LoyalFans has announced Bratty Berlin as their Featured Creator for June 2024.

A representative explains Berlin has “a bratty/sensual approach to findom, femdom and many of the kinks typically played alongside those.”

“I’m so excited and honored to be chosen as LoyalFans’ Featured Creator of the month for June 2024,” Berlin enthused. “I’ve been using the platform for two years now and can easily say that it’s my favorite for a plethora of reasons; I’m very excited to represent a platform that I genuinely love this month.”

LoyalFans creators will have the opportunity to learn more about Berlin and her tradecraft directly during June’s Featured Creator interview, slated for June 19 at 4 p.m. (EST) during LoyalFans’ regular “Level Up Wednesday” event, which is open to current active LoyalFans creators here

Berlin teased some of the wisdom she will share, offering, “Consistency and branching out are key.”

“I’ve been in the content creation space for over four years and have played around with many different platforms, kinks, domme styles and so on,” Berlin added. “For example, I was already two years into this before I started live streaming, and they have completely changed the game for me.”

“Be open to trying new things and seeing what sticks because you will definitely find your niche if you’re consistent,” she encourages.

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