Making Money on Clips4Sale Selling Fetish Clips is Possible!

Clips4Sale can seem overwhelming to many clip sellers because their layout is definitely not as welcoming as many of the other popular clip selling platforms that are currently popular. Once you get past the surface of their looks, Clip4Sale has amazing traffic and earning potential. I would highly recommend Clips4Sale to any model who is looking to earn money from selling Fetish content. To utilize their amazing base of traffic there are some simple tricks you can use to maximize your income.

1. Upload your video to Clips4Sale in multiple formats/sizes to maximize the exposure it gets sitewide.

Clips4Sale currently allows you to upload 4 versions of the same video, which is something that most clip sites don’t allow. It is highly suggested to produce an HD version of your video in the mp4 and wmv formats, and an SD version in the mp4 and wmv formats.

2. Utilize the tagging system on Clips4Sale to achieve a larger audience.

Since you are able to upload a total of 4 versions of your video, you can use the Clip Category tag to spread your video out across 4 total category listings. When people browsing Clips4Sale use the category search tool, this will put your video in the recently updated stores for those 4 categories as opposed to just one. If your video has success, it can also potentially be displayed in the Top Studios or Top Clips for that category. If you get the Top Clip/Studio in multiple categories it will also drive more traffic to your profile and your content.

3. Link to your Similar Videos in the description of your video on Clips4Sale to help customers find things they make like.

Linking to videos in the same niche or with similar plots can help customers find what they’re looking for to buy multiple clips without having to do manual searches from your clip store page. Simplifying the searching and buying process for customers tends to help achieve more sales.

4. Create better quality previews and GIFs for your content on Clips4Sale to give it a smooth appearance.

Along with Clips4Sale’s prehistoric layout, their platform also delivers you very bad butchered quality previews. To avoid this, make the previews yourself. Most video editors will allow you to create GIF versions of your video preview, which simplifies the process so you can simply turn off video previews. This also eliminates the issue of sound, which some people will watch for free to “get off” to. The maximum file size for your image is 50 MB which means you can create relatively long GIF previews.

5. Utilize their social media auto-posting tool for Twitter to drive traffic to your Clips4Sale page.

You can play with the settings to allow it to post more or less and decide what it posts, but the backlinking to your page will result in more page views/more potential customers.

6. Tackle lesser known but highly browsed niche content on Clips4Sale to target a market with less product.

You will be more likely to get sales in a category with less competition but a lot of customers. The tough part about this advice is it very much relies on trial and error.
For example: I am currently browsing the tag “1920’s Porn” on Clips4Sale, the recently updated studio list shows stores updated all the way back to the year 2009, meaning that it is not a popular category. There are only 3 studios listed in top studios, and 3 clips listed in top clips, meaning this category has very minimal competition. Looking at the top studios – these are all studios that have been updated within the past month, and have multiple clips therefore they are somewhat active. You could take the risk and create a video within the theme and tag it as “1920’s Porn” as it’s main category. By doing this, you could theoretically gain customers from those top studios because when people click that outgoing main category link as long as you have at least 1 sale you are guaranteed to be on the top studio and top clip list. BUT – the ultimate question is, would that be worth your time? Mixing in the lesser popular themes and marketing them to your current audience as well to get sales helps you take over popularity in categories. That category could actually have decent traffic, the reason I clicked it is because it was the second category in the list. Everyone clicking the drop down will see that, some might say “what is 1920’s porn?” and this could lead to them browsing your store.

7. Don’t make your Clips4Sale profile too overwhelming to browse, keep it simple.

I know as soon as a model signs up for Clips4Sale and sees you can add HTML to your profile to customize it, their mind probably goes to like high-tech charts/links/buttons, glitter, sparkly cursors, and flashing lights. At the end of the day, your profile will really not effect your sales. The customer base on Clips4Sale uses Clips4Sale, so keep that in mind. It is not a design masterpiece, it’s a tag based site that’s easy to scroll and find what you’re looking for. Try to keep your profile similar to that sentiment, if your profile is too overwhelming it may actually make customers not want to purchase your videos.

8. Be clear about your description on Clips4Sale.

Fetish work can be very specific, for example: the balloon fetish. Some people like to watch them blown up, some like them popped, some like them overfilled, some like them underfilled, some like them red, some like them blue, some like a mix of all of these things. You are more likely to make a sale to a blue overfilled balloon loving customer if your video description is specific about it being a blue overfilled balloon.


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