How-To Guide for Performers Creating Hairy Fetish Content

In this video, Katy Churchill covers the basics for models interested in creating hairy fetish content, as well as working their body hair into other content. Katy’s experience is in the female hairy categories, so the video focuses on those clip options, as well as cam shows for fans of body hair. Here are her top tips:

  • Find your category: There are different categories for body hair, but they boil down to hairy arms, hairy legs, hairy bush/pussy/ass, and hairy armpits. You might only suit 1 category, or you might fit them all! You can use a “hairy goddess” approach if you fit multiple categories and want to combine them in one clip, or you can focus on individual hairy body parts one at a time.
  • Use the right words: Imagine being your own lover when you talk about your body hair. What it looks like is easy for the viewer to see, so tell them what it feels like, smells like, tastes like. Many successful hairy clips use a lot of talking to create a sensory experience. Body hair is a very “hands on” fetish, so creating a fully-imagined sensory experience using your words will really help sell more clips and get your fans hooked.
  • Combine with other fetishes: One of the best things about body hair is that it’s a specific fetish, but because it is a physical feature, it is easy to attract fetishists to your other content as well. Think of it like big boobs: maybe the video is about pantyhose, but if you have big tits, you’re going to put that in the keywords to get more attention to the video.
  • Advertise your body hair: Make sure the thumbnails for your videos give fans a peek at your hairy body, even if the hair is not the central focus of the video. On your cam profile, have photos that show your bush or hairy pits if you’ve got those on offer. This will bring fans of hairy girls to your room!

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