How Much Do Webcam Models Make?

One of the biggest question potential webcam models want to know is how much camming models make. That is a difficult question, as it varies on a wide range of things. Adult webcam modeling is performance-based. The models are responsible for getting their own tips. The network will drive a lot of traffic to your chatroom, but they can’t guarantee earnings.

Some models do better at camming than others. Those models will end up making more money than the other ones. There’s also a wide range of factors that effect earnings. That includes the quality of the feed, what type of shows a model does, the attractiveness of the model, personality and a whole lot more. Here’s some things that effect a camming models profits.

A Models Personality Impacts the Earnings

Personality is key. It is probably the most important element to camming. Even more important than looks even. Camming is highly interactive. It’s a lot more than just getting naked on webcam. You’re going to be interacting with your entire chatroom, or with a single individual in private chat. Warm, bubbly and eccentric personalities usually perform better than others. Especially when it comes to getting regular customers and longterm profits.

Higher Quality Feed = More Income

The better your camming feed, the more money you make. There’s a lot of things that effect quality, such as; the webcam, internet connection, sound, lighting, room you’re camming in and so on. Anything you can do to improve the quality of any of that will result in better shows and more profits.

If you’re using a stock laptop webcam, you might want to consider upgrading as soon as possible. If you can’t afford one at the moment, upgrade as soon as possible. Most stock webcams aren’t HD. The microphone might be questionable, too. Upgrading to an aftermarket HD webcam will give you improved video and sound.

There are some networks that require HD webcams. Other networks will display an HD badge on thumbnails of models who have HD feeds. Those networks will usually rank the HD models higher in the feeds and searches as well. If the HD webcam also effects how well you rank on the site, you’ll get more traffic to your chatroom as a result. This also boost income.

If you’re internet connection isn’t very fast, it’s going to impact your show. Nobody wants a laggy show. Increasing your upload speed will greatly impact the show quality. Some areas just don’t have very good internet and that’s something that some models are just going to have to deal with. If you can switch to a faster internet service provider, use an ethernet cable instead of wifi or do anything else to increase the speed, it’ll have an impact of the quality of your show.

Also, consider your environment. Is the room you’re performing in well lit? Is it clean? There are models who dedicate an entire room for camming. That means they’ve got everything they need right there, lit with a 3-point lighting system and everything looks cozy. Than there’s models sitting on their bed on a dark bedroom looking into their stock webcam. Which performer do you think has more success?

Attractiveness Is Important (But Not Everything)

If you’ve got the looks, you’re going to have an easier time finding success. This doesn’t mean that looks is everything. There’s a lot of things that impact earnings. You could be drop dead gorgeous, but if you don’t have a good personality and don’t do good shows, you’re not going to be a top earner. Attractiveness of the performer(s) is still a major factor in earning potential. It’s also important to remember that different people are attracted to different things. There’s plenty of people out there looking for someone just like you.

That being said, you also want to look your best when you get onto cam. Think about having a job. You get ready for work every day before you leave. This usually means showering, dressing your best (or dressing the part of the job), doing the whole hygiene thing, makeup and anything else required to look your best. Camming is a job and the same rules apply. With camming it applies even more, as looking your best is all part of this job.

A Model With Good Regular Customers Makes More

The model with tons of regulars will have an easier time making money than a model will no following and no regulars. Most models make the majority of their income from a handful of people. Building a strong, loyal customer-base is the single best thing that you can do to increase your profits. Remember that this doesn’t happen overnight. There’s tools that can help you do this. This includes getting people to follow / subscribe / friend you on the sites, building up a strong social media presence, and keeping up with your regulars and strongest tippers.

The Longer You’re Logged On, More You Earn

The more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. A model who works eight hours per day will generally earn more than one who works four hours a day. There’s other advantages of working more hours too. You’ll interact with more people per day, which makes building up a following and fan-base much easier.

Different times of the day might be more profitable as well. For example, if you’re working during the same time as the top ranked girls, it’s going to be harder to get featured at the top. If those girls log off and you’re still on, suddenly you’re getting more exposure.

Figure Out Your Most Profitable Shows

Some shows are more profitable than others. This is something that also varies from model to model. Figuring out what shows are most profitable for you will greatly increase your earning potential. When doing this, it’s important to make sure you’re not going out of your comfort zone. Camming is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. That isn’t the case when you’re doing the type of shows you don’t want to be doing.

That being said, experiment with different show types, cater to different fetishes and see what works best for you. Check out some of the other models and what they’re doing. Just remember though, because those particular shows work for them, doesn’t mean they’ll work just as good for you. Likewise, some shows might work better for you than they would that model. Everyone’s different.

Making Additional Income With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra income, especially if you’re doing a lot of outside marketing. With affiliate marketing, you get paid commissions or a revenue-share for all the new customers you can get to join the site. Many of the camming sites also have affiliate programs with direct-linking to your model profile. Chaturbate and BongaCams are two great examples of this. Both their affiliate programs allow you to link to yourself.

So if you’re already sharing links to your chatroom online, you might as well be doing it with affiliate links. Lifetime revenue-sharing, if possible, as that’s what is more profitable in the longrun. Affiliate marketing is great, because you get paid even if the people you refer don’t spend that money on you. It’s like an added bonus if they do spend it on you, as you earn the referral commissions as well as from your shows.

