Twitter is one of the most notably used social media websites in the adult industry

The social media website Twitter is one of the most notoriously utilized social media platforms across the entirety of the adult industry and there’s a good reason for it; Twitter is one of few remaining social networks that allow adult oriented user generated content. The only comparable network left for uncensored adult content publication is Reddit but the differences between the two platforms is clear to see, as adult performers continue flocking to Twitter in an effort to avoid the time dedication that is required to gain traction on Reddit. While Twitter continues to allow adult oriented content to be posted, they’ve slowly began nitpicking the users that post this content over the past few years, with major changes and censorship non-coincidentally popping up in their terms in conjunction with SESTA/FOSTA passing. You can certainly still post pornography on Twitter but there are ways to do so that will help alleviate the stress of potential account bans or suspensions due to the weird loopholes in Twitters Community Guidelines.

Use adult oriented links sparingly

Twitter has seemingly started to throttle the viewership on posts with adult oriented links in them, whether this is their way of “deterring spam” or simply stifling the adult industry as a whole… we’ll never know. Organizing your links into a linkhub and providing this link within your pinned tweet or bio on Twitter is a great way to make sure the content that you are posting onto Twitter is not being hidden from potential customers and fans. If you would rather post direct links instead of utilizing a linkhub then utilizing a link shortening service with tracking is a great way to not only improve your insights but also lessen the likelihood of being flagged as spamming adult content links. While there’s no foolproof way to avoid sharing adult links entirely, posting your links in the replies to your media posts rather than within the post will help ensure that your media post has higher potential to spread and gain traffic for you. If you’ve been part of retweet groups then you probably no that “no link” posts are becoming the preferred marketing strategy due to Twitter continuing to tighten their rules regarding adult links.

Avoid acting “spammy”

While what you’re doing on Twitter is probably just networking, Twitter may not see it that way. Mass cross promotions can actually appear to be spam on Twitter, if you’re posting content and it’s immediately getting retweeted by tons of accounts and has links in the post then it unfortunately looks like spam. It’s the same tactic that those annoying OnlyFans bots use.

Give Twitter the “tease stuff”

While adult content isn’t banned on Twitter, giving Twitter the tease censored or very “lightcore” style content can ultimately help preserve the safety of your account. Some of the Community Guidelines are very confusing, especially those in regards to bodily fluids. Instead of posting the final money shot for Twitter to see, keeping that behind a paywall and teasing viewers about it with some tamer previews can be a good way to upsell and to keep your account in good standing.

Don’t put nudity in your profile picture or header

This has always been a rule and while the dick pic spam accounts continue to flourish, unfortunately sex workers get away with far less. I would recommend avoiding handbras or toplessness in general. Even being turned around and flashing a cheeky smirk at the camera without anything showing can set off the Twitter guideline police. You have your entire timeline to post your naked bits on if you decide to, so keep the header and profile photo rated PG. Not even PG-13, it’s honestly too risky.

Convince Twitter that you are a person

As silly as it sounds, you want Twitter to believe that you are a real living breathing person. You’re less likely to get banned if you can show that you interact with other real breathing humans, all of your posts are not just queued posts, and you have variety in your posts (they’re not all just links, or just photos, or just text with a bunch of hashtags.) Retweet things that you like, leave hearts on things that you enjoy, interact with fellow performers and fans, and show Twitter that you’re not just a queued machine but a real engaging human. Adding some variety to your posts to include things outside of the adult industry can also be a great way to show your human-ness, try posting about shows or games that you enjoy or sending out a meme or cute pet picture.

Aim to get verified

Verified accounts have a much easier time on Twitter, since they’ve gone through the process of proving to Twitter that they are in fact, a person (or notable business.) Getting Verified on Twitter isn’t necessarily easy; especially if the reason you are known is only adult industry work. A great way to build up your portfolio so that you can hopefully get approved for Verification on Twitter is to start sending out PR about yourself or hiring a PR team because the requirements to get Verified include recent news articles about you.

Get mentioned by notable accounts

While you may not be Verified, it doesn’t mean you can’t associate with Verified accounts. Showing Twitter that you’re friends with “the elite of Twitter” can be a great way to prove your human-ness.

Don’t attach your phone number to multiple accounts

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, utilize different phone numbers for each of those accounts. Utilizing the same phone number across multiple accounts can look like spam and often times accounts will be punished together if one account faces a ban or suspension for something.

Don’t respond to Tweets with links or nudity

While the “let’s grow our accounts together” Tweets are lighthearted and sweet, it takes one report to get suspended. You can technically be reported for unsolicited nudity or adult link sharing on these posts because the followers of the account posting it didn’t consent to seeing your nudity or adult media, it’s a weird part of the Community Guidelines that makes it safer to simply avoid these types of posts rather than risk it.

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