Instagram Models can make a profit from photos they would normally post to Instagram

Many Instagram Models take multiple photos when attempting to capture the perfect shot for Instagram, which can result in having anywhere from 10-20 photos that “don’t make the cut.” While they may not make the cut for your public Instagram page where you are posting the perfect shot to rack up followers, you can post these near-misses as well as behind the scenes photos and videos to fan club platforms in order to monetize your most loyal followers.

What should Instagram Models post to Fan Clubs to get fans?

There is a misconception about fan clubs that models have to post nude photos in order to succeed, and that is simply not true. Many loyal fans and followers will subscribe to see more behind the scenes of a models real life, “lewd” sexy photos which aren’t nudes but are sexual in nature, cute outfit photosets, extended video since Instagram has a maximum time limit, short work out videos, inspirational videos, outfit try-ons, bikini photos, and more! You can utilize a fan club for nearly any purpose and if you have a fan base that is interested in you and “your brand” you will likely be successful in building a paying audience through a fan club.

How should I promote my fan club?

The best way to promote your fan club is to put the link in your Instagram bio. Instagram does ban some accounts if they are suspected for promoting “adult links” so buying a vanity URL that is on brand for you that redirects to your fan club is a good way to avoid problems and also increase the memorability of your fan club URL. You can also run your own website and link that, and have the link to your fan club easily accessible on your website. Have your own website is a great way to increase your brand recognition.

How do I prevent fans from sharing my fan club photos?

A concern for many models that open fan clubs is how they can prevent the photos from being shared on social media for free, you can prevent your photos and videos from being shared easily by making sure to watermark your photos and videos. If you acquire a lot of fans, watermarks may not always keep the photos and videos from being shared, and it may be time to look into DMCA services.


Our recommended fan club platform for Instagram Models

We highly recommend OnlyFans as the platform for Instagram Models to use to monetize their content. The layout is very similar to Twitter and very easy for your fans to navigate. It also has great tools for scheduling content, offering promotional discounts, free trial links, and a back-end interface that allows you to see how your income is scaling month by month.


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