OnlyFans: Premium Social Network / Paid Subscriptions


Getting Started As An OnlyFans Model

OnlyFans is a premium social network that gives models the opportunity to earn from reoccuring subscriptions. Your profile and feed on the OnlyFans site is censored, until someone pays the subscription cost to unlock it. The user will have to keep paying the monthly subscription fee in order to keep being able to access the content on the site. Here’s all the information on OnlyFans.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Fanclubs , Messaging
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 80%
  • Payout Frequency: On-Demand
  • Cashout Options: ACH, ePayments
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes
  • Studio / Producers: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement to get started is that you must be 18 years old or older. When registering for your model account, you’ll have to provide a digital copy of photo ID for age verification. All genders are welcome, and everyone who’s 18+ can register for OnlyFans and make money.


How Much OnlyFans Models Make

OnlyFans models make 80% of all transactions that occur on the site. Models are able to set their own rates for subscriptions and private messages. The minimum amount you can currently charge on for subscriptions is $4.99 per month. There is no maximum amount on subscriptions. The minimum amount of paid private messages or tips is $5.00


Payments: Min Payouts, Payout Schedule and Cashout Options

OnlyFans provides two cashout options: direct deposit into a bank account and ePayments, for countries where direct deposit is not supported. All payouts are on demand and requests are processed within 5 business.


Make Money Offering These Services:


Premium Fanclub Subscriptions

The main focus of OnlyFans is premium fanclub subscriptions. All your content is going to be censored / blocked out until a member subscribes to you. Once subscribed, they’ll be able to access the content, comment and interact with it and message you. In order to keep accessing the content, they’ll have to renew their subscription fee monthly, creating a residual income for you!

The minimum amount you can currently charge on for subscriptions is $4.99 per month.


Send Paid Messages

It’s also possible to send paid messages to your subscribers. Your fans will have to pay to unlock the message and access the content. The paid messaging is highly integrated into the normal messaging feature. To send locked content, simply upload it via the messenger and set the price. Your fans will be charged automatically upon confirming that they are willing to pay and view media in your message. The min amount that you can charge for a paid message is $5.00.


More OnlyFans Features:


Responsive / Mobile Optimized: Upload Phone Selfies!

OnlyFans is very mobile-friendly. By syncing your browser to the phone, it’s also possible to produce and upload photos or videos directly from your mobile phone. This is perfect for uploading selfies, and similar type of content. Think of Snapchat, but browser-based.


OnlyFans Referral Program: 5% Lifetime Revshare

All OnlyFans models are able to access the referral program. With the referral program, you’re able to invite other influencers to OnlyFans. If someone registers an account under your referral link, you’ll earn a 5% lifetime revshare on all their earnings! Referral income is processed on the 1st day of the calendar month and paid directly into your bank account. The minimum payout for referral earnings is $10.


Regional Blocking: Block by County

OnlyFans allows models to block by county. There’s a drop-down menu that contains all the countries that models are able to block out. In addition to regional blocking, OnlyFans models can also block individual IP addresses or IP ranges.


Get Started As An OnlyFans Model!

Ready to get started with OnlyFans? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! OnlyFans is a high paying network that allows you to create a residual income by running your own premium fanclub. All genders are welcome and everyone can make money on the site. In addition to fanclub subscriptions, also earn from sending private unlockable messages.

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