Go beyond fan clubs with your own paid subscription site

If you’ve been successfully running an adult fanclub profile for a while – or if you’ve avoided starting one because of the expectations of low prices for substantial amounts of content – you might be feeling like you’re ready to launch your own platform. Maybe it was the Onlyfans porn ban drama that had you looking for an Onlyfans alternative, or maybe you are just looking for a site that is yours to brand and control, but it’s time to look into running a membership site. The popularity of subscription services has led to a resurgence of membership sites (also called paysites), which were popular in the early days of internet porn. You can run a single model site, a multi-model site, a niche fetish site, or any type of content your heart desires! With several platforms to build your site on without knowing any code, it’s easier than ever to launch your very own membership site.

Pick a platform to host your membership site.

If you have your own payment processing you can set up something like a turn-key script from Adent, but most models will need payment processing included in the platform they choose. I used ModelCentro for my membership site FartQueens.com and have been really pleased with their services and support. Their templates are very simple and it is extremely quick to get your site up and running once you sign up. AdultMemberSites is also a great platform for performers who want to launch a new membership site, and it offers more customization options when it comes to the appearance of your site.

Upload a back catalogue of approximately 20 videos and/or photo sets so that members who join early have enough content to justify the price tag.

Over time you will build up a large catalogue of content that will make your subscription price worth it, but early subscribers will need something to make the money worth it from day 1. Obviously it will become a better deal as time goes on and you add more content! Having content already on the site for launch day also gives you content to use for promotion.

Make a posting schedule, and ensure it’s not too optimistic so that you can keep up with it long-term.

You are creating a site with a goal of generating income for several years to come, so you need to be comfortable with the schedule you create. You will have to stick with this schedule week after week, month after month, year after year, so make sure you haven’t made it too ambitious. Keep it in line with your subscription price, too.

Film, edit, and schedule your first month of content so that you can focus on promotion and shooting content for your second month.

Because membership sites are a long-term commitment, and require a regular upload schedule for maximum success, you want to be working a few weeks ahead when shooting content. Having your first month of content already scheduled for release will make it a lot easier to spend time on promotion, too. Promote your site with a 4-part plan:

  • Countdown to launch
  • Launch day
  • Tease upcoming releases
  • New release announcements

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