Why is sleeping on Streamate suddenly so popular?

If you’ve recently scrolled Streamate you may have noticed an overwhelming amount of performers offering “sleep shows” most of which have their display photo as them holding a sign announcing it will be a sleep show or a photo of them appearing to be asleep with a tip activated vibrating toy in. There is some pretty strong history with Streamate and sleeping, as they formerly allowed sleep shows, then banned them, but now they are suddenly back again with Streamate warning that “it’s allowed with some exceptions: use caution!” The sleeping show rule was updated in November of 2021 and states:
“Sleeping during a designated “sleep show” is allowed. However, the way you describe the show is important. Do not imply non-consent or illegal activity with words such as “drugged” or “helpless.” If your consent is in question, our support team will cut the stream or suspend your account to avoid showing illegal activity. To avoid this, use clear descriptions such as “Join me for a nap show” and ensure no actions that appear non-consensual happen during the stream.”

What is the benefit of sleep shows on Streamate?

Active performers on Streamate know that hours play a large role in the formula that decides your homepage placement on Streamate. Generally speaking, more hours is almost always a good thing. Once you get to a certain amount of hours you’re almost always on the front page even if you aren’t raking in money – just because you’re always online! Performers are utilizing sleeping shows to boost their hours while they get their nights sleep, while some performers do put in tip vibes for their sleep shows, some really just do sleep. It’s a fast way to rack up your hours online without having to actually focus on the stream.

What if I snore?

You don’t necessarily have to sleep in a sleep show, if you adjust your camera correctly you can simply turn over and show off your butt while you are on your phone relaxing. Some people aren’t comfortable actually sleeping on webcam which is totally okay! If you’re feeling non-performative but still want to get hours in, faking a nap show is a good way to feign productivity.

Will I actually make money in a sleep show?

You won’t make nearly as much money as you could potentially while you’re awake, people that want specific fetishes or sex shows won’t interact with you. If you put a tip vibe on, some people will enjoy messing with you while you’re asleep (especially if you’re fake sleeping and emphasize the moans or pretend you got so turned on it woke you up.) Throwing on your stream when you’re about to fall asleep won’t be a sure-fire way to wake up to money but it is a good way to boost your online hours.

Want to sleep live on webcam?

Then sign up for Streamate, they are currently one of the only adult webcam websites that allow sleeping on a live stream. If you’re a tired hottie, Streamate should fill the livestream nap gap in your heart!

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