Don’t panic! Many models succeed without social media, even in 2022

So you lost your social media account. Maybe it was that risque pic you posted to Instagram, or you mentioned Onlyfans on TikTok and now you’re banned. For me, it was a header that fell foul of Twitter’s vague “no adult content” rules. Sometimes I’m just too sexy for my own good, even when fully clothed! Once the initial panic has passed, take a deep breath and remember this: you can make a living in adult entertainment without social media. I lost my Twitter account months ago and haven’t taken a hit in earnings, and I have friends in the industry who haven’t tweeted in years and have under 1,000 followers who earn a great income despite their lack of social media following. How?

1. Maximize your on-site placement.

Do you know how the algorithms to determine placement work on the sites you work on? While some companies keep their algorithms “secret”, others are open about how placement works on their site. Learn how placement works, and figure out how to maximize your placement on the platform. Every algorithm is “hackable”, it just might take some extra work. Heck, some platforms even allow you to pay to boost your placement! If you work on Streamate, Aerie has a great article about how to manipulate the Streamate algorithm to boost your placement.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to your advantage.

Most sites that have search functions use all of the text in your profile and/or video descriptions to pull search results. Use keywords frequently when writing text. Not sure what to say? Look up other performers and videos in your niche and check what words they use to describe themselves and their content. Find out if your keywords are working by searching the terms you used and checking whether or not your info comes up. Not popping up in the top results? Try focusing on less-flooded terms that still apply to your content – think “toe fetish” instead of “foot fetish”.

3. Be as consistent as possible.

If you can’t use social media to broadcast your erratic schedule to your fans and followers, then it helps to be more consistent. While the flexibility of the online adult industry is one of the biggest perks of the job, having some sort of schedule helps you cultivate regular customers. Make it easier for yourself by filming, editing, and scheduling content in advance, or committing to fewer cam hours than you actually anticipate working.

4. Use on-site communication tools.

Sure, not all sites have good messaging systems – or any messaging system at all – but for the ones that do, use them! Find out how to send mass DMs and start sending out a little mini newsletter on a monthly basis, or post a status update to your account if it gives you extra visibility to your fans/followers on the platform. Even Clips4Sale, the dinosaur of all platforms, offers a way for customers to opt-in to an email list that you can use to contact your customers directly with updates. It’s not as easy as posting a Tweet or a sexy Instagram pic, but it’s definitely faster than TikTok.

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