able to profit off of the “Gamer Girl” stereotype. In order to profit off of it, you can make videos playing the game to sell to the customers interested in you and the game, you can do live cam streams where you play the game which can be nude or non-nude, or you can sell your gamertag or handles to customers so that they can play with you. There are many ways to turn one single game that you love into a profitable experience that is also enjoyable, because who wouldn’t want to play games while working?


Gaping is when a performer uses a very large toy or their fists to penetrate their vagina or ass repeatedly until the hole stretches very wide and then displays the wide hole for the customer to see. This is a high level fetish that involves training beforehand to ensure your body can handle the stimulation. If you participate in this fetish utilize a lot of lubricant to prevent injury.


Giantess is a fetish in which the female is very large (a female giant, aka the “Giantess”) and the male is very, very small in comparison. Typically, the male is no bigger than the size of the Giantess’ index finger and no smaller than the size of an ant – though there are exceptions, of course. In my experience, most males desire to be the very size of small insects, such as ants. Point-of-view is typically quite important for the Giantess fetish, which also may take some planning to determine the most accurate one. Almost always, the best point-of-view is one that is a very low angle pointed up to make the Giantess/Domme look as large and as tall as possible. The best way to be prepared for a live cam scenario with the Giantess fetish is to have the small people figurines and to have a webcam that can easily be moved to give a proper, low point-of-view.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The girlfriend experience is a very personal thing to offer to members. A lot of members who seek out something of this sort are busy people who can’t fit a relationship into their life or can’t take the time/effort to build a relationship with someone, so buying a service makes the process much easier rather than having to “wine and dine” someone. Some people who seek out GFE do so after their loved one passes away, some do it because they have something inhibiting them from being able to start a meaningful relationship, and some do it with the intention of actually getting you to fall in love with them. Regardless of why they are participating in GFE, it is a heavily demanded experience within cam shows. When you offer GFE cam shows, a lot of viewers will want something similar to a long distance Skype with your partner. When practicing GFE using pet names, acting familiar with your customer, and being passionate and caring is generally encouraged. Outside of the sexual aspects of your show, a lot of members who purchase GFE shows are also people who want to talk about their day and share the things they’re interested in with someone. Before getting to the show you can try asking about their day, their job, if anything interesting happened to them throughout the day, if there’s anything new they want to tell you about, etc. It is very important that before providing GFE for a customer it is clear that it is a fantasy. When discussing the show, including the word “fantasy” helps to reiterate that idea. Some customers will take the GFE very seriously, and while it’s great for business it can also breach the realm of danger, especially when it comes to verbal communications in which you express love or interest for the customer. It is very easy to cross the line from them viewing it as a fantasy being fulfilled versus you actually being interested in them. Make sure to set limits on what is allowed, for example: you may like providing GFE but do not want the customer to tell you he loves you, make this clear before accepting the show.


Glasses fetish cam shows focus around the performer wearing glasses during the show. This fetish can be paired with other show elements like masturbating etc. but oftentimes the viewer will want you to occasionally show off the glasses or get closer to the webcam so they can really see the glasses. Fans of this also love when you get cum on your glasses which can be simulated with a squirting dildo. 

Hair Brushing / Long Hair

Some clients absolutely love hair and will ask you to model your hair for them or brush it for them. These types of shows typically focus around you showing off your hair and using verbal communication to drive home the point you are trying to show with your brushing actions, for example saying things like “my hair feels so soft and silky, don’t you wish you could run your fingers through it and feel it slide across your fingertips” can help keep the show going and sell the customer on how luscious your hair is which is exactly what they want to hear.  These shows can also be paired with other shows at the same time, you may brush your hair while masturbating or doing other types of shows depending on what the customer is looking for. 

Hand Fetish

This one is similar to the foot fetish where the show will be focused around your hands, while you may be doing other things throughout the show bringing attention back to your hands and making them the main focus will help the client enjoy the show. Using verbal cues to talk about what your hands are doing, how your hands feel, or how something feels on your hands can help enhance the experience for the customer. 


The homewrecker fetish is a big favorite among married men who want hot cam performers to “homewreck their marriage.” Some forms of homewrecking will come from a dominance fetish where you assert your ownership over the man and encourage him to leave his wife for a variety of reasons (she doesn’t please him like you do, you’re better than her, etc.) but you can also provide dominant homewrecking where you wreck the home because he doesn’t deserve her, he’s too pathetic to have a wife, etc. For a more vanilla flavor of homewrecking, some clients may just enjoy the prospect of having sexual relationships with you and their significant other finding out or may enjoy the suspense in hiding it from them and having you remind them to be quiet so their partner doesn’t here, don’t cum in you so they don’t get you pregnant because they’re in a relationship, etc. Get to know your fan a little better and the style of homewrecking they want before heading into a private or exclusive show with them – or just let them explain the situation to you, because they probably will! 