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Your Current Mood Effects Your Shows

If you’re getting on cam and you’re tired, hungover, sick, angry or in some other kind of bad mood, it’s going to show. Sometimes, it’s better to just logoff and get some rest. This is especially true if your site has a camscore or some other ranking system based on profitability vs time spent online. If you sign on during an off day and don’t earn anything, it’ll have a negative impact on your site rankings. This will effect the traffic your chatroom gets which will effect your income.

Some Days Will Be Better Than Others

It’s important to acknowledge that there will be bad days. Even the top models have days where they earn very little, or nothing at all. There might be a span of days where the earnings are down. On the flip-side, there’s also going to be crazy profitable days. Don’t get discouraged by the bad days. It’s just something that happens. Just remember that there will be better days down the line.

Are You Blocking Too Many Regions?

Many sites allow you to block specific regions. This might be individual states or provinces all the way up to entire countries. Regional blocking is a great way to help make sure people you know don’t see you on cam. But blocking too many regions can hurt your profits. For example, if you’re blocking the entire United States when you only really need to be blocking a specific state, you’re loosing out on tons of potential traffic. Keep this in mind when deciding what areas you want to block, and which ones you shouldn’t be.

Doing Your Own Promotion Helps A Lot

The camming sites do tons of their own self promotion. This drives a tons of traffic, which will result in viewers for your chatroom. It’s possible to make good money without doing any sort of outside marketing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing your own promotion as well. Building up a social media following, building presences on other adult networks and doing other forms of digital marketing will result in more income for you.

This is especially true when we consider the affiliate marketing that was mentioned earlier in this post. If your cam site has an affiliate program with direct model linking, you can be earning a share of the revenue in addition to driving more sales for you. This is a win/win.

There’s tons of different social media sites and adult networks that you can use to promote your services. It’s also worth throwing your own website together and getting it ranked in the search engines for some valuable keywords relating to the shows you do. Also consider starting an email list and jumping into an adult-friendly email marketing suite.

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Make Your Profile As Awesome As Possible

All camming sites allow you to customize your profile. How customized these profiles can get will vary from site to site. Some sites will allow you to create something amazing using fully customized HTML, scripts and more. Others will only give you the option of setting up your profile and adding some photos.

Whether you can truly customize every aspect of your profile, or only fill out the profile fields and upload some photos, make sure to make it as awesome as you possibly can. Having a complete profile gives your customers more information about you and your shows. This can help them find you when searching the camming site. This will also tell them more about what you offer and save time answering questions about what you will and will not do.

Having the best profile photo possible will help you stand out from the crowd. Remember that people are going to be scrolling through pages full of online models. They’ll be looking at the profile photos of all the models competing for their attention and their tokens. If your photo doesn’t look appealing, you won’t get nearly as many clicks as you would if you had chosen a better photo.

Selling Other Services Besides Camming

There’s tons of other services you can sell besides just camming. Many of these services you can sell directly from your profile. Some camming sites have functionality to enable this. With others, you can indicate that people are able to purchase the additional products or services by tipping a specific amount and including a message stating that the tip was for that specific product. There’s many other sites that facilitate the sales of these additional products and services as well.

Providing these additional services is a great way to make as much as possible. If you make a video sale or Snapchat sale while you’re performing on cam, that’s extra money that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. By offering these services, it’s also possible to get sales while you’re offline. This is a way to earn, even while you’re asleep!

Here’s some of the other services you could be offering.

Clips and Pics

Video sales are very possible. There are tons of camming sites that enable you to sell your photo galleries and videos directly from your profile page. There’s also tons of amateur marketplace sites that specialize in the sales of videos. It’s possible to take advantage of both those routes. For the camming sites that don’t have built in functionality for video sales, it’s still possible to sell it via your profile by telling the customer to tip x-amount of tokens, along with a note that the tip was for the purchase of a specific piece of content.

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Tangible Goods

It’s also possible to make money selling tangible goods. Most commonly this is warn panties. You can also sell signed photos / prints, hand-written letters, used sex toys, the list goes on. There’s sites that specialize in this type of sale and many other adult marketplace sites that allows for it. It’s also possible to sell this from your camming profile by indicating how much must be tipped for each item.

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Snapchat / Kik

Snapchat and Kik are two very popular smartphone apps. Although these networks don’t technically allow for people to sell subscriptions to their accounts, or nudity, that doesn’t stop models from using them for just that. There’s also plenty of networks that specialize in the sales of these accounts. You can also sell it directly from your camming profile for a specific tip amount.

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Custom Content Requests

Custom content is much more profitable than selling a prerecorded video. Best of all, you can also resell the custom material after you recorded it. OR you can mark up the price significantly in order to keep the piece of content completely exclusive, meaning the person that purchased is the only person that will ever have access to it. It’s kind of hard to sell custom content from your camming site, but you can always indicate that it’s something you do and tell customers to message you for details and negotiate it from there.

You Haven’t Answered My Question On How Much Models Make

I know, that’s because it’s very difficult to answer. It’s very feasible for models to make a couple hundred per day. On the other hand, there’s been models that have only made a couple hundred bucks their first month and decided that camming wasn’t for them. This industry isn’t for everyone. For those that are really successful the earning potential can be ridiculous. It also depends on how much you want to put into it. You don’t need to be the hottest thing walking the planet to make good money either. Be fun, playful and interactive and you can easily make a good living performing from your home.

The best way to find out how much you can make is to turn on your webcam and try it out. You’ll never know what earning potential you’ll be looking at until you give it a try for yourself.

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