Adult Fanclubs, Site Builders, and more! 

Running a subscription website or fanclub for your dedicated fans to subscribe to your content versus buying it flat out can be an attractive thing to offer customers as it’s easier to budget for subscriptions versus individual sales where prices vary! 

WebsitePayout PercentageCMS or Fanclub / Traffic
FanCentro80%Fanclub / Yes
Flirtback60-75%Fanclub / Yes
JustForFans80-85%Fanclub / Yes
LoyalFans80%Fanclub / Yes
ModelCentro75% (after processing fees)CMS / Optional
MyMemberSite80%CMS / No
OnlyFans80%Fanclub / No
Sheer80%Fanclub / No

Adult fanclubs are the top performing service in the indie industry

The surge of fanclubs in recent years is no mystery, high payout percentages and mobile optimization as well as an easy customer interface that puts all of the consumers favorite models into a timeline makes fan clubs a no-brainer, the demand has been there and only amplified since premium/private Snapchats were phased out with many inconvenient updates and added censoring of adult content on the platform.

Fanclubs have gone mainstream, most notably OnlyFans, which was name dropped by Beyonce and has seen many celebrities and mainstream pornstars join the platform bringing it even more notoriety. OnlyFans has essentially become the “lewd or nude Patreon” for people looking to monetize their sexy posts without fear of getting banned. Many people forget that there are many more options for fanclub platforms and with mainstream flooding OnlyFans, finding a platform that specializes in adult can be beneficial as a back-up or alternative to OnlyFans if you are looking for more adult-friendly features that aren’t offered on OF.

OnlyFans is great for influencers, but the adult industry may enjoy other fanclub platforms more

The reason that OnlyFans is so popular is because it is built for everyone, not just the adult industry. You will find that when you look at the fanclub feature comparisons above that OnlyFans is lacking an on-site directory and internal traffic, as well as a customer referral program. Due to this, adult performers are left to do their own marketing and promotions which can take a lot of extra time. In addition, having the ability to list your adult clips on a platform rather than directing viewers to a different platform OR needing to send constant pay-to-view messages is a huge benefit for performers that create many clips or already have a large library of clips.

Features are not the only thing you should consider when deciding what fanclub to use, many of the popular fanclub options are backed by companies that you already know within the industry and you can utilize fanclubs based on your relationship with the main venture behind the fanclubs. LoyalFans was created by the owner of popular fetish clip site Clips4Sale. JustForFans was created by performer Dominic Ford who also created the DMCA service Porn Guardian. FanCentro is powered by ModelCentro which has been around for many years and allows performers to build their own subscription website.