4 things you should start charging for right now

One thing I have learned over 8 years of camming is that my per-minute price does not have to be all-inclusive. For requests that are a hassle, take extra time, or are things I want to limit how often I do them, I can charge extra! Some customers may be used to getting it all for one price, but especially in Skype shows, extra fees for certain things are becoming increasingly common. Here are 4 things you can start charging for today – to compensate you for your off-camera work and to increase your income.

1. Outfit Requests/Changes

Getting in and out of 20 different lingerie sets a day takes time – time you often are not paid for. I choose one outfit for the day, and then customers can choose to start the show with me in the outfit or nude for no extra charge, but if they want to pick what I’m wearing, that’s when it becomes an extra fee.

2. Anal

Anal is a service that many models don’t offer, thus making it more valuable. With that in mind, many customers are more than happy to pay extra to get their ass action! You can either increase your per-minute rate for shows including anal (if you are on a pre-paid Skype site this is very simple, less so if you are on a per-minute site) or charge a flat extra fee for adding anal into a show.

3. Messy or Set-Up Required Shows

Baby oil? Fake cum facial? Sloppy blowjob that will ruin your makeup? A special angle that means moving furniture and lighting? All of these are shows that you can (and should!) charge a premium for. If you have to spend extra time after the show returning yourself or your cam space to normal for the next show, that is time that you need to be compensated for. I have a cam room that easily accommodates a lot of camera angles, so I generally don’t charge extra for those, but you’d better believe that I tack on extra to fuck up my face and body with fluids like baby oil and cum lube.

4. Shows in Other Rooms

Even if you use a laptop and just pick it up and carry it to the bathroom for a shower show, you can charge extra for it. Unless you’ve set yourself up for a day of shows in a different room, any big change to your usual location (like swapping rooms) deserves an up-charge.

Some customers (and even some models) see up-charges as nickel and diming them for things that should be included. I always explain that my price is set for a basic show, and that the extras cost. If my price was all-inclusive, everyone would be paying more, and then nobody would be happy, instead of just a small handful of cheapskates complaining. Customers who do not like my prices are free to choose another model, but the grumblers often pay because they want the level of service that I offer. If you can stand the occasional complaint, you can ultimately earn more using clever up-charges for appropriate services!

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