ModelCentro: Website Building Platform For Adult Models

ModelCentro offers a website builder for camgirls, pornstars and other models in the adult industry.  It’s 100% free to get started and requires no coding or hosting experience. ModelCentro gives you an easy to use visual website builder that makes building and updating your website easy. Quickly and easily build your own premium membership paysite and build a residual income from the monthly membership rebills. Gain valuable search engine traffic and use your website to promote your other products and services as well. ModelCentro handles all the payment processing and technical aspects so you can focus on performing or producing content. Here’s all the ModelCentro features and details.

ModelCentro Information:

  • Services: Subscriptions, Clips, Camming
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 65%
  • Min Payout: $50-$100
  • Payout Schedule: Weekly
  • Payout Methods: Check, ACH, Paxum, FirstChoicePay, Wire
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • Regional Blocking: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: Yes

Start Your Premium Paysite 100% Free

ModelCentro is 100% free to start. They work on a revenue-sharing model, and they only get paid when you get paid. There’s no initial costs for registering a website name and web hosting. You don’t have to pay anyone to configure a server or install website software on your behalf. ModelCentro will even register a custom website name for you free of charge! Start up your website with zero investment!

No Coding Required! Easy To Use Website Builder

ModelCentro gives you a dashboard and easy to use website builder. This makes it incredibly simple to build your website without having to know HTML or any other coding skills. The dashboard makes it easy to upload and add new content to your site. Choose from multiple website templates. The homepages are designed to get the most membership signups possible. If you want a truly customized website, ModelCentro will work with you to add the site features that you want.

ModelCentro Handles The Hosting and Payment Processing

The adult industry is considered “high risk” by payment processing companies. This makes it difficult and expensive to implement your own membership area with adult-friendly payment processing. ModelCentro makes it easy. They handle all the website hosting, payment processing and monthly rebills. ModelCentro is the easiest and least expensive way to start your own premium membership paysite. All you have to do is add content and configure your site. ModelCentro handles the rest.

How To Make Money On ModelCentro

Membership Subscriptions

The primary function of ModelCentro is as a subscription-based site. Models are able to set their monthly rates and earn from the original subscriptions as well as the monthly rebills. Running a subscription membership site is great, as it builds a residual income. As long as the site is getting updated and is active enough to retain the subscribers, the monthly revenue should scale up each month.

Sell Photo / Video Content

In addition to the membership subscriptions, it’s also possible to get paid from individual content sales. You can select anything already added to ModelCentro and include it as an individual store item. The store supports both photo and video content. It’s also possible to upload new content and keep it separate from the members area / subscription package.

Live Webcam Shows

ModelCentro comes with a camming functionality built into it. There are two types of camming shows: Public and private. For public shows, you can make it to where anyone can see the stream, or only your paid subscribers. Private shows are charged per minute and the per-minute rate can be configured from the dashboard. ModelCentro can also record your webcam shows and make them available for subscribers after the broadcast.

Locked Content / Private Messaging

ModelCentro also supports the sending of paid content through private messaging. In order to do this, simply upload the private content you wish to send, select the recipients and enter the price. The user will receive a private message via your site. The content will be locked and the member must pay to access it.

List Of Main ModelCentro Features:

ModelCentro is incredibly feature-rich and this is by no means a complete feature list. ModelCentro i also constantly updating their platform with new features, most of them requested by their models. This page will be updated as new major features get released. Here’s the main ModelCentro features:

Upload Your Photo and Video Content

Easily upload your video or photo galleries. Your recent videos and photo galleries will be featured on your homepage, and there’s a page that lists all your galleries and videos. Uploading new content is incredibly easy. ModelCentro guides you through the process of building your galleries and configuring everything you need to add new sets to the site. Once you upload the files and fill out the necessary information, ModelCentro automatically builds the gallery or video pages. You can even record webcam videos from ModelCentro!

Perform Live Webcam Shows On Your Site

ModelCentro allows you to stream live webcam shows directly from your site. Live camming is a great way to add value to your membership and keep your fans happy. Live camming gives you the chance to interact with your members and for them to get to know you on a more personal level. ModelCentro makes it incredibly easy to start your stream from the dashboard. You can host public shows, private shows and also broadcast via Streamate.

Connect ModelCentro With SkyPrivate

Connect ModelCentro with SkyPrivate. SkyPrivate is a platform to host Skype shows. SkyPrivate provides models with the tools needed to accept payments, book shows and promote their services. Connecting ModelCentro with SkyPrivate will add a Skype link to your site. Syncing the services will also add a website link going to your ModelCentro website.

VerifiedCall Integration

VerifiedCall is a platform for phone sex. VerfiedCall is used to encrypt and connect calls, keeping your number secure and private. VerifiedCall is integrated with ModelCentro to allow models to accept calls directly from the website. All calls are safe and secure and sent directly to your mobile phone.

Run Your Own Affiliate Program

Offer your own affiliate program! Affiliate marketing is where webmasters earn a commission for driving members and sales. By setting up your own affiliate program, you can get webmasters to promote your site and earn you new members. Affiliates will earn a percentage of the revenue from all members they refer.

Promotional Tools For Your Website

Sync With Social Media – Sync ModelCentro with your social media accounts to automatically share the new content you upload to your site. Putting your social media on autopilot saves you time and makes sure you never forget to share your new stuff on your social media sites.

Get Added To The Directory – Get added to the directory. This directory contains all ModelCentro models.

Get Added To Rabbit Reviews – ModelCentro makes it easy to get added to Rabbit Reviews. This is done directly from the admin dashboard.

Collect Names and Email Addresses – Guests and visitors are able to subscribe to your mailing list to receive announcements from you. Use the mailing list to send out email marketing campaigns.

Privacy Control: Block Specific Countries and States

ModelCentro allows you to block your site from specific states and regions. This is a useful tool for keeping people you know from finding your site and protects your privacy. It’s suggested that you block the state or region you live in, as well as any other places you’ve lived before.

Private Messaging – Free or Paid

All sites come with a handy private messaging tool. You can set the messages for free and use it to keep up with your members, or set it to paid and make money off messaging with other members. You can also send locked content through the messaging feature. Anyone you send the locked content to can make a purchase to be able to download the contained media.

Host Your Own Blog – Great For SEO

ModelCentro makes blogging easy. Each site comes with it’s own blogging platform. Blogs can be set so that guests can view them. This is a great way to create teasers and give potential customers an example of what kind of content you produce. Blogging is also great for SEO. Each blog post has the chance to target new search terms and get you more traffic.

Free Website Name and Identity Protection

ModelCentro provides all their models with a free website name. This makes your website look more professional. ModelCentro even purchases WHOIS protection, which protects your online identity and keeps the name and information of the site owner hidden.

Subscription Form For Email Marketing

Collect email address from visitors so that you can market to them later. The subscription box makes it easy for them to signup for your mailing lists to receive your email marketing messages.

New Features Constantly Developed / Released

The ModelCentro team is constantly developing and releasing new features. ModelCentro is very receptive to model ideas and feedback and tries to develop model requests as quickly as possible. New features are released monthly and all features are announced through the ModelCentro #FeatureFridays. Expect to see new #FeatureFriday announcements a couple times a month.

Build Your ModelCentro Fanclub Today!

Ready to get started? Register for ModelCentro and start building your own premium paysite today! ModelCentro gives you all the tools you need to create and market your own fanclub. Having a website is a great way to build up your fanbase and get more followers. Make money from your member’s monthly rebills and use your website to promote your other products and services. ModelCentro offers a solid product and continues to release new features and improvements. ModelCentro gives you everything you need to run a successful fanclub site.

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