Lovense has a huge variety of toys

No matter what flavor of sex toy you are looking for this year, Lovense no doubt has one in their large inventory of sex toys that will blow your mind! So let’s talk about your perfect match, which Lovense toy is the ideal lover for you and your cam shows this Valentines Day?

The perfect toy for clit and internal stimulation

The Dolce by Lovense is the perfect toy for clitoral stimulation. If you’re already camming using the Lovense Lush then you’re probably familiar with the design but the Dolce takes everything that you wish was better about the Lush and actually does it – providing you with vibrations not just internally but also on the clit! Depending on the depth of insertion, you can get a really snug press on your clit which will intensify all of the vibrations. You get the same interactivity you get with the Lush but with twice the pleasure.

If you want internal and external stimulation with a little more depth than what the Dolce can provide, then the Nora may be the perfect toy for you. This rabbit style toy provides a decent amount of depth to provide you deeper internal stimulation for those with a G-spot located a bit further in, with the same benefit of clitoral stimulation from the rabbit style head which will press against your clit when fully inserted. You won’t get the full benefits of the clitoral stimulation if you opt to use the toy like a dildo and move it with your hand but if you’re just in it for the vibrations and depth then this one is your soulmate.

The perfect Lovense toy for internal (G-spot) stimulation

You will have your mind blown by this one especially if you’re a user of the “standard” interactive toy (the Lush) because this is just like that except for one big twist… IT THRUSTS! You read that right, the Vulse (what an appropriate name) will have you con-Vulse-ing because it not only vibrates on your G-spot but it thrusts. If the Lush is already very stimulating for you, this may be a level above your paygrade, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more OOMPH then this might be the perfect toy for you.

The perfect toy for couples who stream (G/G, B/G)

This strap-on is no joke, it provides mutual stimulation for the wearer and the receiver in the form of pleasurable tip activated or app controlled vibrations on top of the already orgasmic feature of being a “strap-on” but does it really count as a strap-on if its inserted? Who knows. But if your man will let you put it in his butt or you’re two vagina havers looking to step up your shows with an interactive toy that will blow both of your minds then it’s worth checking out the Lapis.

For Male Streamers

Show your viewers a magic trick and find your Solace (hehe, that’s the toys name) with a hands-free high tech app/tip controlled orgasm. This toy is super high tech and is the perfect way to have a crazy orgasm while saving the integrity of your wrists because jerking off for a long time while streaming is very stamina draining.

Have a naughty Valentines Day

Webcam Startup is wishing all of our readers the sexiest Valentines Day and whether or not you grab these toys, make sure you at least don’t forget the lube! Stay slutty and earn money!

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