4 tips to start making money on the #1 phone sex site

When you think about online sex work, you might consider fan clubs, clips, or camming, but phone sex probably doesn’t spring to mind! Phone sex is not dead yet, though, and one of the major phone sex sites is Niteflirt. Niteflirt offers a variety of ways to earn money, including regular phone sex, Skype shows, content sales, and texting. If you’re just getting started in phone sex, Niteflirt is the site with the best traffic and options for earning, and there are a few simple tips that will help you get established and earning more quickly.

1. Make Use of Multiple Profiles and Listings

You can have as many as 3 profiles under 1 phone number and 1 listing per category in each profile, giving you a massive number of opportunities to be seen by potential callers. Maximize your exposure by spreading your profiles and listings among as many categories as possible – don’t put multiple listings in the same category. Also, although you can technically have a listing in every category you qualify for, I’d suggest keeping it to a maximum of 8-12 live listings per profile. That’s 24-36 across 3 profiles, which is more than enough. I have 2 profiles – a “girl next door” profile and a femdom profile – and I get enough exposure with my live and recorded listings across those two that I don’t feel the need to add another yet.

2. Use Photos in Listings

Even though customers are talking to you on the phone, they want to know who they are talking to! Photos on Niteflirt profiles and listings have to be SFW (no nipples, genitals, sheer clothing, sex toys, and even visible pubic hair can get you in trouble), so pull out your best Instagram photos and put 4-5 on each listing. Make sure you choose a thumbnail picture for your listing as well – listings without thumbnails get very few clicks.

3. Offer Phone With Cam

Yes, you can use a phone sex site to do cam shows! The customer calls your listing in the “Phone With Cam” category, and then you leave the phone line open while you do a Skype cam show, allowing it to be charged per-minute. Having a Phone With Cam listing suggests to customers that you really are the person in the photos on your profile and listings, because you are willing to perform live on cam. Even if you don’t want to do Skype shows through Niteflirt regularly, creating the listing and doing enough shows to get some feedback will help give you that marker of authenticity. Make sure you set your Phone With Cam listing to “away” though if you just plan to do phone sex!

4. Sell Goody Bags

“Goodies” or “Goody Bags” is what Niteflirt calls their content sales platform. You can sell videos, photos, audio files, and other documents through Goody Bags, and it is easy to create bundles with multiple videos or photos. Selling Goody Bags gives you a chance to earn money while you are offline, and to upsell to your callers to help them continue the fantasy. While the tags, search and filter functions, and overall Goody Bag features are quite clunky and outdated, it is worth going through the process, because callers are quite keen to buy content from their favorite PSOs.

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