Hypnotism / Mesmerize

The hypnotism fetish is deeply rooted in “loss of control.” Essentially the client will want you to take full control over the show by “hypnotizing them” into following your every command. This fetish pairs very well with every other fetish because the client should follow your commands while under this “hypnosis.” Generally they will enjoy a good introduction to the hypnosis where you use a dangling item of jewelry and repeat a mantra where you command them to fall under your control – you can enhance the experience by indicating when your control will start by saying “when I snap my fingers you’ll be completely under my control and when I snap them again the hypnosis will break!” or something similar. While performing the show you can add in bits like “you’ll do anything I tell you to and you can’t help it” or “I love having complete control over you.” Jerk off encouragement and instruction pair very well with hypnotism as well as various femdom/findom style shows. Consider setting a safe word with your client before the show starts that allows them to break character if something is outside of the boundary they’d like to do.  The mesmerize fetish goes hand in hand with hypnosis except generally mesmerizing involves your beauty. The hypnotism may come as a result of how captivating you are; leading you to “mesmerize” the customer. 

Jerk Off Encouragement

Jerk off encouragement is when the performer encourages the customer to jerk off, typically this type of fetish is incorporated in tandem with JOI but when giving JOI you don’t necessarily have to give encouragement so these two can be mutually exclusive.  The basics of this are simple: you’re telling the viewer you love it that they’re jerking off. You can say things like “I love it when you stroke that cock for me” which is encouragement, but “keep stroking that cock faster for me” would be jerk off instruction. Can’t you see why they pair well together?  Jerk off encouragement also pairs very well with cock worship because it allows you to add more verbal communication into your show. 

Jerk Off Instruction (JOI)

JOI is where the performer gives instructions to a guy on how to jack off their dick. JOI can be integrated into tons of types of shows including vanilla shows / fetishes, as well as domme / sub shows and fetishes. JOI is pretty simple and straight-forward; give the guy instructions. Be sure to be very descriptive. Because you’re giving verbal instructions, the voice and interaction is very important. There’s really only so much you can focus on with JOI, so make sure you cover the three basics: the head, the shaft, the balls.

Mind-Fuck / Mantras

The mind-fuck fetish is heavily oriented in D/s style shows and relies on open communication with your client. Although it’s a bit harder to achieve the proper effects of a mind-fuck via webcam, it can still be done! The core idea of the mind-fuck is to make the submissive believe you’re going to do something that you’re not going to actually force them to do, but have that belief be so strong that their mind essentially “takes them there” without the action actually happening. A lot of mind-fucking is based around the sensation of potential fear, for example: “you’re going to give every bit of your money to me and go so broke that you can’t eat this week, do you feel how empty your stomach is? It’s going to be like that for days.” You incite that fear of hunger into them but their desire to satisfy you outweighs the fear of the hunger, you’ll continue the show and even though they know the consequence of spending more and more they continue to do it without you forcing them to do it, because you told them what you want. Your satisfaction outweighs the fear. Obviously for a successful mind-fuck you’ll want safe words and to respect boundaries put in place beforehand just like any typical D/s dynamic. 

Nail Tapping

Nail tapping is one of the newest fetishes to surge to popularity in late 2017, nail tapping is a form of ASMR, can help relax and ease the viewer. The sound of nails tapping can sometimes remind customers of previous events that relaxed them, or even just the sound and presence of a person there tapping their fingers can calm or excite them. Nail tapping also falls vaguely under the fingernail fetish category, in which people just like the look/shape/color of fingernails. Fingernail tapping shows can be very diverse and can create a wide range of emotions. For example, a red shade of long nails tapping very quickly can symbolize a form of rush or impatience, indicating you want the viewer to finish their business quickly. While a french tip manicure, rounded at the ends and tapping slowly can symbolize relaxation and patience. When executing a nail tapping show you must think of the pace at which you are tapping your nails. Is it consistent? Consistent tapping is more likely to relax the viewer, while sporadic, inconsistent taps may put the viewer under stress or a rush. If the nail tapping show is meant to relax the viewer, start out with slow and consistent taps. This will relax the viewer until they are able to relieve themselves. You can alternate hands as well. Your webcam angle will also play a large part in relaying your message to the viewer. If the viewer can see your face then make sure to incorporate a lot of eye contact. You can even do subtle narration like, “the faster I tap my nails, the faster you should stroke.” For the big finale you will be frantically tapping your nails until the big OH! Also make sure the camera/mic you are using is good enough quality to capture the sound of the taps. When tapping, many people prefer different “sounds.” Some prefer the sound of tapping on glass, while others prefer tapping on wood. Make sure you clarify this with the customer before starting. 

