Promoting your AVN Stars, JustForFans, or other fan club platform can be difficult

Finding a place to promote your adult fan club can be stressful, hard, and downright tiring. Getting stuck in the monotony of sending out a tweet stating you posted a new piece of content and crossing your fingers and toes hoping it reaches a person who might be interested is simply not going to cut it. One of the biggest parts of adult fan clubs is the promotional aspect, which will likely account for half of the time you actually dedicate to the fan club. Generating a healthy relationship between creation and promotion is essential to succeed when running a fan club and becomes even more essential when you are utilizing fan clubs that don’t have internal traffic.

How do I promote my adult fan club?

Promoting your fan club can be done in many ways, including but not limited to: showing previews for upcoming or currently released content, generating “hype” about yourself and your product, sharing customer reviews and testimonials, advertising sales, promising access to special content, advertising special incentives, etc. The way you promote your fan club will depend on what you post, what you are comfortable with showing for free versus getting paid to show, and the form of advertising you are most comfortable with.

Promote your fan club on social media

Social media may seem easy breezy but in reality most people are not utilizing social media to the fullest extent. When promoting on social media, you should be tracking how well the social media actually converts to see if you’d like to continue dedicating your time to posting there. For example: Twitter allows you to see your tweet analytics which includes the impressions and total engagement. You can use this information by comparing it to statistics your fan club receives if they share that information, or by connecting your fan club to a vanity domain that allows you to track clicks.

There are a lot of different social media platforms to use when promoting your adult fan club, using as many as you can will help you increase your audience and potential clients which should result in more conversions. Here are the social media platforms we recommend that you use for advertising fan clubs:


    • Twitter: Nearly every adult performer is on Twitter, this is due to their allowance of nudity. You can post explicit photo and video preview, interact and network with other performers as well as customers, and utilize hashtags to improve the likelihood of finding new clients. Additionally, Twitter has amazing internal SEO which almost guarantees that if you use the same name across all platforms that your Twitter will be easily found through a Google search which helps to put people in contact with you easier.


    • Reddit: Reddit is yet another platform that allows nudity and explicit posts, although the platform can tend to be a little trickier to navigate than other social media platforms due to the restrictions you will often find in individual forums ranging from not allowing self promotion to the banning of links / paid links. Some threads won’t allow models to post in them due to the fact they charge for content, even if they aren’t asking for payment in their posts in the thread. Reddit will require a bit of research and careful planning of post strategy, but when mastered it allows you to tap into a market that many are too afraid to tap into due to the restrictions. It can also be a great place to advertise your Free OnlyFans, or tube site posts where you funnel to your fan club.


    • Instagram: Instagram is a great place to find customers interested in sexy photo content because Instagram is essentially the “PG version” of adult fan clubs. This makes a great opportunity to upsell nudity and more explicit posts by joining your fan club, and provides ample opportunity to post engaging and eyecatching content in the form of photo or video.


    • TikTok: TikTok is a popular video media based application that works on an algorithm which suggests content to users based on their interests. This is great for fan clubs because many people on the app are interested in the upsell of unlocking adult content, additionally since the algorithm suggests new content to users based on their interests you are more likely to find customers that are actually interested in subscribing to your fan club because TikTok will basically push it in their face! TikTok is basically a cooler video based version of Instagram, with a much better algorithm based on interacting with random people in addition to the people you follow.


  • YouTube: Yet another popular video platform, YouTube is fantastic for promoting fan clubs due to ease of upselling. YouTube is based on keyword rich marketing and video content that draws in viewers, if you are able to entertain a viewer in a SFW video with your personality they are very likely to seek out your additional services.

Promote your fan club on cam sites

Cam sites are an excellent place to promote your adult fan club because cam shows generally feature your personality heavily and help to entice viewers to “want more.” The whole point of fan clubs is that the customer wants more of YOU, which means that a person that watches you on cam regularly would be likely to enjoy access to your fan club. Dropping subtle reminders that you have a fan club while on cam by saying things like “I can’t wait to take photos of the aftermath of this show for my fan club” or “When I log off I’ll be up for chats with my fans over on (random fan club)” will show your viewers you are active on your fan club and give them the reminder to sign up!

Promote your fan club on tube sites

Tube sites have an undeniably large amount of traffic and utilizing tube site traffic to send traffic towards your fan club can be a bold strategic move that pays off. This works extra well if you post a lot of video content to your fan club because you will be able to show previews for the content you post with the promise of the bigger and better version on your fan club. Make sure to watermark your content when you utilize tube sites and additionally watermark the link you are directing to on the preview you post.

Network with other performers / Telegram

Networking and doing shout outs with other performers is a great way to bring more traffic to your fan club. It helps to do cross promotions with models that offer similar products or have a similar look because their fans are more likely to be interested in you. If you aren’t sure how to network with other performers, Telegram is a great place to get started.

Promote your fan club on clip sites

Letting customers know that a video is available on your fan club instead of just a one time price can help entice them to join your fan club. Try the catch phrase: “do you want access to this video AND MORE? My fan club has this video plus you will unlock all of my other posts!”


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