Did Wishtender close down after parting ways with Stripe?

Wishtender has not closed down after parting ways with Stripe, although currently they are only allowing accounts that are age-verified and participating in their beta testing process to utilize the new payment processor that they’ve added to the platform. If you are not part of their beta testing group then you will see a notice on your wishlist page notifying you that your wishlist is not currently active. The estimated wait time for all accounts to be eligible for payment processing again is about 2-4 weeks which was announced on March 5th, 2024. This means that all accounts should optimistically be able to receive payments via Wishtender in early to mid-April 2024.

In a post linked on their website, Wishtender confirmed that moving forward they will continue to accept adult creators and want to ensure any partnerships they form with payment processors will also be friendly towards adult creators. In an effort to ensure this, they’ve also rebuilt their system for easy payment processor changes should this issue happen to them again in the future.

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