Equipment and Gear For Webcam Models


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Equipment Needed To Become A Webcam Model

In order to become a webcam model, there’s a few things that you’ll need. The basics are a computer, webcam and internet connection. However, there’s other props and items that can greatly enhance the quality of your show and earn you more money. Here’s some of the gear to consider.


What You’ll Need To Get Started With Live Camming




Most cam network software is run on Windows, but there are workarounds for Macs. 3 GB of RAM is suggested for cleaner streams, but lower RAM will work. Consult your cam network on the exact requirements.




Webcam Equipment


A laptop webcam could work, but investing a little bit of money will create a cleaner stream. This will make your show better and increase revenue. It’s suggested that the webcam used is HD.

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The final major requirement is an internet connection. You’re going to need something better to dial-up in order to stream fast enough. Anything broadband (or anything *NOT* dial-up for that matter) should work fine. The faster the internet connection, the better the streaming quality. It would be worth shopping around to see which is the fastest internet connection in your area. You’ll want a wired connection and not a wifi connection, as it’ll run faster.



Forms of IdentificationProof of Age / Identification

You’ll need to provide proof of age when registering for any camming networks or other sites for selling adult content. You’ll have to be at least eighteen years old and in some countries even older. Some networks only require one form of identification, while some networks require two forms of ID. It’s worth having a digital copy of two forms of ID waiting while you shop around for cam networks, just to be prepared. If you don’t have a scanner, it’ll probably mean a trip to the local copy center.





Suggested Additional Items To Consider



Lingerie, Toys and Other Items

Although it’s not a requirement to have for live camming, the more outfits, toys and other props you have, the better the show you can perform. There are certain items that are going to be a requirement. For example, you can’t do a food-fetish show without food or a deepthroat show without something to deepthroat.

The more toys and props you have, the greater variety of shows yo ucan host. If you don’t have a full toy box or closet right now, don’t worry. You can acquire these items slowly over time.



LightingAdditional Lighting

There’s a good chance that you’ve got adaquate lighting already. But in the event that you don’t, you might consider picking up a couple extra lamps or lights. Experiment with your lighting and your webcam. Adjust the positions and amount of light coming from each direction until you find the perfect combo that makes your webcam feed look amazing.




Wireless MouseWireless Mouse and Keyboard

It’s nice to have a wireless mouse and keyboard. This will allow you to type and click without having to be directly in front of the computer. This gives you the option of still chatting while laying on your bed or in other positions where it might otherwise be difficult to type of click. This gives you more freedom when performing shows or working towards tip goals.




Shopping For Equipment and Items

Not sure where to go to find the items you need? Here’s where to find everything your looking for:

Shop Locally – If you don’t want to shop online, you can most likely find everything you need locally. Most towns have at least one sex shop for all your adult needs, and multiple locations where you can purchase laptops, webcams, computer accessories and more. Not only will you receive your items the same-day, but when you shop locally, you help your local economy.

Amazon – Amazon is a great place to find a wide range of products. You can find all your computer and webcam accessories on Amazon, as well as tons of other items, both adult and mainstream. Amazon has fast shipping and great prices.

Camming Store – Built with camming models in mind. Not only can you purchase all the adult items you need, but it also has a built-in wishlist functionality. Buy items or add them to your wishlist and let your fans spoil you with them!


Next Step: Picking Out Adult Stage Name / Alias

After you’ve gotten everything needed to get started, the next step is to choose a stage name. Obviously when your camming, you’re not going to be using your real name. You should also go through the efforts of blocking any geographical area (cities, states) where people might recognize you. Security and privacy is very important for adult models. There’s a lot of creepers out there. It’s nothing to be scared or intimidated about, just be careful about revealing too much personal information.

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Next Step: Picking Out A Cam Site

After you’ve found the perfect stage name to go by, it’s time to register with a network and start camming! There is no “best network”. There are networks that get more traffic (and also are more competitive) and networks with features others don’t have. But there really isn’t any “best” out there. The best thing to do is explore all the choices out there and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Read their model FAQs, feature lists and payout information.

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Complete Guide To Becoming A Webcam Model

Read the complete Guide To Becoming A Webcam Model. It covers everything you’ll need to know to get started with live camming. In addition to covering what equipment is required, the guide will go over what to consider when picking out a camming site to perform on, how to grow your audience, promoting your products and services, privacy concerns and more. The guide contains links to other helpful material that will guide you through your camming career.