Awkward launch of updated Cammodel Directory site leaves models, customers frustrated

Popular Skype listing site Cammodel Directory has begun the switch to “CMD 2.0” and the results are not looking good. Both models and customers are unhappy with the new site, which in addition to essentially being a SkyPrivate clone, also features prominent “American” branding, from the stars and stripes header to special badges on American models’ profiles. Of course, despite the all-American facade, the site was clearly built by a European company – heights and weights are all in cm and kg, and some of the verbiage is clearly written by a non-native English speaker. But who cares, MURICA!

Cammodel Directory has defended the branding, telling models who have enquired that American models bring in a “higher class” of customers who are willing to pay more per minute. Of course, there are still models of other nationalities on the site, who are sorted into Canadian, Latina, Asian, and European categories. Americans are sorted into East Coast and West Coast. If they add any more American regions it will begin to look like an escort site, which is presumably why they have kept it more broad.

The site currently at is “CMD 1.0”, but clicking on any category or on most models’ profiles takes you to CMD 2.0, leading to confusion for customers and frustration for models, who are left explaining the changes and walking customers through the new processes. Additionally, many functions on the new site are currently not working, forcing models to contact support, who are nearly universally unhelpful, referring to models as “dear” and “friend” in condescending responses. The only models able to access actual support are those who have joined the CMD Discord channel, where the moderators are often able to solve problems and answer questions.

What is changing in CMD 2.0?

  • The main page layout has been updated and looks much more modern. Models who have chosen to upload preview videos have those videos displayed when the customer hovers over their profile picture. Additionally, models are now sorted in a different way than the previous 7 day earnings method.
  • CMD 2.0 uses the SkyPrivate plugin to charge customers per-minute for Skype shows. Models who do not want to offer per-minute shows are still required to use the plugin to display as “online” on the site, even if they plan to only accept pre-paid shows. The current layout hides the pre-paid show option in a menu, though CMD has repeatedly assured models that they are considering making a more visible button for pre-payments.
  • Customers must create accounts in order to purchase shows, either through the plugin or pre-paid. First, they create an account, then load funds into the account, and then send funds to the model. CMD has said they are exploring a “check out as guest” option for pre-paid shows that will not require the customer to to create an account, but don’t hold your breath – the plugin requires an account and CMD 2.0 is all about the plugin, so it would be surprising for them to backtrack on it.
  • CMD 2.0 has an affiliate program. Models can get up to 6% for referring customers (this feature is one that is currently not working, and is in fact prompting customers to create accounts on SkyPrivate, not CMD), and can make additional income by referring models to the platform. The affiliate network also allows non-models to earn money by referring both models and members to CMD.

Cammodel Directory has said that they will be completely switching over to CMD 2.0 in late March/early April, so I will keep an eye on how the rollout progresses.

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