What is a Fetish? 

A form of sexual desire in which gratification is strongly linked to a particular object or activity or a part of the body other than the sexual organs.

Establishing The Fetishes You Like 

  • Physical Action Fetishes: Performing a bodily action (farting, hiccuping, burping, etc.)
  • Body Part Fetishes: Showing off and exagerrating the sexual nature of a specific body part (can be a stereotypically sexual body part of one that isn’t, like the foot fetish for example.) 
  • Sexual Fetishes: A fetish which exagerrates the intensity of one specific sexual instance in an already sexual situation (i.e. dragged out money shots, anal, A2M) 
  • Clothing Fetishes: A kink dedicated to being turned on by a specific piece of clothing. 
  • Item Based Fetishes: A fetish dedicated to being turned on by interacting with specific items (i.e. balloons, inflatables, etc.) 
  • Other Fetishes: There’s other “categories” but these are a good idea of how to group up your fetishes. There are typically overlap in customers who buy fetish content with other fetish types within the same category. 

Popular Fetishes Right Now

  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Jerk Off Instruction 
  • Cum Eating Instruction 
  • Sissification 
  • Pantyhose 
  • Smoking 
  • Feet
  • Femdom/Findom
  • Taboo Roleplay 
  • Anal 
  • Bondage
  • Creampies 

How to Incorporate Fetishes into Cam Shows 

Fetishes can be incorporated into cam shows in many different ways, but since the viewer is not physically present it can be a bit more difficult to achieve success with some fetishes versus others. For example: the smoking fetish is easy because you can easily blow smoke closer to the camera and still do exaggerative gestures and motions with the cigarette to emphasize the “sexual aspect” of the fetish but a cream pie fetish may be a bit harder if you don’t perform with a partner because it requires set-up and the purchase of other items for your performances like cum lube and potentially squirting dildos. Researching fetishes before you offer them and using customer requests to build a collection of toys and props that will assist in your fetish shows so you ensure you’re not wasting money on purchasing these items can improve the amount of fetish shows that you get. You can also open up custom video requests and typically you can charge for props or items needed for fetish customs so the up-front cost to start up within a fetish category will be covered. As far as incorporating the fetishes into your cam shows once you’ve done research and you’re ready to start performing them, make sure to include them somewhere that will draw attention whether it’s in your room topic or title, keywords/tags, about, etc. Some performers on will even use OBS to set up a thumbnail image with fetish related keywords on it so customers are enticed to click in. Try to keep in mind that some fetishes are more exhaustive than others so offering some fetishes may be worthwhile to hold off until the end of your shows (like cumshot shows or shower shows) so you can preserve your outfit and makeup for longer shifts. 

How do you know if you’re “doing it right” 

There’s really no specific right or wrong ways to cater to fetishes as long as it is what the customer wants and it’s within the acceptable use of the site. A lot of people get hung up on the starting fear “what if it’s not what they wanted or meant” and I promise that most fetish customers will provide specific examples if they want something super specific or they’re down to guide you as you perform the show. Obviously, you don’t want to dive into a fetish you’ve never heard of all willy nilly, but something that’s kind of obvious like small penis humiliation, you can dive into and experiment with. If you’re worried about going in without seeing any pieces of content beforehand, try looking the fetish up on tube sites.

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