Sex Toys For Camming Models / Pornstars

Dildos and Sex Toys

Sex Toys For Webcam Models and Pornstars

Whether you’re camming or filming clips, it always pays to have some toys at your disposal. This can range anywhere from dildos to interactive toys that work with the tipping functionality of the camming site. If you don’t have a huge toy collection right now, don’t worry about it. This is something that can be built up over time. It’s also possible to add the toys you want to a wishlist and let your fans spoil you by buying them for you.


Basic Tips For Sex Toy Shopping

  1. Shop for something that will be comfortable for repetitive use
  2. Something easy to clean
  3. Have a variety (a vibrator, something you can insert, something you can use for anal if you do that, etc)
  4. Something made from body safe/surgical grade materials
  5. Non porous materials have a longer life span


Glass Dildos Are Durable and Easy To Clean

When shopping for dildos, definitely consider going glass. Even though people think of glass as being easy to break, it’s actually quite durable. Because glass is completely nonporous, it’s a very sterile material. When shopping for sex toys, you want to avoid the more porous materials, as they store bacteria and are much harder to keep sanitary. Of course not every sex toy can be glass (especially not the vibrating / interactive ones) but if you’re looking for something low maintenance that will last a while, glass is a great route to go.


Benefits Of Natural Colored / Realistic Toys

There are some benefits of opting for toys that are more natural colored (skin tone). These toys tend to grab more attention due to their realistic looks. Many times, in both camming and clips, the dildo is supposed to simulate a real dick. If you’re doing this kind of roleplay, you want that dildo to look as much like a real penis as possible.


Sex Toys Last About 6-Months to 1-Year

It’s important to know that sex toys have a shelf-life. Especially if you’re using them all day, like many performers do. The average life of a sex toy is between six months to a year. Because of this, you don’t want to sink all your money into a toy that is only going to serve you for a limited amount of time. Consider this while price shopping.


Cost-Savings: Knockoff Instead of Name-Brand

Just like with every product, there’s the “Name Brand” and the knockoffs. You can save a lot of money on sex toys by going with the knockoffs instead of the name brand products. when contrasting name-brand to knockoffs, make sure you’re still getting a quality product, and not something that’s going to be hard to keep clean or will break on you. Another way to save on sex toys is to cost-shop between online vendors and search out coupon codes.

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Telidildonics: Interactive Sex Toys That React To Sounds / Tips

“Telidildonics” or interactive sex toys are the buzz right now. They’ve become a major hit for camming shows, as they’re able to interact with the tipping. whenever a customer tips, the sex toy vibrates. The larger the tip, the crazier the vibration. Tip to vibe shows are very profitable, because people have to keep tipping. Even if the tips are small increments, the rate at which the tips are received makes these kind of shows insanely lucrative.

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Major Interactive Sex Toy Brands


Camming Sites Supporting Interactive Shows

As mentioned above, interactive toy shows are insanely popular and profitable. Many of the camming sites have integrated these shows into their platform. If you’re camming on these sites and offering tip to vibe shows, you’ll be featured in their interactive section or have a special icon indicating that you’re offering interactive toy shows.

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Lovebotz Maestro

Fuck Machine Camming Shows Are Very Profitable!

Fuck machine / sex machine camming shows are very popular and profitable. Camming models will typically charge more for machine shows than they would regular shows, and people pay the extra price! There is somewhat of an investment in purchasing a fuck machine, but there’s some really affordable brands. Whatever you end up paying, you’ll easily make up in extra revenue.

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Where To Buy Sex Toys

There’s tons of places to purchase sex toys. This ranges from local sex shops to many online retailers. It’s important to note that by shopping around and comparing prices, you can save some money. The same toy (or similar toys) might be carried by multiple retailers. Shop around and compare prices to find the best rates.

Stockroom – Stockroom is an online adult toy store specializing in bondage and BDSM gear. At Stockroom, you can find great rates on everything from gags, whips, restraints and more!

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