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Are you and your partner thinking about getting into the adult industry? Couples camming is very popular and a great way to make money. Unlike traditional 1-on-1 camming, couples camming can feature real sex on camera, which makes it a great niche. Couples can also get paid from producing and selling their own homemade amateur content. Here’s are the sites that accept couple models:

Adult Camming Sites Hiring Couple Models:

Live webcam shows are very popular and profitable. Camming shows are either private-based (per minute) or public shows which generate money through tip goals, tip games, tip menus and other ways. Here are all the camming sites that accept couple accounts.

Chaturbate5¢ / token

Sites For Selling Adult Amateur Pics and Videos:

Performers can also make money from producing and selling their own adult content. This could be clips as well as photo galleries. Clips generate more revenue, understandably. Here are the clip sites that couples can use to sell their adult content.


Phone Sex Networks Hiring Couples

Phone sex has evolved a lot since the late night infomercials and sex line numbers in the back of the magazine. Now anyone can become a phone sex operator and work directly from their mobile phones. Here are some networks hiring phone sex operators. You can both perform solo or as a couple.

NetworkCallingTextingPayoutMore Info
NiteFlirtYesNo 50-70%NiteFlirt

Guide To Getting Started With Couple Porn

Looking for more information on how to get started with couples porn? We’ve got the comprehensive guide! Our guide goes over everything that you and your partner need to know in order to get paid performing together. Learn how to get started with camming, producing and selling content, phone sex and more.

Learn More: Getting Started With Couples Porn

How Much Can You Make From Couples Porn?

This is a complicate question with a very complicated answer. The truth is; it varies a lot. First, different services generate revenue in different ways. For example; camming pays while you’re online performing while clips and premium subscription services are able to generate money while you’re offline; clips from individual sales and subscriptions from the initial signups as well as rebills.

There’s also tons of factors that determine profitability. These include, but aren’t limited to: quality of shows / products, fetishes being catered to, attractiveness of performers, size of customer-base, effectiveness of outside promotion and much more. It varies so drastically that it’s really hard to even throw out hypotheticals. The earning potential is great, but what you get really depends on the effort being put into the career.

What’s Required To Get Started

The requirements to get started are fairly easy. There’s no hiring process. Instead, it’s simply an age-verification process. Anyone eighteen or older can get started. That being said; both you and your partner must be eighteen or older and must verify age on any sites you perform or sell on.

There are some additional equipment requirements, and this will vary based on the services that you’re looking into offering. For example; you’ll need a webcam for camming and a camera for producing clips or videos. There’s also recommended gear such as toys, outfits, lighting system, and so-on.

Can Couples Also Have Individual Accounts?

This varies (and how it works) from camming network to camming network. Some websites don’t allow multiple accounts to be created by the same individual. Check out their TOS and FAQ page before creating multiple accounts. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, reach out to the networks support and they should provide you with an answer.

You can always upload your solo content to the account registered as a couple. This is something that many couple models do.

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