6 tips to increase your income from selling photos

Have you devoured our guide to selling nudes, but want to know how to make even more money off your sexy photos? We’ve got you covered! We’re assuming that you want to sell individual pics or photo sets on top of/in addition to premium Snapchat or fan club subscriptions. With that in mind, here are our top 6 tips to make more money selling your nudes:

  1. Remind followers/fans that you sell pics: You’re already promoting your upcoming webcam shift, your newest video, and your fan club, so add your photo sets into your promotional rotation. Use scheduling apps to plan your social media posts, and tell followers what you have for sale and how they can buy it. “DM me” is a fine approach to take, as long as you check your messages daily and have cut-and-paste responses ready to go with all the details.
  2. Approach your fans where they’re already buying: Promoting the nudes you have for sale on social media is good to do, but promoting to customers already spending money on you is even better. Use the messaging features built into your cam site, clip site, and/or fan club site to let your fans know that you sell nudes, and have content available for them to buy right now.
  3. Make your prices simple: Customers should be able to easily figure out what they’re getting for their money. If you charge $5 for 10 photos one day and $5 for 3 photos the next, your customers are going to get worried about whether or not they’re getting value for money. Find a per-pic rate that suits you, and price all of your sets the same. You can still run sales, but have the same base rate across all sets so customers aren’t confused.
  4. Offer “custom” photo sets: This works incredibly well on sites like OnlyFans, and doubles your opportunities for making money off one set of photos: when the customer pays for the set, and again when you post it in your fan club feed to support your subscription price. Charge a per-photo base rate with a minimum number of photos (I charge $1 per pic for regular nudes, $2 per pic for more complex costumes) and collect payment in advance. Then, when you take the photo set, take some extras to make fan club content with. Make sure you post the photo set several weeks after you deliver it to the customer (I wait 4-6 weeks) and keep about half of the customer’s photos as “exclusives” for their eyes only.
  5. Whet their appetite with a little taste: When you send out photo sets as locked messages, don’t just use a text description of the content to get buyers interested. Instead, choose 1 or 2 non-nude or censored photos to include as a freebie to entice the customer to pay to view the rest of the message.
  6. Take good photos: It should probably go without saying, but selling low-resolution, blurry or overly-edited photos isn’t going to result in many repeat customers. You don’t need expensive equipment to do a DIY photoshoot, and you can get away using free software to edit images. Use good lighting, the rear camera on your smartphone (the front camera will be fine on newer phones as well), and a tripod or clamp to hold your phone still and get your whole body in the picture. Skip heavy filters to maintain your “real person” authenticity, too, especially if you do live cam shows.

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