Using Store Items To Receive More Tips and Spoils

As a cam model, clip producer, or phone sex operator, you will probably find that customers occasionally will have the desire to leave you a tip. Tipping is common practice in the indie adult industry and many customers will use tipping functions to spoil models on top of purchases that they’ve made if they enjoy them, to show their appreciation for their work, to tribute to their Domme, or to remind a model that they were thinking about them. While most sites do host tipping functionality, some customers may find this method a little less personal. Making your tips fun and flashy as well as giving them a purpose can help entice fans and customers to leave more tips.


How Do I Get More Tips and Spoils?

Customers like to know what exactly they are tipping for and supporting, and while it isn’t necessary for them to know these things, giving them a background story can sometimes entice them into tipping you more. Using custom store items and creating custom graphics with descriptions of what customers are tipping for can improve the tipping experience for the customer.


What To Ask For Tips For

A common practice is listing things like “Tip for Flowers” or “Tip for Lingerie” and including a photo of what the customer would be tipping for you to receive, so that when they see the item they will know that they provided that for you. Many customers get enjoyment out of buying outfits, accessories, and other gifts for models that they know will be used in their content and cam shows. Customers also enjoy buying sex toys for models, for obvious reasons. If you are a model who is more open with your customers, creating tipping functions for medical reasons or other serious financial reasons like paying bills (rent, phone, electricity, internet, etc) can be beneficial.


Requesting Tips / Tributes As A Domme

You can also create tipping options for bills that are geared towards a more Dominant style of adult work, such as “Bill Adoption.” Bill adoption usually means a customer takes up the responsibility of one of your monthly bills and tips for it every month. It is a great opportunity especially for Dommes looking for financial tasks to give their submissives to prove their loyalty or to receive slave tasks in return. Make sure you do not rely on this monthly payment, as customers can obviously not pay at any time.


Showing Off Items To Build Awareness For Tribute Opportunity

When you show off items that have been purchased for you on social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat and publicly thank you customer that bought it, you will develop a better relationship with that customer but you will also attract the attention of other customers that are looking for more personalized attention from you. Clients that want social media attention and praise are likely to purchase your tip menu items or spoil items if you “make a show” of thanking them privately and publicly.

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