Odd Insertions

Odd insertions are inserting things into your vagina or ass that are not sex toys. This can commonly include household items, foods, and other various items that you would consider “odd” to use in a sexual way. 

Pantyhose / Stockings

The pantyhose fetish is pretty straightforward, fans enjoy watching you perform a show while wearing pantyhose. Some customers will enjoy you talking about how soft and slick your legs feel in the pantyhose and others will want to see your ass in them. The type of show you perform will vary based on what the customer says they are looking for but the basic part is that you’ve got to own a pair of pantyhose. This fetish pairs super well with foot fetish shows, ass worship shows, domination style shows, shoe dangling, and more. 

Pee / Urine

The pee fetish is a very popular one but unfortunately many websites do not allow you to cater to this fetish. Some customers enjoy watching you urinate like normal on the toilet, others enjoy “desperation to pee” because of the suspense and the ultimate “release” at the end when you do pee yourself. The pee fetish is a very common fetish that is asked for frequently but due to the difficulty in creating content and streaming shows revolving around the fetish itself due to payment processor regulations, we highly suggest doing deep research on websites you plan to utilize before indulging in this fetish within your content or shows. 


There are many different aspects of the pregnancy fetish that appeal to men, they can be interested in the lactation, the actual body size and shape due to the pregnancy, the idea of the impregnation, or even just the way a woman acts when she is pregnant such as hormonal changes and bloat. It has also been theorized that pregnant women have “better pussy” because their vagina is naturally beginning to stretch and become wetter to prepare for the arrival of a baby.


Raceplay is a fetish that involves being sexually interested or disinterested in a sexual scenario entirely based on the race of a person involved in the scenario (whether the performer or an additional “character” the viewer has created). You’ll often find raceplay scenarios in cuckolding but there are other situations where customers will try to involve raceplay as well. At Webcam Startup, we believe roleplay that fixates on race is not ethical and we do not encourage you to partake in these roleplays as it furthers the objectification and discrimination of non-white adult creators. While it is your personal preference to do raceplay which worships someone based on their race (i.e. loving BBC or doing cuckolding scenarios with a “bull”), these types of content still objectify the race of performers and you should keep in mind that this type of content is not universally accepted as ethical or morally sound. 


Roleplay is when a cam performer takes on the role of someone else, sometimes the role you take on is non-specific like acting like someone’s neighbor or co-worker but other times customers will ask you to roleplay a specific person with a name and particular attributes. When you roleplay it’s very important to stay in the role you are meant to be portraying to ensure the customer is satisfied with the performance and you can highlight the role by making verbal cues to remind them of the scenario. For example if you’re roleplaying as their co-worker you can say things like “the company policy would never allow for us to be doing this!”  When doing roleplay on cam you need to be careful doing taboo roleplay because many websites have very firm rules against incestuous type roleplay. Do not ever roleplay as a blood relative of a customer unless the site you’re using allows it.


