Basic Streamate Rules Overview 

This post is meant to explain to you the specifics of the most commonly asked about rules on the Streamate webcam streaming platform.

  • No below the belt nudity in free chat
    • You may not at any time expose your genitals or bare bottom to anyone while you are in free chat. You can show your genitals and bare bottom in premium, exclusive, and gold shows. 
    • You can wear thongs which highlight your bottom as long as you can not see any hole (whether blocked by buttcheek or prevent showing by not spreading in free chat.) 
    • You can not wear crotchless panties if your crotch area will be displayed on stream while in free chat. 
    • You can use toys through your panties in free chat or underneath your panties, but you can not display the effects of its usage underneath your panties at any time in free chat. 
    • We generally discourage you from freely masturbating in free chat because it doesn’t incentivize clients to pay for a show, but if you do decide to do this we highly recommend that you wear full coverage non-skin tone underwear while doing this so there is no possible way it could be mis-identified as nudity via AI reporting. 
  • No unauthorized guests
    • You can easily get other performers linked to your Streamate account to perform collaborative shows.
    • Unauthorized guests include members of your household that are over 18 but aren’t verified on Streamate and your accounts are not linked, can cause you to receive a suspension or a ban for their presence in your stream physically or the sound of their voice in your stream even if they are out of view of the camera. 
    • If you have children in your home, we highly recommend utilizing or installing locks on the door where you will be performing. Children walking in front of the camera or being heard via audio can result in suspensions or permanent bans from Streamate. 
  • No showing screens
    • You can not display your phone screen, tv screen, gaming screens, or any other potentially copyrighted or unverified persons on your stream. This includes things like showing songs that are playing on your phone, showing photos of anyone besides yourself, and showing members photos that you’ve taken of them during C2C shows. 
    • You can game while on Streamate but you can not show the game on stream, some performers opt to just show themselves using the controller, while others don’t game at all while on Streamate. Gaming is not a very popular niche on SM for making money.
  • No pets on camera
    • Streamate uses AI detection to find infringements regarding this rule, keep your pets locked out of the room while you are streaming. 
    • This rule includes things like fish, snakes, and other caged animals. Do not point your camera towards any animals while you are streaming. 
    • If your pet is making frequent disruptive animal sounds, mute your audio while you address the issue. Frequent outbursts of animal sounds may result in suspensions to your account. 
  • No pee, scat, or period play
    • You can not urinate, even into a toilet, while streaming live on Streamate. 
    • Squirting and urinating are considered different on Streamate, when you participate in a squirting live show ensure you are communicating to your viewers you are squirting, not peeing. Ensure that the color of the ejaculate can not be mis-identified as urine. 
    • You can not cater to scat play on Streamate.
    • You can not cater to period play on Streamate. 
  • No weapons or “dangerous props”
    • If you wear costumes or cosplay, you can not use props that appear like weapons, even if they are not actually dangerous. 
    • When catering to CBT type shows, you can not use dangerous weapons or props to demonstrate your points, and you can not encourage customers to utilize these props in C2C shows. 
  • No talking about meeting in person
    • Due to FOSTA/SESTA regulations, you can not talk about meeting in person with a client on Streamate even if it is a “fantasy.” You must make it clear to the customer if they bring up any form of in person play that this is a virtual only experience. 
  • No incest roleplay
    • You can not cater to incest roleplay while on Streamate, this includes blood relations. Step is allowed. 
    • You can use “pet names” like Mommy and Daddy but it is dependent on the context of the conversation. If there is other context which indicates you are participating in blood relation incest roleplay you can be permanently banned from Streamate. 
  • No promoting other websites
    • You can not at any time direct your viewers to watch you, follow you, or interact with you on any website outside of Streamate. 
    • You can not have props or decorations in your camming space with outgoing links or usernames that are not your username on Streamate. 
    • You can not encourage existing Streamate members to sign up under your referral link. 
  • No underage roleplay
    • You must at all times, appear to be and act as though you are over the age of 18. Intentionally doing things to make yourself appear like you are under the age of 18 can result in suspensions or bans. 
  • No CNC/rape roleplay
    • You can not do any roleplay scenarios in which you or anyone on your stream appears to withdraw consent, never provide consent, or appear drugged/unconcious. 
  • Sleeping is allowed under certain conditions
    • You can do sleeping shows on Streamate, the safest way to refer to them is as “nap shows” and typically write somewhere in your room topic that you are participating in a consensual nap show. 
    • You can not have a partner or guest on your stream have sex with you while you are sleeping, but you can co-sleep with guests. 
    • You can utilize tip vibrator toys during sleep shows. 
    • Your “Kinky Attributes” section must have the voyeur tag if you intend to provide sleep shows. 
    • You must have a sign or text somewhere in frame of the camera that indicates that it is a “nap show” or “sleep show” somewhere in frame. 
    • The “My Shows” section of your profile must include something about sleep shows. 
  • No intoxication
    • You may not stream while visibly impaired, if Streamate deems you too impaired to consent they may suspend or close your account. 
    • You may not smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, or take any drugs (prescribed or non-prescribed) while on stream. 
    • You can smoke cigarettes and utilize vapes while streaming. If the vape does contain marijuana, it must not be marked visibly on the vape device. 
    • You CAN drink or smoke off camera and return to stream if you’d like, use caution and do not continue streaming if you notice you are becoming visibly impaired. 
  • No abusing the report system
    • Do not report the same problem multiple times with the report option, create one report containing any necessary details. 
    • If you frequently report the same model for infringements, it can be considered harassment and Streamate highly discourages watching models streams to watch for infringements. 
    • Do not submit false reports, if you are proven to be submitting false reports you will be banned from Streamate permanently. 

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