Guide: Become A Phone Sex Operator (Sites Hiring PSOs)


Tutorial: Make Money From Phone Sex

Interested in becoming a phone sex operator? (PSO) Phone sex has evolved a lot since the day of the 900 numbers in the back of the magazines. Now anyone 18+ can become a phone sex operator and make money working from their own home. Phone sex has also embraced mobile technology, and now PSOs can also earn from texting, sending digital media and through mobile apps. Here’s all the information on becoming a PSO.


Sites Hiring Phone Sex Operators

We’ve got a list of the networks hiring Phone sex operators. If you keep scrolling past the directory, you’ll get to the actual guide containing all the information on how to become a phone sex operator.

Site Calling Texting Model Percentage More Information
Arousr Yes Yes 50% Arousr
ExtraLunchMoney No Yes 60%-65% ExtraLunchMoney
iWantPhone Yes No 70% iWantPhone
LoyalFans Yes No 75%-85% LoyalFans
NiteFlirt Yes No 50%-70% NiteFlirt
Paychat Yes Yes 80% Paychat
TalkToMe Yes Yes 40% TalkToMe
SkyPrivate Yes Yes 80%-86% SkyPrivate


Guide To Becoming A Phone Sex Operator

Here’s the official guide to making money as a phone sex operator


What’s Required to Get Started

Must Be 18 Or Older

The one major requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. There are no exceptions. 18 is the minimum age for anyone to get involved in any kind of sex work or adult services. This includes becoming a phone sex operator. When registering for any of the sites, you must submit a digital copy of photo ID for age verification. This is something required by law.

All Genders Welcome

There are no gender restrictions on becoming a phone sex operator. Anyone is eighteen years old or older can register as a PSO, regardless of either gender or sexual orientation. There’s also opportunities for couples as well.

Mobile Phone

The final requirement is a mobile phone. You’ll want a smart phone, as there’s mobile applications that will help with promotion. There’s also other applications that can be monetized. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Android or iOS. It also doesn’t matter what mobile service provider you are using.


How Much Money PSOs Make

This is a very complex and there’s no easy answer. For starters, it varies based on what type of phone sex services are being offered. Different services make money in different ways. For example; talking is charged by the minute, while texting is charged per message. Needless to say talking is the greater money maker, as PSOs would have to send a lot of texts to really make decent money. There’s also other PSO-related services like premium Snapchat that are subscription-based, and very lucrative if a performer can ramp up her/his subscriber-base.

Talker Revenue

Talking is billed by the minute. The network also takes a cut. The phone sex operator can make anywhere from 40%-70%, depending on the network. So if the talker is pricing their services out at $2 per minute, at 50%, they’re making $1/minute or $60 per hour. Keep in mind that PSOs can set their own rates. Lower rates means more calls, but higher rates earn a higher per-minute.

Texting Revenue

Texting is charged per message. Some phone sex sites support multimedia messages, which are charged at a significantly higher rate than plain text messages. Because the time it takes to compose a text, texting isn’t as profitable as the other phone sex services. In fact, most PSOs offering texting are doing it primarily as a way to make money while not camming, talking or offering other services.

Subscription Revenue

Through subscription services (we’ll go over this later in the guide) models can build a residual income. This scales as the number of subscribers scale. If a PSO was charging $15/mo for subscriptions and is keeping 75% of the revenue (varies by network) that performer is getting $11.25 per subscriber. At 10 subscribers, that’s $112.50 per month. At 100, it’s $1,112.50. At 1,000, it’s $11,250.


Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A PSO

Here’s the step-by-step guide to becoming a PSO

Step 1: Choose Your Name

Before you get started, the first step is to choose your PSO name. This is what you’ll go by on the phone sex sites, while talking to customers and on any social media sites. Make sure to pick out a real name and not a screen name (it’s weird calling someone by a screen name and not a first name) and make sure it’s something you like.

Step 2: Phone and ID

The second step is making sure you have everything you need. The requirements for becoming a phone sex operator is really simple. As long as you have a mobile phone and a digital copy of ID for age verification, you’re good to go. The ID must be government-issued and display your date of birth.

