Camgirls, Camboys, and Pornstars almost always use toys in their videos and shows!

When it comes to sex toys, you SHOULD be picky about what you put in your body! That is why RealDoll is revolutionizing the sex toy industry by offering hyper-realistic sex toys made of high quality material that is body safe and highly customizable to bring performers the best experience possible when sharing their pleasure online. Ordering dildos, sex dolls, butt plugs, and other pleasure devices from less reputable companies or from catalog style sites (like Amazon) put you at risk of not knowing the material within your sex toy which can cause long-term implications to your body and overall health. Sex toy companies often get around requirements for body safety by selling their toys as “novelty” items – and while this can result in a cheap price and a fast shipping time, you could be susceptible to allergic reactions or toxic chemicals within your products.

RealDoll products can come with a pretty hefty price tag but they also come with many benefits. Whether you are looking for dildos, sex dolls, or maybe even something a little on the wild side from their horror themed shop, you can feel comfortable knowing you are purchasing a high quality product made of body safe components. They also offer customization options on almost all of their products which allows performers to order toys that will perfectly fulfill their needs.


RealCock 2 – Hyper Realistic Dildos

The RealCock 2 is a line of dildos that are hyper-realistic and include a three layer design that makes it one of the most realistic dildos in the world. They are so realistic that even the balls are “floating” and can be squeezed and played with. Anything you can do with a real penis, you can do with a RealCock 2. These dildos are made with 100% medical grade platinum cured silicone and while molds are used to preserve the style – the dildo is hand made and poured to order which means you will get a one-of-a-kind dildo that is completely body safe.

There are currently 5 models of the RealCock 2 including: Dirk, Rockwell, Jones, Bruce, and James. The smallest option for performers who want a realistic dildo but are not size queens is definitely the Jones, the overall dimensions of the product including length, circumference, and diameter make it the easiest for regular use in their line of dildos and I would highly recommend it for people that enjoy a standard sized dong. No hate to monster dongs but not everyone is built for the thickness and length! On the topic of monster dongs, if you’re looking for something that will stretch you harder than a hot yoga class, look no further than Bruce. This is the largest RealCock 2 model by all standards: length, diameter, and circumference are all the largest offered in this line of dildos. Dirk, Rockwell, and James are also fantastic options if you are looking to experiment more with different girth sizes in average to large sized dildos.

Since RealCock 2 dildos are hand made to order, you can expect to wait up to 18 weeks for your order to arrive. You can customize the skin color of your order from ready made options including Fair, Medium, and Dark or for an additional fee you have the option to request a custom color. The price for these dildos ranges from $499 USD to $799 USD without custom modifications and RealDoll does fairly often offer promotional codes for purchases to get a discount.

Monster Cocks! Horror and Pop Culture Dildos by RealDoll

If you’re like me – Halloween is a way of life and not just a holiday. Whether you’re a creature of the night, creative creator, or have a random enjoyment for themed dildos, the Monster Cock line created by RealDoll will probably give you the “creepy cock serotonin boost” you’ve been craving. While the niche brand is labeled “Monster Cocks” they offer much more than just dildos, there is a cute (or… creepy maybe) selection of butt plugs, nipple clamps, and fleshlights that can also give you a dip into horror niche toys.

Let’s dive right in, the Monster Cocks… appropriately named, the variety of 5 dildos offers what no other dildo can quite stack up to, which is pure amazement and fright when you look at them. The dildos are perfect for horror lovers and features a vampire themed dildo called “Bitten” which is a standard realistic dildo with bite marks and blood, the “Creature Cock” which claims to be a fantasy dildo that was “transformed by the toxic waters off the New Jersey shore,” the “FrankenCock” which even features the iconic bolts from Frankenstein and will probably make you scream “It’s alive!” or something along those lines, “Pharaohs Staff” which might curse whichever holes you put it into, and “The Nightmare” which will probably haunt your dreams. All of the Monster Cocks come in at a whopping price of $399 USD, which is on the lower end of prices by the RealDoll company and will allow you the chance to quality test a dildo by the company without splurging the $499+ that a RealCock will cost you.


RealDoll – Realistic Male, Female, and Trans Sex Dolls

Whether you’re looking to build your own custom doll or get a sex doll that looks exactly like Asa Akira or Stormy Daniels, you’re in luck! RealDoll offers an insane amount of customization and pre-made sex doll options to cater to your sex doll needs. Relationships cost emotional effort and sex dolls cost money, if you’re a low maintenance person who wants to feel a body against yours once in a while without needing to remember an anniversary then you should check out the collection of 70+ RealDolls that are available for sale. While the use of sex dolls isn’t very popular in porn clips yet, it is a category that can be beneficial to participate in as a fetish artist. You can expect to spend a minimum of $4,000 USD on a classic real doll with the price going up on pre-made models and customized orders.

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