NewTumbl: Adult-Friendly Tumblr Alternative

Camgirl Marketing Through NewTumbl NewTumbl is an adult-friendly Tumblr alternative. NewTumbl behaves very similarly to Tumblr and those who are migrating platforms will have an easy time building their profiles and

Email Marketing For Pornstars / Webcam Models

Email Marketing For Adult Performers Email marketing can be a great way to promote adult services. Email is affordable and the email marketing platforms are easy to use. The only

Social Media Sites and Tips For Camgirls / Pornstars

Social Media Sites / Tips For Adult Performers Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your fans and followers and promote your services. Most people have

Camgirls: Snapchat Takeover Guide + List of Accounts

Pornstars: How To Do A Successful Snapchat Takeover Snapchat takeovers are becoming increasingly popular in the cam community due to the fact they provide models with exposure, allowing them to share

Amateur Pornstars: Make Money Off Adult Tube Sites

Adult Producers: Get Paid By Partnering With Tube Sites Tube sites get more traffic than any other form of adult website out there. Not only do they rank highly in search

Pornhub / Modelhub Twitter Auto-Tweets

Connect Pornhub and Modelhub To Twitter Pornhub has announced an exciting new feature for Pornhub Verified Amateurs and Modelhub models. Performers are now able to integrate Pornhub with their Twitter accounts.

Tumblr Banning Porn / Adult Content (Adult-Friendly Alternatives)

Tumblr Porn Ban + Alternatives It’s official! Tumblr is removing all porn and adult content from their platform. This comes hot on the heels of Tumblr being removed from the Apple

Tumblr Removed From Apple App Store Over Child Porn

Tumblr Removed From Apple / iOS App Store Tumblr is in hot water after being removed from the Apple App Store. The reasons being cited are due to child porn

Instagram Banning Sexually Explicit Language?

Instagram’s New Policies On Sexually Explicit Language We have a question mark on the title, as this is nowhere to be found in their public community guidelines, nor in any

Pinterest Marketing For Camgirls / Pornstars

How To Promote Adult Services Through Pinterest Pinterest is a very popular image / video pinning site. Pinterest isn’t an adult friendly social media site, but just like other mainstream