Cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to sell adult content because of the lack of restrictions that come with cryptocurrency transactions and MintStars is full-sending their support for this by allowing adult content creators to utilize their platform to sell access to a subscription based fan club and earn the most money possible on their content.

Quick Information:

  • Services: Fanclubs, Clips, Tips, Messaging, NFT Minting
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender
  • Geoblocking: No
  • Model Percentage: 100% on subscriptions and tips, NFT royalties are set by the creator and optional
  • Minimum Payout: No minimum
  • Payout Schedule: On demand
  • Payout Methods: Debit card transfer, IBAN, ACH, Cryptocurrency

What’s required to get started with MintStars?

In order to start selling your content on MintStars you’ll need to be 18 years of age or older, have a government issued photo ID, and a cell phone or computer with a webcam to complete your ID and age verification process. You’ll also need access to a phone or computer to upload content for sale.

How much money do MintStars models make?

MintStars relies heavily on the performer to drive their own traffic to the platform but since the platform pays out 100% and charges the customer a platform fee to cover their transactions, there is a high earning potential on the website if you already have your own following and you’re looking to earn from subscription based content. The NFT Minting process on the site also leaves room for earnings because you get to decide what percentage you’d like to keep from royalties for the re-sale of your content (the NFT process is completely optional so if you’d like to only offer a fanclub then don’t be scared!)

How to make money on MintStars

There are a lot of ways to make a good profit on MintStars so make sure you utilize all of the following available features to ensure your success and high income on the platform!

Subscription Fanclub/Memberships

You can charge your fans a monthly fee to access any content that you upload to your subscription fanclub. You are able to upload videos and photos to your timeline for your fans to enjoy as part of their monthly subscription fee! You can also optionally upload to your timeline for anyone to view which makes it a great alternative to social media that is NSFW friendly.

Accept Tips

Fans can send you tips on the platform which allows you to earn a high percentage! You have a direct link to receive tips as well as a QR code that fans can scan to send you tips.

Mint your Content into NFTs

You have the option to offer your content as an NFT which will be minted and sold! Once sold you are entitled to royalties which you get to decide the percentage for. Minting your content into an NFT makes it “limited edition” and collectible.

Why is MintStars attractive for fetish content creators?

MintStars acceptable use policy is a lot more lenient than many other clip sites because of the cryptocurrency payment processing; this provides much more freedom for creators because they’re only following state/government law instead of payment processor regulations. While some content does require a content warning in the description of your video or photo, you are able to cater to a wider variety of fetishes that may not be allowed on other websites that are adhering to strict payment processing regulations. Some fetishes you can cater to on MintStars that are harder to post elsewhere include: Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) roleplay, hypnosis (of the viewer and of a co-star), 4 limb bondage, blood/bodily fluids including menstrual blood, impact play, vomit, pee, and lactation.

Get Started on MintStars Today

If you’re looking for a high paying website that allows your creativity to shine then signup for MintStars today!

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