5 Lighting Options for Cam Models / Clip Producers

In this video, Katy Churchill discusses a few different lighting options at a variety of price points. Here are the 5 options discussed in the video:

  • Natural Lighting: The OG lighting option. The cheapest to acquire and operate, it only works during set hours and is heavily influenced by the weather. Very flattering, but also tempermental.
  • Table / Desk Lamps: Almost every model starts here. Use them wisely and with parchment or diffusion paper, and these can be a great option.
  • Clamp Lights: Katy’s personal favorite for inexpensive DIY lighting–and an option she still uses regularly, even with more expensive “upgraded” lighting options in her arsenal.
  • Soft Boxes / Umbrella Lights: Probably the most common choice for cam models looking to upgrade their lighting, soft boxes are big and cumbersome, but also more affordable and effective than other options. Katy isn’t a fan of umbrella lights, which are primarily for still photography.
  • Ring Lights: If you watch YouTube, you’ve likely seen the white circles in someone’s eyes that reveal the ring light as their light source of choice. Ring lights can be a great supplemental light source, especially if you can control the light’s temperature.

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