Step 3: Choose Your Site

Next step is to choose your sites. Different sites have different features, and this might determine what sites you choose. For example; some sites only support talking, while others also support texting. There’s special sites designed specifically for premium Snapchat. It’s possible to perform on multiple sites.

Step 4: Get Verified

Once you’ve decided what sites you want to perform on, it’s time to register and get verified. Once registered, you’ll need to upload the ID for age verification. This is a manual review process, and how long it takes varies by site and also by how many applications are in front of you. Most approvals occur within 24 hours.

Step 5: Complete Your Profile

Once verified, it’s time to create your profile. How customizable the profile is varies based on site. Make sure to use a sexy image for your profile photo, as that will help you stand out when customers are browsing PSOs. Also be sure to have a complete profile, as that will help potential customers discover you in search.

Step 6: Start Performing

Now that your account is registered and verified and your profile is setup, it’s time to start performing! Simply by being on the phone sex sites, you’ll gain traffic to your profile organically. When someone wants to talk or text, they’ll be connected to your phone automatically.


Privacy Protection (Hide Name and Phone Number)

Here’s how your privacy is protected

Hide Real Phone Number

One of the biggest concerns for potential PSOs is their real number being revealed. when partnering with a site dedicated to phone sex operators, this won’t happen. A 3rd party is used to connect the calls. When a customer connects with you, it’ll never be directly to your phone number. The call will also be disconnected without going to voicemail, if you don’t pick up.

Encrypted Calls / Texts

All the major phone sex networks deploy a level of encryption when connecting the calls or texts. This is through the same 3rd parties that are used to connect the calls and hide the phone number. This ensures that all your information, including your phone number, stays private and secure.

Don’t Give Personal Info

It’s important to note give out any personally identifying information to fans and customers. This includes your real name, phone number of other personal information. If offering premium Snapchat, be sure to make sure it’s not sharing location data with snaps.


How To Promote Phone Sex Services

Here’s how to market your phone sex services

Phone Sex Sites

The easiest and best thing you can do is take advantage of the traffic that already exists on the phone sex sites you’re performing on. They do a lot to drive traffic, which you can take advantage of. To do so, make sure your profile is complete and you use the best photos possible. This will help you stand out in search results and category pages.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is another great way to promote your phone sex services. Best of all, there’s no upfront costs to social media marketing, although there is an investment of time. Remember though: Not all social networks are adult-friendly. We’ve got a list of adult-friendly social networks that you can use for promotion.

Running A Website

Running a website requires maintenance, but it allows you to tap into valuable search engine traffic and works as your main marketing hub where you can list all your sites and services. There’s also services like ModelCentro or AdultMemberSites that make it easy to build  model site with no upfront costs.

Tube Sites

Porn tube sites are a touchy subject, due to the amount of pirated content uploaded to them. Despite that, there’s great promotion opportunities. Tube sites get insane amounts of traffic and there’s social elements to these websites as well. Tube sites are best used to promote video content, but can be used to promote PSO services as well.


Also Get Paid Offering These Services

Phone Sex isn’t the only way to earn money as an adult performer. Also check out these other ways to earn!


Live Camming

Camming is both very popular and profitable. Becoming a camming model is also simple and easy. All you need is a webcam, computer, high-speed internet and a place to perform. All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money as an adult webcam model.

Become A Webcam Model

Producing / Selling Porn

Producing and selling porn is another profitable way to make money in the adult industry. Best of all, it’s residual as clips can generate sales, even when you’re offline and away from your computer. The clip sales handle all the sales and delivery of the content.

Start Selling Porn

Selling Panties

Selling panties is another way to earn money in the adult industry. In addition to panties, there are other items that can be sold as well. This includes bras, socks and any other article of clothing. Learn more about selling clothing and tangibles.

Selling Worn Panties

Running A Pay Site

Running a pay site is another way to generate revenue. There’s also platforms out there that make it easy to deploy your own pay site, with no upfront investments and no technical knowledge required. These platforms work a revshare business model.

Start A Pay Site