Popular “Same Day Pay” Webcam and Clip Site Studio Boleyn Models is Shutting Down

In an email sent out on March 7th, 2024, popular and well known studio Boleyn Models announced they would be closing down and ceasing operation. The studio is well known for providing same day payments, proof of employment letters, and tax assistance. While the primary usage of the studio tended to be models utilizing Streamate that wanted same day payments and the amazing incentive of their second lowest earning day being doubled, the studio expanded across multiple websites allowing models to get paid quickly for their work and sales.

Why is Boleyn Models shutting down?

Boleyn Models says, “This week was a cascade of events with various banks that essentially means we’re done as a functional business. Long story short, our business bank decided to flag us and make us unable to operate in this space going forward – at least in the scope and scale we’re at. The only real viable solutions would have taken several weeks or months to set up, and in the future there’s still no guarantees of smooth sailing.” This type of banking discrimination against adult businesses is well known in the industry and has effected many other websites in the past.

What will happen to my accounts signed up with Boleyn Models?

All accounts currently registered under Boleyn Models will be released into independent accounts to be paid out by the website which they are active on. When this switch to independent occurs, you will most likely be required to re-verify your account with your ID documents, KYC compliance documents, and your payment details in order to continue working on the website and receiving payments. Boleyn Models is making every possible effort to retain your active accounts and transition them to independence rather than having active models start new accounts. If there is an issue with transitioning your account to an independent one then Boleyn Models will contact you. To check any payment related information from Boleyn Models, visit

What are my options for same day pay?

If the allure of same day pay is what called you to Boleyn Models and you’re looking for the ability to request payments quicker, there are some options for you still for camming and creating content and getting paid quicker.

  • ChaturbateChaturbate allows you to request same day payment on any earnings over $20 and charges a fee of $3.95 for same day payments. These payments are not processed on weekends and typically won’t arrive the same day but will be processed from Chaturbate on that day and delivered to you within 2 business days.
  • OnlyFansOnlyFans allows manual withdrawals on any earnings over $20 and will be processed immediately upon withdrawal request. These payments come at no additional charge to you and will typically arrive within 1-2 business days.

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