Getting Started As An ExtraLunchMoney Seller

ExtraLunchMoney is a clip site and adult marketplace site that allows performers to make money from offering a wide range of services. Videos and photo galleries are the main focus of the site, but there’s tons of different services that performers can get paid from offering. ExtraLunchMoney allows for all genders (female, male, transgender and couples) and as long as you’re eighteen or older, you’re able to make money working on the site. Here’s all the details.

Quick Information:

  • Services: Galleries / Videos, Customs, Phone Sex, Snapchat
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 60-65%
  • Payout Methods: Paxum, Dwolla
  • Minimum Payout: 40 Credits
  • Payout Schedule: Weekly
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • DMCA Services: No
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studios: No
  • Geo-Blocking: No

Become An ExtraLunchMoney Seller

What’s Required To Get Started

There is no hiring process. Instead it’s just a verification process. The only real requirement is that you’re over the age of eighteen. Depending on what services you’re going to be offering, there will also be some equipment requirements.

Must Be 18 or Older – You’ll have to provide a digital copy of government-issued photo ID when registering. This is for age verification and something that ExtraLunchMoney (and all other adult sites) have to do to stay complaint with federal regulations. Your personal information is always kept private and secure.

Equipment Requirements – There are some equipment requirements, based on what services you’re interested in offering. For example; for selling clips, you’ll need everything to produce the content. For texting, you’ll need a mobile phone.

ExtraLunchMoney Accepts All Genders

ExtraLunchMoney accepts all genders. Females, males and transgenders are all accepted. You can also perform with a partner, too. If you are performing with additional people on your account, every additional person must have their age verified as well.

How Much Money ExtraLunchMoney Sellers Make

When working on a site like ExtraLunchMoney, everything is performance-based. There is good earning potential, but no hourly wage or income. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Performers that are constantly producing, offering multiple services and actively promoting their services will make more than performers that don’t. 4-figures per month is definitely possible.

ExtraLunchMoney Sellers Make 60-65%

ExtraLunchMoney sellers earn .60-.65 per token, which comes out to 60-65% of the total money spent. It’s 60% for normal sellers and 65% for Seller Plus models. In order to become a Seller Plus, a performer must have 31 points. Here is how to earn points on ExtraLunchMoney:

  • 1 point for selling a custom job, instant download, or escrow payment
  • 2 points for receiving a positive review for those transactions from the buyer
  • 1 point for writing a review of a buyer for those transactions

Payouts Are Made Weekly Via Paxum and Dwolla

Warning To US Models – Paxum Is Not Currently Supporting personal accounts in the United States! If you’re a US-performer, you either have to go with Dwolla or get a Paxum Business Account.

Payouts are made weekly via Paxum or Dwolla. Both platforms work very similarly to PayPal, but are adult-friendly. Once the ExtraLunchMoney seller has received the payout, they are able to transfer funds to bank accounts or fund a debit card.

Min Payout: 40 Credits ($24-26)

The minimum payout is 40 credits. That equals out to $24 or $26, depending what percentage the seller is getting. if the minimum payout has not been met, those credits roll over to the next week. The credits will keep rolling over until the seller has reached the payment threshold.

Make Money Offering These Services

Selling Adult Photos and Videos

Create and sell video and picture sets. Simply curate the content, upload it and watch the revenue roll in. Pics are instantly downloaded when purchased and after uploading and setting the price, everything’s on autopilot. ExtraLunchMoney supports both photo and video content sales.

Make Money From Text Messaging

Get paid from sex messaging. ExtraLunchMoney makes it easy to make money from your mobile phone while out and on the go. Send and receive mobile text messages directly to your mobile device. All communications are encrypted and delivered by a 3rd party. Your personal information and real phone number is always kept private.

In addition to receiving messages directly to your phone, you can also send and receive messages from your computer as well.

Sell Skype Shows

Skype shows are sold by models using Custom Jobs. You can create different packages and pricing for different kind of Skype shows. Models will typically price Skype shows differently depending on the duration and possibly on what kind of show is performed. Selling Skype shows is one way that models leverage the custom job feature.

Sell Panties and Lingerie

In addition to selling digital products and services, it’s also possible to sell physical goods. The most common physical good sold in the amateur adult industry is used panties / underwear. People will pay a good price for used / worn undergarments and ExtraLunchMoney is a great place for selling them. Simply create a custom job and set the price. Once a purchase is made, you’re responsible for fulfilling the job.

Sell Kik and Snapchat Accounts

Messaging apps such as Kik and Snapchat have become incredibly popular. The amateur adult industry has found ways to leverage these apps for profit. People will pay to gain access to the messaging accounts of models. When selling access, models will typically offer a monthly subscription, annual subscription or lifetime access. Each duration comes with it’s own pricing. This is done through the custom jobs.

Accepting Custom Content Requests

ExtraLunchMoney allows for custom content requests. Custom content requests are great for a number of reasons. While most sites that support customs only cater to content (photo or video), ExtraLunchMoney allows for custom jobs as well. It might be a Skype session or a phone call. Custom jobs go for much more than a regular job, as it’s tailored to the specifications of the customer making the request. It’s also a great way to reach new customers and get sales that you might not have gotten otherwise.

The ExtraLunchMoney Referral Program

ExtraLunchMoney also has a referral system. With the referral system, ExtraLunchMoney sellers can make additional money from referring new customers as well as new sellers. For each new buyer referred, you’ll earn 10% of their first token package purchase. You’ll also earn 10% from the first sale made by all new referred sellers.

Signup For ExtraLunchMoney Today!

Ready to get started as an ExtraLunchMoney seller? Signup today! Make money from content sales, phone sex, custom content requests and from custom store items that can be used to sell just about anything. ExtraLunchMoney accepts all genders; female, male and transgenders, as well as couples. Plus, make additional money from the ExtraLunchMoney referral program. The verification process is quick and easy and you can get started selling and making money in no time.

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