4 tasks to tackle this spring to freshen up your brand

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home! With tax time over and the dog days of summer ahead, now is a great time to freshen up your content and adjust your annual goals. Keeping things fresh and interesting is important at any time of year, but a good yearly clear-out can work wonders to rejuvenate tired profiles and goose some extra sales by catching the eye of new customers. Try these 4 things to tidy up your online business!

Refresh Your Photos

If you haven’t taken any new pictures in a while, now is the time! Set up a little DIY photo shoot and take new photos for both social media and your profiles. It’s important to promote yourself with up-to-date content in order to reach potential customers who are looking for someone like you. Once you’ve got a few dozen pics you like, give them a light edit and start posting them.

Renew Your Profiles

With your new photos in hand, it’s time to update your profiles on all of the platforms you’re on. Check that your vital statistics and physical descriptions are still accurate, and consider re-writing your bio or “about me” section to keep things fresh and interesting. Replace old photos with the new photos you just took.

Review Your Content

It’s a good idea to regularly review your old content to make sure that everything you have available is appropriate for your brand and platforms. With the constantly-changing rules on content platforms, it is important to go through and remove content that is no longer permitted. And, although old content still sells, you may want to delete older videos or photos that no longer match your performer brand. You can also delete listings that you are no longer proud to offer for sale, whether it is due to the quality of the production or the actual content of the video. Make sure you look at recent sales figures before you purge all of your old content, though – you might be surprised at the age of content that still sells!

Re-focus Your Goals

With the year approaching the halfway mark, it’s a good time to sit down and look at the progress you have made towards your yearly goals. There’s still enough time left in the year to adjust your course, or perhaps you want to change your aims altogether! A mid-year check-in will help you set smarter goals and recognize what you’ve already accomplished.

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