Choosing An Adult Performer Name

One of the most important parts of starting out as a webcam model is picking out your alias or stage name. Choosing the right name is critical to creating your performer brand, and it is extremely difficult to “rebrand” once you get established, so it’s important to get it right the first name.

Check out these 4 tips to choose your cam model alias.

Use a “real name” (but not YOUR real name)

People are going to want something to call you. Sure they can call you “SexiestSeattleTeen69”, but that’s not very intimate – and it’s hard to remember. Even if you decide to use a username that’s not a name (such as SexiestSeattleTeen69), you’re still going to want to have a “real name” – because your customers will ask. Katy Churchill started her cam career as “Boots Churchill” (as a reference to a Shania Twain song, of all things!), but after being repeatedly asked what her “real name” was, she changed over to Katy Churchill. It’s easier to just start with a “real name” from the beginning! It’s okay to have some fun with it and differentiate from an actual name a little (for example, look at Alexis Texas, Kendra Lust, Kelly Divine, Dylan Ryder, Bonnie Rotten, and Lily Thai) but you notice that all those pornstars have picked stage names that are still names.

Choose a memorable and easy to spell name

“SexiestSeattleTeen69” is hard to remember. Is she Sexiest or Sexy? Is it 69 or 99? Choosing a simple and straightforward, easy to spell name will make it easier for cam site viewers to Google you and find your social media and other content. If you want to be “Viktorea” that’s fine, but your viewers will probably try searching “Victoria” and will have trouble finding you online.

Make sure the name isn’t already taken

A little time spent Googling potential names will save you a lot of frustration in the future. Google the name you are planning to use and actually go through the results. You want to avoid choosing the same name as another adult performer (even if they’re retired) or the name of a large social media influencer or other celebrity. You’re going to want to dominate the search results for your performer name, and if you choose a name that someone else is already using, you’re less likely to come up at the top. Don’t worry if you find a random person with the same name – unless they’re really dedicated to SEO, you’ll probably be able to outrank them (Katy easily buried the search results for the orthodontist who shares her name).

For a while there was a trend in the adult industry to use a common misspelling of a celebrity name. Models who chose those names said they got a lot of search traffic when people were looking for celebrity nudes, but ultimately it makes it harder to rank in search over the actual celebrity: for example, Google often returns search results for the correctly spelled celebrity name even if the searcher misspells it.

Check for social media and domain availability

Okay, you’ve chosen a “real” name that isn’t taken by another adult performer or celebrity, now what? First, you need to make sure that nobody else has taken the name on social media and/or the .com domain. The best domain for your performer brand will be, so check if that is available. Next, check Twitter to see if anyone has taken @yourname. If they have, don’t panic! Look for other versions of your name like @your_name, @yournameofficial, @yournamexxx, etc. If there is an active, well-followed Twitter account under your name, or the .com domain is not available, you should probably go back to square 1 and choose a new name.

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