Sell Adult Videos, Customs, Sexting Sessions, and Live Stream on FairPay and Earn up to 92.5%

FairPay is an adult marketplace and payment processing platform created by the former owner of IndieBill and CamModelDirectory for pornographic content and other digital items sold by adult creators. They work exclusively with adult friendly payment processors and cover chargebacks to protect your payments and ensure they will not run into any unforeseen payment processing shut-downs. It is the perfect all-in-one solution for adult content creators and streamers that have generated their own customer base and are looking for a place to direct their regulars and followers and earn a higher percentage than what they do on competitor websites like ManyVids or OnlyFans.

  • Services: Video sales, custom video sales, tips (one time, daily, weekly, monthly) and spoil listings, video calls, phone sex/sexting (dedicated section but no on-site hosting)
  • Genders: Women, Men, Trans, Non-Binary
  • Locations: All
  • Model Earnings: 90-95% dependent on the service (Live shows cost an additional $0.03 per minute for hosting, there is a content storage fee of $0.02 per GB per month.)
  • Payout: ACH (USD only), SEPA (EUR only), local currency transfers, CosmoPayment (USD), YourSafe (EUR), SWIFT transfers, Cryptocurrency
  • Payout Schedule: Every Tuesday (95% of your earnings pay out after a 16 day hold, the remaining 5% pays out on a 180 day delay as required by adult processors)
  • Traffic: No
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes (by country only)
  • DMCA: No
  • Affiliate Program: 1% for 12 months for creator sign-ups
  • Studio Accounts: Yes (1 studio account with 1 store per-model, paid out to studio)

How to Earn Money on FairPay

  • Videos: Videos must be uploaded to the video catalog, and then products can be created to sell them. The video catalog makes it super easy to sell bundles of videos (no need to reupload; simply create a new product and select all the videos it sells).
  • Custom videos: When selling a custom video, we keep the payment of the customer in escrow until delivery. When the video is ready, the model uploads it to FairPay and it is delivered to the customer (and pay the earnings on the next payout).
  • Live shows: Live shows are supported but not Skype Shows due to payment processing regulations.
  • Phone Sex: One can sell blocks of time (sessions) of phone sex. However, they do not support the pay-as-you-go model yet. It is sold similarly to a store item for a block of time and not hosted on the site.
  • Sexting: One can sell blocks of time (sessions) of sexting. However, they do not support the pay-as-you-go model yet. Sexting is delivered outside of FairPay (Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. the seller chooses which platforms to offer).
  • Donations: FairPay supports donations, including recurring ones. Recurring donations can be daily, weekly, or monthly (but customers need to sign up to subscribe). Sellers have the option to create pages accepting only recurring donations.

Using FairPay as an Adult Creator to Earn Money

  • Highest commissions: On average, they pay ~91% commission per sale. No adult friendly site pays more than they do currently.
  • Weekly payouts: Frequent payouts help you stay on track.
  • Chargeback protection: They protect from most chargebacks as long as the seller respects our terms and delivers sold content/services timely.
  • Store pages: They provide beautiful store pages with lots of features and different themes.
  • Hosting on own domain: They can deploy stores on the domain of sellers, so that they have a space 100% about them. It is also possible to launch their video store on an existing website with iFrame.
  • Customers don’t need to sign-up: They can pay without signing up (except for subscriptions), and checkout is super fast/simple.
  • Multi-Store Management: It is very easy to operate multiple stores with FairPay. Each store comes with its own video catalog, products, and store page, and operating multiple stores is a great way to cater to different niches.
  • Chatroom: They have developed their own HD chatroom. It is high-quality for sound and image (1080p) and works on any device. Like YouTube, if the customer has bad internet, the quality adjusts automatically to preserve smoothness. Customers can join in 1 click without signing up, and they can activate their mic and/or cam2cam.
  • Crypto payments: Customers can pay in cryptocurrencies.
  • Promotions: Sellers can create promotions offering a discount (in %) on any selection of products for any number of days. It is possible to operate multiple promotions at the same time (for example a discount on videos, and a discount on live shows).

FairPay Storefront Features

Store features:

  • Multiple themes: They have about 10 different themes to choose from.
  • URL listing: Sellers can list all their URLs to their other sites as it is allowed within Terms of Service.
  • Search bar: Customers can search the store easily by keywords/title.
  • Filters: Filter section can enabled, disabled, and customized. It is also possible to link to filtered results directly by creating a section for it.
  • Shopping cart: Customers can buy multiple items at once.
  • Geo-blocking: Possible to block countries by request.
  • Display your store on your site: It is possible to display stores via iFrame on another site (for example built with Wix or WordPress) and all the features work nicely, with a redirection to FairPay for payment.

Other features:

  • I’m Online Button: Sellers can indicate when they are online, so that it is reflected in their store pages (avatar becomes circled in green + an ‘Online’ button appears for customers).
  • Private Products: It is possible to create Private products to share special offers with select customers. The page will not show in the store and be only accessible to customers with the link.

Store Replication Program

If you don’t want the hassle of transitioning to a completely new platform, FairPay will make it easy for you! Simply upload all of your video content to the platform and send them the link to the clip site you are currently active on (ManyVids, Clips4Sale, iWantClips, or LoyalFans) and FairPay will create your video listings for you by utilizing your titles, descriptions, and keywords from your current clip site.

More Information on Fees and Payments

  • Sellers pay a 5% processing fee per sale and customers pay $0.70 + a 2.5% processing fee with their purchase. For example: If you sell a video for $100, your customer pays $103.20 and you make $95.
  • There is a fee for utilizing the on-site live streaming service on top of the 5% fee, which is $0.03 per minute of live video.
  • If the payout requires a currency conversion there will be a small fee around 1.5%.
  • After your first free 10GB of content there is a $0.02 fee per GB of content hosted on your FairPay account.
  • If you request to refund a customer, there will be a $3 fee.
  • FairPay has a 5% rolling reserve that is required by adult payment processors, since FairPay pays such a high percentage they are unable to front the reserve with their percentage of profit, therefore it is held in your account for the duration of time the rolling reserve is required (180 days) and paid out to you after 180 days. FairPay has plans to remove the rolling reserve in the future when they become an established company and can negotiate better terms with their payment processor.

Start Selling Adult Content, Getting Tips, and Selling Customs on FairPay!

If you want to earn more and stress less, then sign up for FairPay! The sign up process is quick and easy and only requires a government issued photo ID. Create your own storefront and earn more for your content!

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