3 ways to speed up your pre-cam routine to log on faster

One complaint that I frequently hear is that getting ready to log on to cam takes ages, and can be a mental block – or even a time issue – to logging on at all. Here are 3 ways to minimize the time you spend getting ready to log on.

Hair and Makeup

I promise you that you will not make less money if you spend less time doing your hair and makeup. Yes, this is an appearance-oriented industry, but your customers will not notice if you skip the cut crease and just use a single shadow. If you enjoy playing with makeup but struggle to log on cam on time, save the experimentation for your day off. I stopped wearing foundation and concealer altogether because it took me ages to do my base flawlessly, and a grand total of 2 customers have noticed in nearly a year since I made the change! Spending 45 minutes curling or straightening your hair is 45 minutes you could have been making money. Your hair and makeup just need to be neat and presentable, not red carpet ready.

Cam Space Setup

Setting up your cam space should be simple. You don’t need to rearrange your space every time to keep it interesting, and you don’t need to create a special playlist before you log on every shift. You need your computer, camera, and lighting – that’s it. Focus on getting those in place and let the decor come a distant second. If you’re waiting to have the perfect setup before starting to cam, you’ll never get going.

Social Media Promo

Rather than doing your social media promo during your cam shift, take 2 or 3 photos before you log on and use the Twitter scheduling tool to announce that you are online, and then send 1 or 2 reminder posts. You also do not need to tweet repeatedly while getting ready: 1 tweet that you’re getting ready for cam is more than enough, and as long as your cam shift is longer than 1 hour, even that is probably unnecessary. Your fans don’t need to follow along with you every moment while you prepare, they just need to know when you’re actually online.

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