In a Twitter post made to the official Wishtender Twitter account on February 6th, 2024, the company states:

Source: Wishtender on Twitter

What does this mean for performers using Wishtender?

If you’re a performer using Wishtender than you might be in a panic currently; rightfully so because Wishtender is one of very few platforms that provide you with a high payout percentage rate. Unfortunately the risks associated with allowing adult performers to utilize their platform was that it’d be associated with high risk payments and they were running the risk of losing processing due to this. Although their terms of service provided excellent “coaching” to avoid flagging payment processors; Stripe (the processor they will no longer be working with) clearly has rules against being used for pornography in their terms. Any platform that coaches you to not create posts that are “too adult” for payment processing purposes probably will not maintain their high percentage payment processing for long.

Wishtender mentioned in their post that they have found a new financial partner to collaborate with to continue payouts but an official date for when this will begin has not been announced. The ability to accept payments on Wishtender for American models will be paused February 15th, 2024 until the new payment processor is in place. Non-American models will be paused on February 9th, 2024 until the new payment processor is in place. Wishtender is encouraging you to get your payments out of Stripe as soon as possible and no later than March 15th for American models and February 19th for international models.

Is Wishtender closing?

Wishtender did not indicate that they are closing, only that there will be a brief transition period while the new payment processor is added to the website. The wait time on the addition was not officially announced but since Wishtender indicated that there may be “payment interruptions during this period” that the payment processor addition may take some time and not begin immediately once Stripe is removed.

What will change on Wishtender with new payment processing?

There’s no official announcement on what will change, but with a payment processor changing you can generally expect to:

  • Agree to new Terms and Conditions
  • (Potentially) Agree to new Payout Terms
  • Re-upload your payout information

Are there any alternatives to Wishtender?

There is no perfect solution to Wishtender because Wishtender was riding a very fine line with payment processing. If you opt to use payment methods that aren’t adult friendly then you can get a higher payout percentage but you run the same risk of losing the ability to utilize that payment method in the future. Some adult friendly payment options with high payout percentages include:

  • Erotifix – A product listing platform for selling content, customs, and getting tips. They pay out 85% plus a $5 fee for the customer on every transaction.
  • Cryptocurrency – Accepting payments via cryptocurrency is a great way to get 100% of your tips and earnings but there is a learning curve to setting up your cryptocurrency wallet and some wallets come with fees for cashing out.
  • – Unlockd is an adult friendly listing site that allows you to create listing with prices and accept payments on the platform for your services. They pay 85% and have a generous referral program for getting model signups.

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