How to make payout on Pornhub without millions of views

Tube site Pornhub is an undeniable force in the industry, and while many models resist getting involved with Pornhub (or other MindGeek-owned tube sites like RedTube and YouPorn) on principle, there is money to be made on the site if you’re interested. With a $100 minimum payout amount, and free videos earning just $0.60 per 1,000 views, it can seem impossible to make payout regularly without millions of views–but it’s not true! There are 4 ways to substantially bump up your earnings far beyond the pennies that passively uploading free videos will bring.

Post good free content–and promote it

You don’t have to film exclusive content for Pornhub, nor do you need to put up full clips for free in order to attract new and repeat viewers to your account. Don’t just post short previews of your full videos, though: instead, make themed compilations featuring previews of your best content. Videos in the 7-12 minute range seem to do better than shorter videos, and they should be of the same quality as your regular content. If you want people to bookmark and come back to your page regularly–and convert into paying customers–you should look at every free video as an opportunity to give them a satisfying taste. And don’t forget promotion! Promote your free videos in the same way you would promote your paid content. Your free content is the gateway to your paid products, and shouldn’t be ignored in your social media promo schedule.

Promote your fetishes

Some people think that Pornhub is a graveyard when it comes to earning money off fetishes–not true! While fetish content doesn’t get as many views passively as vanilla straight sex content, having free fetish content is a great way to sell your paid fetish content. Free compilations of fetish content (e.g. videos made up of short clips of pantyhose or farting videos) give you a great place to drive traffic from sites like Reddit, where the viewers can be hostile to models trying to directly sell content. Having a free fetish video lets you take advantage of the vast constellation of fetish subreddits while taking viewers to a place where you can promote your paid content.

Use Modelhub to sell clips

Once you have viewers on your Pornhub profile, you need something to sell them. Pornhub has on-site integration with FanCentro, ModelCentro, and runs a Streamate whitelabel, so if you are active on those platforms, you should make sure your accounts are connected to your Pornhub profile. Remember, though, that viewers come to tube sites looking for videos, so having videos for sale as well as free videos can hook buyers, especially if the videos that have sections featured in your free compilations are available for purchase.

Turn on Viewshare for Pornhub Premium members

Another piece of the Pornhub puzzle is the “Viewshare” feature. By allowing your for-sale videos from Modelhub to be included in the Pornhub Viewshare program, you allow your for-sale videos to be streamed for free by viewers who have paid for Pornhub Premium memberships. If they want to download the video, they will gave to purchase it. The Viewshare program’s RPM varies based on the Premium program income, but in 2019 the average was $35.58 per 1,000 views.


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