Wedgie Fetish Information for Adult Webcam Models and Pornstars

An uncomfortable wedgie can be the worst when you are in public but in the privacy of a cam room or filming studio it can be a huge turn on for many customers interested in the wedgie fetish. A wedgie is defined as an “uncomfortable tightening of your underpants when they are pulled up between your buttocks” and the wedgie can be caused by a variety of things like ill fitting pants or undergarments, getting your undergarments hung on something, but they are most often associated with pranks where other people pull your underwear up to an uncomfortable height on your stomach. The wedgie fetish can be done with a partner or solo!

Wedgie Fetish in Solo Cam Shows

The wedgie fetish can be done in solo adult webcam shows by simply pulling up on your own underwear! You can also attach the back of your underwear to a chair or bedframe – this works best with elastic banded underwear. Make sure you are okay utilizing underwear that may potentially get stretched out depending on how big of a wedgie you are giving yourself. You also run the risk of ripping the underwear, and some wedgie fetishists actually prefer you wedgie yourself so hard that you rip off your underwear entirely.

If you are a Skype model you can easily asks beforehand if the wedgie loving customer prefers that you rip your underwear and plan properly in advance to do so by selecting easily breakable underwear that you aren’t attached to – you can also opt to do wedgie shows in underwear that you have available for sale and offer to sell the customer the panties as an up-sell after the show.


Wedgie Fetish in Couples Cam Shows

In cam shows with someone else, you can play into the “prank” aspect of the wedgie fetish and your partner can perform the wedgie on you. Wedgie fetishists love when you are surprised and embarrassed and act uncomfortable due to the wedgie, so play into the pain of the underwear rubbing against your taint and really put on a show! You can also give yourself a wedgie and your partner can fawn over how great you look with a wedgie, how it accentuates your butt, etc. It’s all at the mercy of the customer watching the show, communication is key so ask questions and make sure you’re putting on the wedgie fantasy of their dreams!


Wedgie Fetish in Adult Porn Clips

The wedgie fetish can be incorporated into almost any porn clip and some performers even do it on accident when accentuating their butt by pulling up their panties! For wedgie focused videos, you can perform solo or with someone and put a lot of focus on the butt and underwear and be very vocal about how uncomfortable the wedgie is!


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