PSOs: Landline vs Mobile Phone

When you first start dipping your toe into offering phone sex services, you’ll probably go with whatever phone line you already have available. Until you start earning regular money, and decide to continue as a phone sex operator (PSO), you don’t need to worry much about your choice of phone services. Once you are established, though, much like you need to consider your internet for camming, you need to consider your phone services. Your 3 options are a landline phone, a cell/mobile phone, and an internet/VOIP phone line. The right phone solution is different for every PSO, and this list of pros and cons should help you zero in on the right option for your needs.


Using A Landline Phone For Phone Sex


Landline Pros:

Price: Many landline phone services can often be had extremely cheaply these days when bundled with cable TV and internet packages. With an entry-level cordless landline phone available for $20–and corded models for even less–the price of this type of phone service is tough to beat. If you intend to use your line for long-distance calling (depending on the phone sex site you work through and your specific landline package, incoming calls for PSO work may be considered long distance), it’s tough to beat the per-minute landline rates.

Reliability: Unless you have the very worst of cordless phone handsets, landline phones offer very clear audio. I bought a $14 cordless phone that lasted nearly 4 years before the sound started getting a bit fuzzy. No dead spots, no funny echoes, no dropped calls, and no unexplained underwater sound effects on my end!

No Charging Required: Cordless phone handsets hold their charge for days, and if you put it back in the cradle after you hang up, it will be ready to go next time someone calls. Corded phones don’t need any charging (and the most basic models will work even during a power outage). All you’re doing with a landline phone is taking calls, so you don’t need to worry about battery life and remembering to charge your phone the way you do with a cell phone.


Landline Cons:

Fixed Location: With a landline, you can only take calls when you are at home/in your workspace, which can be a drawback if you’ve got a packed schedule. If you want the price and reliability of a landline most of the time, you can set up call forwarding to a cell phone number (or another landline) when you’re on the go. Check with your provider if you think this is a feature you might be interested in.

Privacy: It’s easy to reverse lookup a landline phone number to find out the address and name it is registered to. If you use a landline phone, while your number should never be revealed to your clients if you are working with reputable phone sex sites, it’s important to make sure your number is unlisted.

If you are running a DIY-type phone sex system where you call their number after they have paid, be aware that there are ways to get around caller ID blocking. Most PSOs suggest setting up a proper pay-per-minute business line if you don’t want to go through an established phone sex site rather than using your own number for this reason.


Using Cell/Mobile For Phone Sex


Mobile Phone Pros

Portability: Be a PSO wherever you go! You’re not tied to one location, and can take calls anywhere you have a bit of privacy and some time to kill. Being location independent can help you work more hours and make more money, in addition to giving you more of the “out of office” lifestyle that many PSOs prefer to a 9-5 gig.

Flexibility: Using a cell phone in your phone sex business diversifies your earning options immediately. You don’t need to log in and out of your phone sex site from a computer–you can do it on the go, toggling your availability as you run errands, even. You can keep an album of sexy photos to send out to your regular clients if you’re not getting many calls, and earn money from sexting in between calls. You’re not limited to just traditional PSO work when you have the ability to text and take photos as well.

Price: Depending on your location and needs, a phone plan that meets your requirements may be expensive. Unlimited incoming calls is essential if you want to put in serious time on the phone, and if you also plan to use your phone’s internet browser to update your availability, maintain your profile, and message your clients, you will need a decent data package if you don’t have access to wifi everywhere you work.

Reliability: Have you ever had a dropped call? Annoying in your personal life, the kiss of death in your PSO life. Regular dropped calls or audio issues will lead to low ratings, which will erode new caller’s confidence in choosing you. Nothing is less sexy than saying “what did you say?” every 5 seconds. You can’t control what your customer calls you with, but you can control the quality of your side. If you have had issues with cell phone reception in areas you plan to take calls from, a cell phone is not the right type of line for your PSO work.

Separation of Work and Private Life: Today’s cell phones are more than just phones, and they’ve wormed their way into every aspect of our lives. If you use your cell phone for PSO work, it can be tempting to keep your phone line on wherever you take your phone along. While this approach may maximize your income, it is a quick route to burnout. Make sure you have “off” hours, and don’t leave your phone sex lines on wherever you go–an ignore fetish call at the grocery store is easy money, but sissification and small penis humiliation (SPH) might turn some heads!

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