How To Get Started Camming

Adult camming can be an incredibly profitable profession. It’s also something that you can do out of the comfort of your home. Getting started is incredibly easy. The only requirement is that you’re over the age of eighteen, and have all the equipment. This guide will go over the process of getting started as an adult webcam model.

This guide will also present to you some helpful tips to helping you get started. This includes everything you need to know about protecting yourself and your privacy online, how to promote your shows and services and much more. There’s also many links to additional in-depth reading on various topics. Enjoy!

How Much Do Webcam Models Make?

This is always the first question people ask. It’s also a very difficult question to answer. The earnings are performance-based. There is no set salary or hourly wage. The various sites will provide the  platform for streaming and generate tons of traffic for the models. From there, it’s up to the models to get tipped or taken to private chat (charged per minute). The networks will take a cut to cover expenses and their profit margins. That percentage varies from site to site.

The earning potential is based on a wide number of things. Personality, attractiveness, streaming quality and type of shows / performances all impact the earning potential. Camming is highly interactive, so models that do better with people typically earn more. It’s also important to note that once you build up a fan-base and some good regular customers, you’ll enjoy better earnings. Earning a couple hundred bucks per day is possible, and not uncommon. There’s also going to be slow days.

While many models enjoy success, camming isn’t for everyone and there are models that don’t make money. It’s important going into it to know that success isn’t guaranteed and earnings need to be worked for, it’s not handed to you on a silver platter. The linked-to article below explains the different factors that impact a model’s earning potential.

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Here’s How To Get Started As A Webcam Model

What’s Required To Get Started

There’s some things you’ll need before you can get started. This includes all the hardware and everything needed to broadcast. Here’s what is required in order to get started as an adult webcam model:

  • Must be 18 or older – In order to get started camming, you must be eighteen years old or older. You’ll also need a digital copy of photo Id when registering for any of the sites. This is for age verification purposes and something that all sites are required to do by federal law. All sites need to verify that anyone performing is over the age of eighteen. That information must be documented a certain way. This is something that all adult networks will require.
  • Computer – You’ll need a computer to run the camming software. Any modern laptop or PC should be able to run the camming software. The requirements aren’t that great. If you need to purchase a computer to get started, anything brand new should work perfectly. Most camming sites will work with both Windows or Mac, but there’s some that require the Windows OS. Check your camming site’s requirements when registering.
  • High speed internet – A direct internet connection is highly preferred. It’ll make your shows that much faster and more clear. Wifi connections will work, but it’s not recommended. The faster the internet the better. The internet must be high-speed. Networks won’t allow models with too slow of internet connections, and you’ll need to high-speed internet to keep the shows from lagging anyway. You won’t get a full chatroom or make very much money without high-speed internet.
  • Webcam – You’ll definitely want an HD webcam. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $100. Most networks require an HD webcam. There are some networks that will let you register with a stock laptop webcam, and that’s alright to start if it’s your only option. If you’re starting with a stock laptop webcam, you’ll want to upgrade this ASAP! Consider tossing it up on a Wishlist and offer up some free content or shows if someone purchases one for you.
  • Place to Perform – You’re camming location is really important. You’re going to want a clean place that is private and secure. The last thing you’d want is someone walking in on you in the middle of a performance. Besides being very embarrassing, it’s a distraction from the actual show and there’s privacy concerns. What if whoever walks in on you calls you by your first name while knocking or entering? You’re going to want a clean and clutter-free area with nothing that’ll distract the audience from you. Make sure the lighting is as good as possible and there’s plenty of room for you to perform.
  • A Stage Name – Before you register for any of the sites, you’re going to want to pick out a stage name. Your stage name should be a real name, just not your real name. Don’t pick a username, especially one that uses words such as “teen” or “18” which might not be applicable to you in the next couple of years. It’s alright to go by a username, but you’re still going to want a [fake] name to associate to that username. That way people have a name they can refer to you by. This is the name you’re going to go by when registering for any networks, social media sites and any other websites.

Choosing The Right Camming Site

Now it’s time to pick out a camming network. There’s plenty of camming sites to choose one and all will have different features. There is no “best” network. What works good for one model might not work best for you. It’s best to compare all the cam networks you’re interested in and choose the one you feel is best. Some networks get more traffic, some payout better than others and some allow for different functionalities and for models to sell services besides just camming. Here’s some things to keep in mind when shopping for your camming network:

  • How much the site pays – There’s more to look at than just what percent the company pays models. For example, certain camming networks will deduct any chargebacks (usually due to theft) from a model’s salary, while others don’t. Different camming networks have different payment schedules and offer various methods of payout. Read the terms on payments very carefully when shopping for your network.
  • How many visitors the site gets – The traffic that the camming network generates is huge and definitely something to consider when registering for a camming network. Cam sites do a lot of their own marketing and drive tons of traffic to their sites. This traffic will end up in your chat room and the more traffic the network drives in general, the more traffic you’ll generally get. This results in more money for you. Keep in mind that bigger sites are generally more competitive, however.
  • Features the site has – Different camming sites have different features. Some sites might not let models work for tips in public chat (private chat only), some sites offer other services that models can sell and some sites offer tons of cool free tools and bots that will help you stay organized and perform different functionalities inside the chat room. Not one camming site is identical to the others. Compare all sites for features before making a decision.
  • Hardware/software requirements – If your computer and operating system don’t meet the requirements for a particular network, you won’t be able to cam with them. Check out the hardware and software requirements before registering for a camming network and make sure your computer will work.
  • Marketing/promo tools – Certain camming networks offer their models helpful tools to market their shows. These tools might include social media integration, messaging features, fanclubs, enabling fans to follow models and know when they’re online and more. Be sure to check out what tools the networks offer their models before making a decision.

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