The sissification fetish is where a male is treated as a “Sissy”, which is a male that is made to act like a female. Sissification is very much a domme/sub relationship, and you’ll need a dominant personality in order to be good as sissification. There’s also a lot of other fetishes that can be combined with sissification.  Like any domme/sub relationship, it’s important to discuss limits and expectations before-hand. There are also different types of sissies (female-identifying, cross-dressing, cuckold, the list goes on). It’s important to understand what type of sissy your customer wants to be before getting started. If there are any soft or hard limits, this should be discussed as well. You also want to make sure that you don’t cross any of your own personal boundries. If the customer wants you to do (or make them do) some things that you are not comfortable with, then don’t do it! It’s not worth compromising you and your own limits! A big part of sissification is training your customer on how to be the best woman possible. This involves a lot of telling them what to do, how to act, and giving feedback on how good (or bad) of a sissy they’re being. Coming up with new and creative tasks is a big part of this, as you’ll need to keep things fresh and unique to prevent your sessions from getting stagnant and old. The first thing you should do is help your sissies pick out their sissy names if they don’t have one already. If their name has a feminine version (Chris and Christina, or John and Joanna, for example) then those names can work great. Another thing you can do is figure out what they already have. If someone is into the sissification fetish, there’s a good chance that they’ve already got things like clothes and makeup. If they don’t, giving them shopping lists is one way to start the process out. Giving tasks to your sissies in training is a great way to progress things. It takes the sissification a step further, and makes them incorporate it into their everyday life. This makes for some much stronger role-play. Here are some tasks that you can give your sissy: Practice Your Makeup And Send Pictures – A real easy task is to have your sissy practice their makeup, nails and things like that. To make it more interactive, have them send you pictures. Buying A Wig / Practicing Different Hairstyles – If your sissy has long hair, he/she can practice different feminine hair styles. If your sissy doesn’t have long hair, you can request that your sissy gets a wig. Buying Girl Clothes / Trying Partners Clothes On – You can send your sissy shopping for a new wardrobe. If they’ve got a partner, you can have your sissy dress in their clothes instead. Buying and Using Toys – If this isn’t against your sissy’s hard limits, you can suggest that your sissy buys some toys and learns how to use them. Doing “Traditional Female Gender Role” Activities – You can give your sissy tasks that are commonly associated with the “traditional female gender roles”. This includes cooking, cleaning, house-keeping and so on. Sissification can work great with a lot of other fetishes. For example, it’s easy to incorporate Small Penis Humiliation into sissification. This is as easy as telling your sissy his penis is so small that it’s really a vagina or a clit, and they’re better off being a woman than a man. Chasity can also play into sissification, as it’s preventing the customer from accessing his penis.


The scat (poop) fetish is very similar to the pee fetish in regards to being highly restricted. There are practically no websites which allow this fetish to be indulged in. If you do manage to find a website that allows it, the interest in your poop can vary so make sure if you’re creating custom content you are very specific when asking the customer what they’d like to see. 


Sleeping is allowed on some websites but you have to specifically say it’s a consensual nap show or something similar in your phrasing on most of these sites. Popular shows on websites which allow sleeping include sleeping with a tip vibrator in and encouraging customers to wake you up or “get you off while you nap” with the tip vibrator. Other performers will simply sleep with no tip vibrator in because it is a fetish for some customers. 

Smoking Fetish

Women who smoke generally appear to have a “carefree” attitude mainly due to the fact that smoking does pose a major health risk. When you see a woman smoking it’s easy to think, basically, “she doesn’t give a f***, and that’s hot.” If you’re already a cigarette smoker then hooray! You are already a step into being able to cater to the audience of smoking fetishizers that live online. Trust me there are a ton of them! If you don’t smoke (or don’t own your house and can’t smoke inside) there are also viable alternatives. A lot of focus on the exhale is important, make sure you get close to the camera for some exhales and really let the smoke fill up the frame to dramatize the smoking. You can also mix this fetish with other fetishes (for example: smoking and ignoring, or human ashtray.) Make sure if you are in a rental property that you have proper ventilation for the smoke to leave the room so you don’t lose your deposit!

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fetish where someone, usually a female domme, insults the size of the viewer’s dick. SPH is commonly associated and combined with other forms of humiliation and is well suited for femdom models.  Part of being a domme is being confident and dominant. If you aren’t able to carry yourself confidently or speak and act with authority, it’ll show in your performance. Make sure to act confident, smile a lot and always make eye contact. Laugh at the customer and their tiny penis, make gestures and do whatever you can to be as humiliating as possible. Using objects in the performance to compare their penis to helps. Objects like pencils and anything else that’s short and skinny will work. You can use these props yourself, or direct the customer to find these objects and use them next to their penis. Terms like: pathetic, weak, loser, useless, ect. are great words to use to emphasize your distaste towards them. This is by no means a complete list, but you get the idea. By any means, make sure the language used in the show is degrading and humiliating and have enough words and phrases to where you’re able to mix it up throughout the performance. If you ever get stuck on what to say next, just start laughing at them. Laughing at them is a form of humiliation, and also gives you time to think of some more clever things to say next. Occasionally you’ll get customers with big dicks who are into small penis humiliation. This is a lot more difficult than customers with small dicks, as you’ll have to lie. Many times, these sorts of customers will not do cam-to-cam. This makes it easier, as you don’t know that they’ve got a big penis. There’s other ways to humiliate these guys and their penises. Even if you can’t call their dick small, you can still humiliate them and their penis in other ways. Let them know how useless their penis is. Make them know that you want nothing to do with their dick, would never let it near you and don’t like it. If it’s big but skinny, you can let them know how skinny it is. 

