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Camgirl / Pornstar Marketing Guide and Tips

Marketing is a huge part of being an adult industry performer. There’s no guaranteed income, and each performer is responsible for driving their own traffic and sales. This is true for camming models, clip producers, phone sex operators and anyone else offering adult-oriented services. There’s also challenges such as the fact that not all social networks are adult-friendly. Luckily, the sites do a lot to generate traffic and there’s tons of tools of sites available for models to promote. Here’s all the ways to market adult products and services.


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Using The Camming / Clip Site Traffic

The easiest and most effective way for a model to promote their content and services is through taking advantage of the traffic currently on the various sites. The cam sitesclip sites and phone sex sites invest a lot into driving traffic to their sites. These sites also have existing members who are active on the site. You want to take advantage of this traffic and user-base!


Having An Awesome Profile / Avatar

Your profile page is very important. Having good photos will help you stand out and attract potential customers. This is especially true for the avatar / profile photo, as that’s what usually appears in search and on category pages. If the site displays a live camming show preview, it’s important to remain on camera and not look bored or boring.


Profile Information / Filters

Many sites have filters built into them. This allows the site members to filter models based on specific criteria. This could be age, ethnicity, hair color, eye color and a wide range of other criteria. If you have a profile that’s incomplete or not filled out properly, you will not be displayed properly in these filtered results.


Site Tags and Categories

Keep in mind that each site’s tag and categories behave slightly different (especially when comparing camming sites to clip sites), but these are all very important! You want to be listed under the tags that best describe you, your shows and your content. This is especially true for fetish models / fetish content. If the site lets you specify fetish you cater to, definitely take advantage of that as well!


Understanding The Site Rankings / Algorithms

Once again, this is something that’s going to vary drastically from site to site. If it’s a camming site, then it’s going to be model rankings. If it’s on a clip site, there’s the model rankings as well as how the actual clips rank on the site as well. Knowing what impacts rankings and working towards ranking higher will get you more exposure on the site.

A lot of sites use earnings or sales in the rankings. Some give boosts after a model has filled out their profile completely, synced social media, or performs a number of other actions. You can always reach out to the site support to get more information on what impacts rankings on the site. Some sites also assign scores you can use to benchmark how well you’re ranking on the site.


Gaining Fans and Followers

Pretty much every site has some sort of friend system or follower systems. Many of the sites offer tools to promote to your followers, whether it’s DMs and messaging or simply giving notifications to followers whenever you go online. Building up a following on the sites you’re performing on will always help you gain more exposure on those sites.


Performing On Multiple Sites

One way to get increased exposure from the camming sites, clip sites and PSO sites is to be on multiple sites. There’s also other perks to doing this, such as simply having redundancies in place in case something ever happens to your primary site. Here’s some information on being on multiple sites.

Cam-Splitting / Camming On Multiple Sites: For camming models, there’s special software called “splitters” that allow you to broadcast your feed to multiple sites and services. This allows models to sit in free chat on multiple sites while waiting for exposure. This gains the model exposure on every site being split to. Some sites even have fake privates and spy shows, which can get you extra income, even if the private your performing isn’t on their site!

Selling Clips On Multiple Sites: The one great thing about clips is that you don’t need to be online and performing to make sales. The clip stores handle the transactions and delivery of content. Therefore uploading on multiple sites is more feasible than it would be to try to juggle multiple camming sites. It does take time to upload to each site though, which is the major drawback of being on multiple sites. However, you will reach a larger audience by being on more clip sites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is huge. Keep in mind that promoting adult services is different than promoting mainstream products or services. Not every social network is adult-friendly. It’s still possible to market through the mainstream social media sites, but it gets harder and harder all the time. Luckily, there’s some adult-friendly social media sites, such as Twitter. For the mainstream social media sites, it’s still possible to market through them, it’s just harder. We’ve got a list of social media sites and more information on social media marketing below.

Learn More: Social Media Marketing / Adult-Friendly Social Sites

Running A Website

There’s many advantages to running a website. One of those advantages is the ability to tap into valuable search engine traffic. There’s also ways to monetize the website directly, whether it’s through content sales, membership subscriptions or live camming. The website can also function as your main marketing hub, listing the various camming and clip sites you’re on. This is especially handy, since most social sites and networks only give you one website link. If you’re listing all your sites on your website, potential customers can find all those links through that single website link.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As mentioned above, a website allows you to tap into search engine traffic. Ranking for your performer name is usually fairly easy and happens naturally. It’s also possible to rank for some other valuable keywords and search terms. For example; if a model can get search engine rankings for the fetishes the model is offering, those can be very, very valuable! This might not be as easy, and will probably require doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This can be very complex and involving, but knowing the basics can significantly help. And if you can rank for valuable keywords and search phrases will provide a steady stream of traffic for as long as the website has rankings.

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Running An Affiliate Program

Running an affiliate program through the website is another way to gain traffic. An affiliate program is where webmasters sign up to promote a site. The webmasters receive a commission for generating sales. Due to the commission, the site owner doesn’t get as much per sale, but if it’s a sale that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise, it’s basically “free money”.

ModelCentro Makes It Easy: if you’re using ModelCentro for your website, it’s possible to opt into promotion through CentroProfits, their official affiliate program. Simply getting added to CentroProfits, your ModelCentro website will get promoted on a wide range of websites and blogs. If you’re using FanCentro, it’s also possible to get your premium Snapchat promoted through the same platform.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to promote products and services. This is going to cost some money though. That’s because you’ll need an email marketing platform for this. Being in the adult industry, there’s not a lot of options available. Luckily there are some adult-friendly platforms available. We go over some email marketing options and additional information in the post linked-to below.

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Promoting Through Adult Tube Sites

Adult tube sites (such as Pornhub, XVideos, ect) get massive amounts of traffic. Tapping into this traffic is as simple as creating an account and publishing content. Most the tube sites also have programs for models and producers. Through these programs, producers are able to monetize the free views on their videos. This is through an advertising revshare. So not only do the tube sites provide traffic, but they’re also a revenue source!

Watermarking Uploaded Videos: It’s really important to watermark the videos you upload! This way people viewing the videos know where they can find more of your content. If you’ve got a website, you can use the website URL. If you’ve got a logo, you can watermark it with that. You can always watermark it with your performer name, and people can find your sites and social by Googling the name.

Profile Links: Many of the tube sites also allow verified models and producers to place links on their profiles. This might include a website link or social media links.

Followers / Social Features: Most of the tube sites also have social features, such as friends, followers, messaging and an activity feed. Models can take advantage of these social features for promotion.

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