Skype Cam Shows: Busting 5 common myths!

Skype cam shows are the ultimate in indie camming: you drive most of your own traffic, get industry-leading payout rates, and don’t have to show anything for free. There are, however, a lot of myths and misconceptions about how to offer Skype cam shows and who is the ideal Skype model. Let’s bust some myths!

You have to take Paypal/Venmo/Cashapp to do Skype shows

While you can use payment apps to take payments for Skype cam shows, I wouldn’t recommend it – it leaves you vulnerable to scams and is against the TOS for these apps and can get you banned and your funds frozen. There are several ways to take payment for Skype shows, from “video chat” orders on Manyvids to posting a profile on Cammodel Directory to accepting tips on Clips4Sale or Onlyfans to taking calls on Niteflirt. These sites have fraud detection and chargeback policies designed to protect your income, and are explicitly adult sites that allow the sale of adult entertainment services, so they will not ban you or seize your funds for offering Skype cam shows.

Skype cam shows are only for customers who want weird / gross / illegal stuff

Yes, you will come across customers who want you to do shows with prohibited or illegal content when you do Skype cam shows – but customers ask for shows like that on big box sites, too. The rate of requests for illegal shows has been no higher for me on Skype than it was on Streamate, Chaturbate, or MyFreeCams. Unfortunately, in camming, there is no way to escape from these enquiries, and you just have to block and move on.

You have to have cheap rates to be successful with Skype shows

Just like big box sites, Skype models charge a wide range of rates, from $1/minute to upwards of $7/minute. Keep in mind that Skype models keep $0.65-0.85 per dollar, compared to $0.30-0.50 on big box cam sites, so some models charge less per minute for Skype cam shows than they would on a big box site, but you can set your rate at whatever you like. Some sites (Cammodel Directory is one) even have minimum per-minute rates to prevent models from charging rock-bottom prices for shows.

Only models with huge social media followings can do Skype

There’s no way around it: having a large social media following can help you succeed with Skype cam shows faster than if you have a small following, or are not on social media at all. Skype sites typically have less traffic browsing the site than big box cam sites do because the higher model payout means they do not have the funds to buy advertising or pay affiliates to drive traffic. In exchange for the higher payout, models are expected to bring their own traffic. Established sites like Niteflirt, SkyPrivate, and Cammodel Directory do have their own traffic, though, and you can absolutely build a clientele without social media, it just takes a bit longer. To build your business solely off on-site traffic in Skype means using a variety of tips and tricks to show up in search, polish your profile, and using the site’s placement algorithm to your advantage.

Doing Skype cam shows means being available 24/7

I don’t know where this myth came from – possibly from the world of phone sex, where there is a subset of operators who leave their lines on all day – but it isn’t true! You can work shifts identical to those you worked on big box sites, and when you log off you are finished working.

With those myths busted, are you feeling like you’re ready to give Skype shows a shot?

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