Camgirls: How To Build A Tip Menu

Creating a tip menu is an important part of being a cam model. It takes the stress out of having to constantly repeat yourself and lets viewers know what you charge for certain things. Tip menus can include things like live actions that you do on cam, current deals you may be offering in exchange for tips, club memberships for tips, or subscription memberships for tips. Basically, anything you get can get tipped for while on or offline can be included in your tip menu.

Tip Menus Used On Token / Public Camming Sites

Tip menus are most often used in public camming shows. This is due to the nature of how the public shows and public sites work. Anyone sitting in the public chat can make a request by tipping the amount indicated by the tip menu. Tip menus aren’t exclusive to public shows, however. Tip menus can be used in private shows or group shows as a way to make some extra money during the performance. That being said, the use of tip menus is primarily reserved for public shows.

How To Price Out Tip Menu Items

A lot of new models or even current models often wonder what the best prices are for a tip menu, and the best way to navigate your prices is to keep some of these things in mind.

What’s Being Spent (Is It Worth It)

What is being spent VS what is being earned? Find a happy middle ground between you earning an amount you’re comfortable with while also keeping in mind that depending on the site the customer can be paying 50%-65% more than what you end up with.

For non-camming related items, sometimes it’s best to use a site that pays a higher percentage, as you’ll get more money. Some sites will even allow you to promote these services on other sites, although check the TOS / Content Policy and make sure first, because you don’t want to get banned!

What Does The Current Market Look Like

What is the current market like? Checking out other models, especially models in similar categories as you, can help you come up with a good fair price that members are willing to pay for your services.

Does The Pricing Work With Token Packages

Is the number easily achieved through the token packages on the site? For tip sites that work in dollar amounts this may not be an issue, but on most token sites the tokens come in packages. Pricing something at X amount that goes a tiny bit over a smaller token amount while being drastically under the next token package amount can deter people from spending that amount because of how “awkward” it is. They’d either have to purchase the slightly smaller and a small one to get to the amount or overspend on a large one.

Go With Memorable Numbers

Is the number memorable? As silly as it sounds, people like things that “look clean” so increments of 5 or 10, or numbers that are the same “11, 22, 33” etc can be more appealing to tip!

Does The Action and Amount Have Appeal

Will it appeal to all markets? Having things available in your tip menu for the lower token packages can help you appeal to people with less to spend but you should also have a wide range to appeal to every tipper there is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for something specific and can just be for “show love!” “Blow a kiss!” “Do a little dance!” Things like this for lower tips can help keep the room active on slower days.

Are The Tip Menu Items Selling

This is something a camming model won’t know until they’ve built their tip menu and added it to their camming site profile. Some tip menu items will sell better than others. Some might not be used at all. Looking at the non-popular items, are the priced too high? Is it something that would be best replaced with something different? It’s always possible to go back and modify the tip menu, either changing pricing, removing items or adding items.

HTML Vs Text Tip Menus

HTML / Image Tip Menus Vs Text Menus

Some sites support HTML tip menus, (Chaturbate, for example) and some don’t. If you are on a site that doesn’t support HTML then you’re lucky because you just avoided investing time into creating a tip menu. You can come up with your tip menu items, input them into the site, and you’re good to go. (Although putting them in order from least to greatest typically helps because when people open and immediately see huge numbers, it’s scary!)

How To Create An HTML / Image Tip Menu

If you do have to create an HTML menu, it’s fairly easy to do using sites like Camgirl Cloud. You can also create one yourself by using HTML coding for a list, or by doing image files with the source URL set to the link to that specific tip amount. It will vary by what the site you are on supports in terms of coding. If you are using an image for the tip menu, it’s a good idea to make sure the services / actions in the image also appear in text somewhere. This will help your camming profile page show up in internal search.

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