Choosing A Camgirl Stage Name or Alias

Stage NameChoosing An Adult Performer Name

One of the most important parts of starting out as a webcam model is picking out your alias or stage-name. This is very important, as it’s your “brand”, if you will. It’s what you’re going to be promoting and marketing and ultimately what’s going to make you income.

Just like a business, it’s tough and difficult to “rebrand” after a brands already been established. Therefore, it’s best to get it right the first time. Here’s some tips to help you create a camgirl alias.


Use A Real Name (But Not YOUR Real Name)

People are going to want something to call you. Sure they can call you “SexiestSeattleTeen69”, but that’s not very intimate. Even if you use a username that’s not a name (such as SeiestSeattleTeen69), you’re still going to want to create an alias of an actual person. For that, you’re going to need a name. It’s okay to have some fun with it and differentiate from an actual name a little (eg; Alexis Texas, Kendra Lust, Kelly Divine, Dylan Ryder, Bonnie Rotten, Lily Thai, ect) but you notice that all those example pornstars have picked stage-names that are still names.


Pick A Name That You Like

You wouldn’t want to pick an alias that you don’t like yourself, would you? When selecting a stage-name, make sure it’s something that you like and don’t mind people referring to you as. Think back to when you were a kid. Did you ever think to yourself; “I wish my parents had named me ________!”. There you go, perfect first name for your camgirl alias.


Pick A Sexy Name

Don’t name yourself Helga Barfalamute. Just sayin’. No offense to anyone with that name. Pick out something that sounds hot. The sexier sounding the name, the better.


Pick A Memorable Name

If people can’t remember your name, they won’t be able to find you. Having a memorable name allows them to punch your alias into search engines such as Google, or using the internal search of whatever cam network you signup with. Let’s look at Alexis Texas again. Perfect example. ‘Alexis’ rhymes with ‘Texas’. Not only that, but she’s a thick blonde girl, exactly what you’d expect out of Texas. How simple and easy is that to remember?


Don’t Use Weird Funky Spellings

Going back to the whole Google thing, it makes it harder for people to search and find you. Make your name easy to remember and easy to spell.


Tool For Picking Out Webcam Alias

Here’s a cool tool for picking out random names. You’re able to select how common the names are and specify the gender. Just keep hitting the button and use it to generate ideas until you come up with something you like. To give you an example, here’s 10 random female names it generated for me:

  1. Viola Sparks
  2. Natasha Parker
  3. Katrina Schneider
  4. Jane Nash
  5. Geraldine Carroll
  6. Mabel Simpson
  7. Yvonne Lane
  8. Kristin Hayes
  9. Sarah Sanders
  10. Joan Cox

Out of those; Viola Sparks, Natasha Parker, Kristin Hayes, Sarah Sanders and Joan Cox all sound like they have good potential. Actually, those are all names that you could expect to find on the credits of a porn flick 😉

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