Going deeper into foot fetish by focusing on your toes!

Once you begin to get experience within foot fetish, you will quickly discover that there are several niches within feet that offer a lot of ideas and opportunities to create content. One of the niches within foot fetish that has multiple sub-categories that can be combined to make best-selling videos is toe fetish.

What is toe fetish?

Toe fetish is a niche within the foot fetish world that involves a sexual attraction to…toes! There are a variety of sub-categories within toe fetish that are easy to combine in one video, which makes it a fetish that can have broader appeal to generate more sales. You can choose to dial in to one sub-category and focus the video entirely on that particular kink, or combine multiple narrow kinks within one video to increase the number of customers who will want to buy that video.

Toe fetish cam shows

Toe fetish is really easy to do in cam shows! It can be done either in public or private shows simply by showing your feet and following your customer’s instructions. Make sure you charge to show your feet in public chat, and charge to follow specific instructions. Having the ability to move your webcam (or yourself) to give customers a different / closer angle on your feet is also a great asset. Make sure you can adjust your lighting if you are moving your webcam.

Toe fetish clips

Get a fresh pedicure and get ready to film! One way to take your toe fetish clips to the next level is by incorporating multiple angles within the video. Combine multiple toe fetish niches to widen the appeal of your video and maximize sales, or try mixing toe fetish in with other fetishes like femdom or pantyhose. If you are a faceless model, toe fetish is perfect because your feet can fill the frame and you don’t need to show your face.

Sub-Categories Within Toe Fetish

  • Toe Pointing / Pointed Toes (pointing and flexing your feet/toes)
  • Toe Wiggling
  • Toe Sucking (sucking your own toes, having someone suck your toes, or sucking someone else’s toes)
  • Toenail Fetish (natural or painted, can include clipping, filing, etc.)
  • Toenail Polish (actively painting or already painted)
  • Long Toes / Short Toes
  • Toe Cleavage (do this barefoot or in a pair of shoes that shows off the cleavage)
  • Toe Spreading
  • Toe Tapping (barefoot or in shoes)
  • Toejobs (jerking off a dildo or real penis using just your toes)

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