Learn more:  SPH and Fetishes with Amiee! By Aerie Saunders


Sneezing fetishes fall into the category of body function fetishes (like farting, burping, and peeing), and like those other fetishes, it can be either easy or hard to master! As with those other similar fetishes, it’s important not to fake a sneeze: even if you are forcing a sneeze using one of our tips below, you are still physically sneezing. Acting a sneeze will quickly turn off fetishists (and they can always tell), and will kill your chances of repeat buyers. The sneezing fetish is all about the loss of control, so don’t be afraid to let yourself go when you sneeze. Whatever noises you make, however your face and body move, just let it happen on camera!

But how do you make yourself sneeze? Bright Lights: 18-35% of the population has a photic sneeze reflex that can be triggered by sudden exposure to bright light. Test your reflex status by turning on a bright light and looking directly at it, or closing your eyes for a minute and opening them, again looking directly at a bright light. Tickler: Stimulate the inside of your nose using something like a thin, pointed strip of paper. Wiggle it using light pressure for best results. Powder: While you can buy “sneezing powder” on Amazon, regular black pepper works just as well! Give it a little snort and revel in the results.


Squirting is when you “squirt” in a stream-like spread when you ejaculate as a woman. Some performers fake squirting by drinking a lot of water and then peeing while faking an orgasm but others naturally squirt when they ejaculate. The best way to ensure you’re able to provide squirting live shows whether you’re a real squirter or you’re faking it is to stay very hydrated and drink a lot of clear liquid at least 2 hours prior to your show. 


Vore or Vorarephilia derives from the Latin term vorare, which means to swallow or devour. The fetish is all about wanting to be swallowed or eaten by another person or a creature. There’s usually more of a focus on being swallowed whole, but sometimes chewing is incorporated into it. Fulfilling the vore fetish often involves verbal descriptions of how the performer is swallowing the customer live. If the model is acting out as an animal or other fantasy creature, describing the creature and what they are is also a part of acting out the fetish. Gummy bears work wonderfully for this fetish. The gummy bears can symbolize humans and you can swallow them whole, you can chew them up, hold them up and talk about how tiny they are and how you’re going to eat them, there’s a lot you can do with gummy bears. You need to be very verbal and descriptive about what you’re doing and what you’re thinking or else it’s just the eating fetish.

Wet and Messy (WAM) or Sploshing

Sploshing (Food) – The most common of the wet and messy clips is sploshing (or splooshing) which typically involves food. Crushing food, being pied (usually in the face) and sitting on cakes are the usual shows you run into. These types of scenes involve more preparation and clean up. If you decide to offer these cam shows we recommend you telling your customers to come at the end of your cam shift. Pies can get expensive so most performers will actually fill pie trays with shaving cream or whipped cream rather than use real pies (a much cheaper option). You can get colorful by adding food coloring to the shaving cream but be careful because it can stain. Chocolate – Chocolate syrup is commonly used in messy clips and it can get really sticky. You can use strawberry syrup to add variety with a different color. Of course this option is edible and you can mix things up by adding other food options such as bananas, strawberries, etc. Anything that is soft and can be crushed easily. Body Paint – Body paint can be bought in stores but you can also make your own at home. Lotion and food coloring works well but be sure to do a spot test on yourself to make sure you are not allergic to the lotion and to check if the food coloring will stain. If you need something that will not rub off hand sanitizer and food coloring will work as well. With both recipes you can add cornstarch to thicken.

Where should I sell my fetish content?

Clips4Sale is highly fetish-centric, which you’ll easily find out by taking a look at their home page! You can easily use their website to see top performing fetishes under the “trending categories” and you can also see fetish clips that are performing well for the day. If you’re stumped on fetish ideas you can browse through their list of categories and find loads of new niches to create content in! Sign up for Clips4Sale now or learn more about how to be successful on Clips4Sale.

What is the best website for fetish live shows?

Streamate is hands down the best website for streaming fetish shows because they have a wide variety of customers and traffic that are all interested in many different kinks and niches. In order to make the most of your experience on Streamate and ensure you do get the opportunity to do fetish oriented shows; make sure that your profile is appropriated completed with keywords regarding the fetishes that you enjoy catering to so that potential customers can easily find you! We also recommend that you encourage your fans to leave you tags regarding the fetishes you enjoy performing so that potential clients will see this and know that you’ve done performances like that before and have experience! 

If you don’t have experience, don’t worry! Make sure to do your research and you can try new things while streaming and establish your own interests and boundaries with fetishes as you progress. Sign up for Streamate now or read more about Streamate here. 

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