How To Setup The Camming Room / Bedroom

One of the first steps to getting started as a webcam model is setting up the camming area. There’s multiple ways to go about this. A lot of camgirls simply cam from their bedrooms. Others will setup a dedicated camming room (recommended if you’ve got an extra room). Whichever direction you take, there’s some considerations: This includes lighting, cleanliness and room setup. Here’s some tips for setting up your camming area.

Camming Room Vs Bedroom

The two most common rooms to use for camming is either the bedroom or a dedicated camming room. If you have an extra room that can be turned into a dedicated camming room, that’s highly recommended for a number of reasons. The camming room won’t get cluttered by your regular laundry, you won’t have to worry about beds being unmade, if you have a significant other, they’ll be able to use the bedroom while you’re camming, and you’ll be able to keep all your dildos, props and other items on display or out in the open.

Keeping The Camming Room Clean

It’s really important to keep the camming room clean. If not the whole room, at least the part(s) that are going to be on cam. You should be the main focus of the shot. Not a bunch of clutter, dirty clothes or trash. This is one of the reasons why it’s convenient to keep a room dedicated to camming. With a dedicated room, laundry, a messy bed and other clutter won’t interfere with the camming environment.

Lighting: Natural Light vs 3-Point Lighting System

Lighting is very important and something that all camming models should consider. If you’re room has good natural light, you can use that during the day. During the night (or if there’s not good natural light) you’ll be relying on the lights that are in the room. If the room doesn’t have good lighting, you might want to invest in a 3-point lighting system. There’s affordable lighting systems available online, and it’s easy to make a 3-point lighting system yourself.

Using Lighting To Set The Mood: Lighting can also be used to set the mode. Going with a darker environment can make things more mysterious and the shadows can help highlight the curves of your body. Play with different light settings and see which levels work best for you. Also be aware that lighting will look different on camera than it does in person. What’s lit enough for your eyes might look completely different on camera.

Furniture: Bed, Desk, Shelves and Storage

Think abut what furniture you want in the camming room. Beds work great and it’s a good idea to throw a bed in the camming room, if you’re not camming from the bedroom. If you’re camming from the bedroom, you’ll already have a bed in there. Having a computer desk is also helpful, especially since you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the computer while not in a show. Shelves, drawers and other storage is also helpful.

Storage and Organization: Drawers and Closet

You’ll want to your camming room to be well organized, and everything you need within reach. The last thing you want is needing to move outside of the shot to grab something. It’s not good for privates and even worst for public chat. If someone joins your room and you’re not there, they’ll hit the back button super fast!

Storing / Displaying Sex Toys: If you’re using sex toys in your shows, you’ll want them in a location where you can easily reach them. If you can show them off on webcam (on a shelf or bed stand) that’s definitely a plus! It’ll let potential customers know what type of toys you’re working with and all the options available. wherever you keep your sex toys DO NOT let them touch! Dildos that touch one another can corrode.

Colors / Color Schemes: Paint, Bedding and Posters

You want to be the focus, the star so try to create an area that will do it. A good neutral such as white, grey or cream is great. Then add in accent colors with bedding, couch covers or pillows. Pillows can get expensive and you might end up with a whole closet full of them. Buying different pillow covers that fit the same pillows is a great way to change things up without having a huge pillow collection.

Curtains and (Removable) Peel and Stick Wallpaper

You can put up a curtain rod and hang different curtains to change it up. Best place with the most styles and material for an affordable price is Amazon. There is also wall stickers and wallpaper. The wallpaper is peel and stick to put up and peels off without damaging the walls. Using both these methods, you can easily change up the color-scheme of your room without needing to paint.

Green Screens: Taking It A Step Further!

Want to take things a step further? With green screens the possibilities are endless! Green screens take some time to setup, and require software to play with the backgrounds (OBS works just fine for this), but some very creative things can be done with a green screen.

Setting Up The Room’s Audio

The camming room isn’t just about visual assets. Audio plays an important role in camming. Please Note: Check your camming site’s policy towards playing music first! Some sites will actually provide some royalty-free music to use in your camming room and camming shows! There’s some intellectual property concerns with using other artists music!

Playing music can act as a good distraction for slow times and gives you an excuse to stay moving even if you’re just shaking your booty a little! Music can act as a conversation topic as well!

How The Environment Impacts Your Appearance

It’s important to make sure that you look good in the lighting and in the room. The environment can have a drastic impact on your personal appearance. This is especially true with different lighting setups. Keep in mind that everything will look different on cam (or film) than it will in-person. Here’s some makeup tips

Natural Makeup: The thing about makeup is it can look way different on cam. Doing your makeup “naturally” can make it look like you aren’t wearing any. Overdoing your makeup can sometimes make it look just right. Webcams and the human eye are very different things, and unless you’re streaming through a DSLR it’s likely that your skin tones will be off sometimes and shadows can cause things to look weird.

Overdoing It: Things that would normally look bad in person can definitely pass on webcam, like overdoing the foundation and concealer because you’re breaking out from eating too much chocolate or something. If you’re feeling self conscious about your skin, over-do the shit out of it! It’ll barely be noticeable. You can also change your appearance using your webcam settings. I often add saturation to my stream because I’m not very tan and look washed out sometimes!

Testing Lighting / Makeup: If you’re curious as to how you look on camera, the best way to figure that out is to actually test it! You can setup your camming room, do your makeup and see how you look on camera. It’s possible to weak the lighting, decorations, outfits and makeup to find the perfect combinations that make you look as awesome as possible!

Filming / Camming In Other Locations

Sometimes, you’ll be camming in different places other than the room you normally cam in. sometimes, it might even be in a place other than your own home!

Camming In Public: Please do not be one of those people who goes viral from camming in a library or school. In fact, public places should be avoided at all costs! For one; it’s most likely illegal (depending on where you’re at). If caught, it also leaves a bad stain on the entire industry.

Camming In Backyards: If your back yard has some really good privacy (especially if you don’t have any neighbors) camming from the back yard is definitely a possibility. Make sure that where you setup is close enough to the wifi router and that you have a good upload speed.

Camming In Hotels: It’s possible to cam from hotel rooms, and if you’re traveling, this might be your only option. Many hotel rooms have very thick walls, but noise is something you should consider just the same. The other major challenge to camming from a hotel room is that often times, the internet sucks. This is due to so many people on the hotel’s wifi. Also, make sure you put the Do Not Disturb sign up!

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