Make Money Offering Adult Skype Shows



How To Get Started Selling Adult Skype Shows

Skype shows are great for making money. Camming models can generally charge more for Skype shows because they’re outside of the network and more private.  Camming models generally keep more of the profits as well, as they’re only being charged payment processing fees and not the current revenue-share of the camming network. Customers like Skype shows because it’s a little more private and intimate, as you’ve set the show up just for them. It’s a win for everybody.


Sites For Selling Skype Shows

Site Model Payout More Info
CamLust 75%-85% CamLust
IndieBill 85% IndieBill
ManyVids 60% ManyVids
SkyPrivate 75-86% SkyPrivate


Charge For Skype Shows through Camming Sites

Many models will charge for Skype shows through their camming site. This is done using the site’s token system. A model will indicate x-amount of tokens for a Skype show. Customers tip the indicated amount and indicate that the tip was for a Skype show. Keep in mind that not all sites allow this! Read carefully through the site’s terms of service to make sure this is something that your camming site doesn’t frown upon.

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Charge For Skype Shows Using Payment Processors

DO NOT USE PAYPAL FOR YOUR SKYPE SHOWS! You will be banned as soon as they find out you’re using their platform to accept money for live sex shows. To accept money, you’ll need to use an adult friendly payment processor. Luckily there’s some good options to choose from:

Paxum – Paxum is the PayPal alternative for the adult industry. Works like PayPal, but you won’t get banned. Can even create buttons similar to the PayPal “buy now” buttons.

Payoneer – Payoneer is another adult-friendly payment processor. Payoneer is only available outside the USA, although USA models can get a Payoneer account if invited by a vendor.



Promoting Adult Skype Shows

Unlike the chatroom of a camming network, Skype shows require the model to do most of the promotion. There’s no network that will automatically drive traffic via model directories and searches. You’ll have to do most of the promoting yourself. Here’s some tactics to help drive Skype sales.

Register For SkyPrivate – Registering for SkyPrivate will get you into their directory and access to all their tools. SkyPrivate is kind of like the camming network for Skype shows. They will generate shows and customers for you. They’ve also got great promotion tools that will help you succeed.

Promote Through Website / SEO – Every adult performer needs a website and every performer needs to at least have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization. Your website is the best place to promote all your services; your camming network, Skype shows, fan club and any networks where you sell adult content. Once your website has steady traffic, adding a banner or page promoting your Skype shows is an easy way to make sales.

Social Media – Social media is an adult performers best friend. Not all social networks accept adult content, but the ones that do are great marketing tools. There’s even ways to skirt around the no adult content requirements of Facebook and other networks. Might not be able to drive traffic directly to your chatroom, but can still use it to “build up a brand”. Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are your best social media channels.

Promote Through Model Directories – There are many camgirl / model directory sites where you can register and promote all of your sites and services.

Promote Through Other Networks – If you can’t promote your Skype shows directly through all the networks, you can still upload watermarked content and/or promote your website. Use other adult networks to promote your Skype shows directly, or use them to drive traffic to your website and sell them on Skype once they’re on your website.


Free Membership Site With Skype Show Integration

Now you can get your membership site built for free and integrate it with your Skype shows. Model Centro is a CMS built exclusively for amateur fan clubs. They handle the hosting and monthly billing and models keep the majority of the revenue. They also integrate directly with SkyPrivate so you can book and promote your Skype shows directly from your fan site. If you are a new model just starting out, this is a perfect way to start a website, a fanclub and Skype shows all-in-one.


Sell Other Adult Services

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Sell Adult Pics and Videos – Get paid from selling your adult content sets. Sell both photo and video content.

Phone Sex – Become a phone sex operator and get paid from calling and texting.

Adult Fanclubs / Paysites – Run your own premium subscription-based paysites. Get paid recurring monthly payments from the subscription rebills.