Pornstars: Charging For Social Media Follows / Unblocks

Social media is a huge part of the adult industry and many models use it to connect with fellow models and companies that they work with, as well as to interact with their fan base. Due to the overwhelming nature of social media and the need to follow accounts that are helpful for their brand, some models do not follow customers back on social media to keep their timeline uncluttered.

Some models will follow members / customers, however, if they are willing to pay for it. As a model, there are many ways to go about following customers on social media. Making them pay for it can be beneficial, but it also brings the question of “what if they stop supporting me actively but paid for a follow?” Due to this, a lot of models prefer to only follow regular customers and make the active decision to follow or unfollow based on their level of activity and support in their cam room or clip stores.


Charging for Private Social Media Follows

If you’d like to make money from private social media, that is also a great option to make side income. It can be advertised as a more interactive way to connect with you, or a place to access your NSFW media. You can take payments for private social media through tip functionality on most sites. Make sure to put your account on private and only approve people who submit payment if you are going to charge customers to follow your private social media.


Charging for Social Media Unblocks

While charging for an unblock isn’t every models cup of tea, the Domme community tends to lean towards this method as a “FinDom Task for people who Waste Time.” If a submissive is overtalkative with a Domme or says something that would be considered out of line for their rank, a Domme will sometimes block them and send them a message saying to be unblocked that can pay an unblock fee, and some models even have the unblock fee listed in their profile bio. While it’s unclear how effective this method actually is against real timewasters, submissives who like to be humiliated and “tricked” into paying for the attention of models do get a kick out of this.

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