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Make Money Selling Fetish Videos On Clips4Sale

Clips4Sale is the leading fetish clip site. Even though the network specializes in fetish content, vanilla performers and studios are welcome as well. Clips4Sale has generous payouts, a great customer base and tons of cool features. Here’s all the details.


Clips4Sale Information:

  • Services: Clips, Galleries, Subscription, Tributes
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Payout Percentage: 60-80%
  • Payout Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire
  • Min Payout: $50-$150
  • Payout Schedule: Monthly
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • DMCA Services: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: No
  • Regional Blocking: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: Yes



What Is Required To Get Started?

The one major requirement is that everyone signing up must be eighteen years old or older. An ID is required when registering, as proof of age. The age of all performers featured in any of the content must be verified as well. There’s also a 10 clip minimum to get started on Clips4Sale.


All Genders Welcome: Female, Male, Transgender

All genders are welcome on Clips4Sale. Female, male and transgender performers can all make money producing and uploading their clips to the site. Couples and groups are also permitted, as long as everyone featured in the content is over the age of eighteen, and the right documentation is in place.


What Percentage Does Clips4Sale Pay?

Clips4Sale has several different web properties which specialize in different services. Each service comes with a different percentage. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Clip Store: 60%
  • Image Store: 60%
  • DVD Store: 75%
  • Membership Site: 60%
  • Tributes: 80%


Clips4Sale Cashout Options, Min Payout and Payment Schedule

The minimum payout is $50 ($150.00 minimum for International Producers). Once the minimum payout threshold is met, you will be eligible to receive a payout. Payouts are made once a month, on the 7th of each month, for the previous month’s sales revenue. Here’s the supported cashout options:

  • Check – Free
  • ACH – Free
  • Wire Transfer – Fees vary based on location


How To Make Money On Clips4Sale


Make Money Selling Adult / Fetish Videos

The main focus of Clips4Sale is video sales. Clips4Sale specializes in fetish content. Although fetish content is the main focus, vanilla models are also accepted, and many vanilla models find success on the clip site as well. Once registered, Clips4Sale models / studios can upload their content, set the information and pricing. Clips4Sale handles all hosting, sales and delivery of purchased content.


Get Paid From Tributes / Donations

In addition to video sales, Clips4Sale models and studios can also accept tributes and donations. Tributes and donations also fetch a much higher percentage than clip sales do. For all tributes, you’ll earn 80% of the amount given. Clips4Sale also has a handy tribute button generator, that makes it easy to add tribute buttons to your website or blog.


More Clips4Sale Features


Clips4Sale Offers Chargeback Protection

Clips4Sale offers chargeback protection, as long as the chargebacks don’t exceed 2% of net sales. Chargebacks is when someone reverses a payment, either due to credit card theft and fraud, or for other reasons. Chargeback protection means that Clips4Sale models and studios won’t have the funds deducted from their account, whenever a charge is reversed.


Anti-Piracy By TakeDownPiracy

Clips4Sale has partnered with TakeDownPiracy to provide leading DMCA and anti-piracy protection. TakeDownPiracy has over 12 years of experience taking down pirated content and have successfully removed 126 million instances of pirated content.


Boleyn Models

Receive Daily Payouts Through Boleyn Models

Interested in receiving payments daily instead of monthly? check out Boleyn Models! Boleyn Models is a popular camming / clip site studio that’s most popular for their daily pay feature. Boleyn Models get their earnings from all networks they’re a part of added up daily! You can partner with Boleyn for the networks you want daily pay for and work independently on the networks you don’t want the daily pay. Keep in mind that Boleyn Models does take 5%.

Learn More: Boleyn Models – Camming / Clip Site Studio


Clips4Sale Learning and Training

Clips4Sale provides a number of resources for their models and studios. Their blog contains tons of helpful resources for models. They’ve also got some live and recorded video series that help with learning. Those series are explained below.

Clips4Sale Webinars: Clips4Sale regularly hosts webinars that go over a wide range of C4S topics. Participants are also able to ask questions that get answered live on air.

In The Clip Zone: In The Clip Zone is another series by Clips4Sale. Owner Neil jumps on with a Clips4Sale studio, where they talk strategies, the industry and more!


Clips4Sale Supports Studios, Producers and Indie Models

Whether you’re a solo / independent model or a producer, Clips4Sale supports all types of content producers! All of the Clips4Sale accounts are technically “studios”. The studio can be ran by a solo indie model and only feature their content. The studio can be ran by a producer, featuring a wide range of the talent they’re shooting. Anyone can make money selling their fetish videos on their site.


Both Fetish and Vanilla Clips Supported

Clips4Sale is the leading fetish clip site and primarily fetish focused. If you’re a fetish model, Clips4Sale is a must. If your content is primarily vanilla, you can still sell your clips on Clips4Sale. If you’re only doing vanilla videos though, it’s suggested to take a look into fetish content. Embracing fetish can add variety to your clip store and you might find a fetish that is insanely profitable for you.


Regional Blocking: Block Specific Countries

Clips4Sale supports regional blocking. Clips4Sale studios are able to block specific countries. Blocking specific regions can significantly reduce the chance of someone seeing you online. Once blocked, nobody from that country will be able to see your store or content.


Get Started Selling Videos On Clips4Sale!

Ready to open your own Clips4Sale store? Signup today! As long as you’ve got the 10 clip minimum and all the age verification documentation, you can open your own Clips4Sale store. Join one of the largest fetish communities, and take advantage of the great payout rates and traffic. Plus offer even more services on NexoCams. Get started today!

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